Nuggets Starting Lineup Announced

Well after much deliberation during preseason, Brian Shaw has finally announced the starting five that will take the court Wednesday in Sacromento. And boy, it’s a doozie.

Wilson Chandler’s absence was somewhat expected, due to his reported hamstring injury, but his replacement came as a minor surprise. While Randolph got a lot of run in the preseason it hardly seemed feasible he would contribute any more than he did last year, mostly as a garbage time player who might play some meaningful minutes in emergency stopgap situations.

But to find his way into the starting lineup? Over Faried, Arthur, and even Hamilton? That’s a shock. It’s hard to see what value Randolph gives the team at this point, his “potential” (such that there ever was anything there to begin with) has been mined completely at this point, you know exactly what you’re getting with him, and it’s not much.

But then again, this move may just be a necessary byproduct of embracing J.J. Hickson at power forward. Faried would not work as a three next to Hickson, and the only remaining options on the roster are really Gallinari (hurt), Chandler (hurt), and Arthur (the recipient of a curious vendetta from Brian Shaw).

There’s no two ways about it, this lineup is going to be pretty awful, on both ends. But this current iteration of the starting unit is hardly going to look like the end product, as pieces get shuffled around and injured players return. Additionally, the prestige of being a starter is vastly overrated, the distribution of minutes – and who’s out there to close games – is much more important. A more optimistic approach to this news would be to say that Denver now has one of, if not the, best bench in the league.

Hickson over Faried and Foye over Fournier are smaller debates in their own rights but for now, this seems the hand Denver is being dealt at the moment. I’m sure you guys have a ton of thoughts, feel free to vent express them here.

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David Walker

Freshman at FSU. Love the Nuggets, the beach, and the game that involves a ball that occasionally goes into the hoop.
  • Trevor

    Lawson – Iggy – Galo – Faried – KK >>>>> Lawson – Foye – Randolph – Hickson – Mcgee
    All I can say is yikes. Get healthy Lawson and Chandler, we need you. Fournier I hope you play Foye to the bench and keep him there.

  • Thomas

    Guess we are tanking this year…

  • Scott

    This is just for THIS GAME. We don’t know if JJ is the permanent starter and Randolph is sure as hell just a temporary.

    Lawson, Foye, Chandler, Faried, McGee once healthy I believe but Shaw could still use Faried as 6th man.

    • DavidRMC

      I think Hickson’s going to stay the starter until he proves Shaw otherwise, this has been a decision in the making for awhile. But I agree with you about Randolph, that is almost definitely Chandler’s spot when he returns.

  • Anthony Santistevan

    What do you mean Arthur is a recipient of a curious vendetta from Brian Shaw??? Is he in the DogHouse for some reason?

    • DavidRMC

      Seeing as Shaw is starting Anthony Randolph over him, I’d say yes.

      • LBJ

        Or he just isn’t that good….

      • Russell Hamilton

        Or he views Arthur as what he is…a PF and not a SF.

  • Len Nunes

    Here’s my version of reality
    1) If Lawson does not play, the Nugs are coming home 0-1.
    2) Starting Foye as long as it with the intention of fueling Fournier to take the starter job away from him, is fine.
    3) JHam screwed himself out of starting small forward. Looking at depth charts, Randolph will be up against John Salmons. Randolph may be playing at his ceiling but he can contain Salmons.
    4) Hickson and Faried will alternate being the starting four all season. Once you accept that idea, you will see the positives in it.
    5) The scariest part of the season opener – – watching how the McGee/Mozgov combination works. There are going to be games where good ol boring to watch Koufas will be missed dearly, I hope this isn’t one of them.

  • Anthony Santistevan

    Has Coach Shaw given any indication who is the 1st PG off the bench…Andre Miller or Nate Robinson? Haven’t been able to catch the preseason since I live outside Colorado….and is Coach planning on a 2 PG line up?

  • heykyleinsf

    Oh come on. Granted.. I am surprised as anyone.. but am I about to put myself over Brian Shaw knowing what’s best for this team to win? Give him and the team a chance. I’m still going to watch… and I’m still excited. LETS GO NUGS!!!

    • David Acker

      Agreed. There has to be a slight honeymoon period for Shaw. Let’s get behind the team and see if this guy can coach!

  • Adam Kunce

    I just can’t wait for the season to start! You know what time it is?? NUGGETS TIME baby! I think Shaw is going to bring a new and refreshing change, and It’s like X-Mas for me. Tonight a present awaits for me, as the first little package will be unwrapped. Will it be a hoe humm gift? Will it be a gold nugget watch? Or, will it be a lump of coal? I am betting it maybe a little of all of the above. The anticipation is killing me though.

  • Dom-Chain Breaker-Buckley

    Going to interesting. I’m more fearful for Lawson. More than any player on this Roster, he needs to play and be successful. He’s the motor

  • Charliemyboy

    I saw Randolph earn the position. He has always been athletic and was more fluid and sometimes surprising. Not sure he and Fours really surprise this season. Will Miller (Q) play?

  • Sportsline


  • eman

    The 15th ranked player by this board on the Denver Nuggets is starting at small forward tonight. Starting along with him are the 9th and 11th ranked players as well.

    Someone, at least for one game is wrong.

  • Zuzu

    Salty nugget fans are going to have to get used to the fact that they have a coach that cares about defense. Anthony Randolph is a better perimeter defender than faried, hamilton, and arthur.