Preseason Game 4: Nuggets 81-Thunder 109

Denver traveled down to Oklahoma City tonight to continue their preseason and things went really badly.

As I mentioned in the Ty Lawson injury post this morning the game was not televised at all and because of that we at RMC could not watch the game anywhere to recap it. Honestly, looking at the box score, that was probably a good thing.

Kevin Durant outscored the entire Nuggets starting lineup 36-31 for a general idea of how the game went.

If you did see the game, or even just want to talk about what you see in the box score, please feel free to do so below.

And be sure to check out our latest 5-on-5 at the NBA homepage where we lay down our predictions for the upcoming season, if you haven’t already.

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  • nugzin2040

    I saw the first half and pieces of the 2nd half. Nothing really positive, to be honest. I dunno if Shaw just doesn’t want to show anything, and know it is only preseason and Denver was missing Chandler and Gallinari… but if this is the offense and defense that we see in the regular season, this team in in deep, deep trouble.

    I am very concerned that Shaw will try to run out of a half court set, and we just do not have the weapons for that to be successful.

    Most eventful thing in the game was Nate Robinson got a flagrant 2 for supposedly throwing a punch at Steven Adams. Imagine a suspension could be forthcoming for him

  • toluene hawk

    Trade team, fire coach.

    • Marv

      You’re an idiot.

  • Josh Chin

    I watched the first half as well. Anthony Randolph really couldn’t handle Durant on the wing getting faked on jab steps and not contesting his jumpers close enough.
    JHAM didn’t very shaky, causing a couple turnovers grabbing defensive boards.
    Mcgee continues to look solid. Nothing amazing but nothing stupid from this game.
    Robinson continues to look good

  • LegalizeDenverNuggets

    I watched…. I honestly lost focus at times though. You can tell by the min distribution that we were just trying out different player combos and giving guys chances to play their game. Here are some things I took away from the game:

    I’m not super articulate about team and player failings of defense, but I know a bad defense when I see it… This was not pretty. Randolf on KD was depressing (and he chucked enough shots that he looked like one of the worse players on the court- frankly I think the up-tempo offense of last year made him seem better than he really is (and no one was ever super-thrilled by him)). As for the other players… it’s just that we have competence at best right now. I was actually impressed by what I saw from Mozgov and Javale. I mean, they were both flawed, but they exceeded my expectations in certain ways, and didn’t completely blow it in other aspects. Javale had a couple shots he maybe wishes he had back, but he has an heir of confidence that is nice to see. And I could get used to 5/5 from the line. Mozgov looked pretty solid- he moved well and had a couple nice finishes, which to me was unexpected. Also an opinion- he just never quite seems like as much of an interior presence as he should for a guy his size. I think he is a physical player, but he just bumbles around too much and gets beat inside. I guess one would call that poor positioning. So both of them are serviceable, but I wouldn’t call either a defensive anchor. It’s not like there is much to anchor in the first place. Always gotta give credit to Durant- he scores on everyone- but we really need wilson or Gallo to check any scoring threat like that. No one else on our team can do it. Durant was just getting a little run in and shot 13/20 on us, 4/8 from 3. I can’t honestly remember what other players got burned besides Randolf, but no one could do anything. We are really going to miss Igudala against teams with big guys who can shoot the ball.

    On offense, it was also an ugly night. I’d attribute some of that to players never really finding their rhythm. Generally, it I felt like the nugs took too many long jumpers. Now that I’m looking at the shot charts, it doesn’t actually look too egregious, I guess I am just not accustomed to our team running plays to create a jump shot. Poor shooting nights by Foye (I saw him take it to the hoop one time this game, and I never want to see it again- he got STUFFED) and Arthur (missed a couple open looks, defended well on a couple). Kenneth was a non-entity on both sides of the floor- it seriously seemed like all he did was foul. Lawson’s fine- but he’s not giving a full effort. Fornier’s lone assist was nice- I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him. Give it time, but I’m not yet hating Robinson and YMCAndre on the floor at the same time. From what I’ve seen so far, Robinson is making good decisions about when to pull the trigger and when to distribute. I’m hoping he’ll see primary ball handling duties which will allow Andre to focus on keeping teams honest inside the paint. Maybe this will minimize the ‘Andre Miller hero ball’ model.

    As an ever optimistic fan, I’m hoping Brian Shaw is giving players opportunities to show him what they can do. And that Brian Shaw will be able to discern the things that they think they can do, but cannot. As always, I’m looking forward to a story-line filled season! I can’t help but agree with what several of our RBMC writers put on espn- that we may be in the market for some serious trade moves and a team overhaul.

    • heykyleinsf

      great report.. thanks

  • Warner Dean

    When Chandler gets back I really, really hope our starting lineup looks drastically different. If Foye, Hickson, or Randolph start, this will be a loooooooooooong season. I see no reason for not playing Lawson, Fournier, Chandler, Faried, and McGee. I completely understand the concerns with the Faried/McGee combo but we need to see what we have with these guys. If they could somehow make it work, it would be a freakishly scary front court. Also, Fournier is raw but Foye is not a starter on a playoff caliber team. He needs to be a 3rd guard off the bench who plays in a Jason Terry type role. He cannot start.

    • alex47666

      See I rather have, TY foye Chandler hickson faried. Foye is much more experienced and I dont thing raw talent gonna get the spot when foye has been playing him so far. Hickson needs to start much much better for ty and mcgee if he is on the floor better floor spacing for both players, and faried would benefit coming off the bench playing along nate

  • Charliemyboy

    Glad I missed the game. Sigh. Regret leads to depression, so I can’t go there. But we can question whether Josh places the fans first, or his ego. I guess we will know by comparing the last 3 years to the next 3. Hope Josh doesn’t get booed. I can say I don’t miss not seeing such devastation by OKC, a team we beat last year (no Gallo, but no Westbrook, game not even close). Can you go further in the playoffs if you can’t make them? Hope this isn’t the case.