Nuggets Make Rookie Contract Option Decisions

With the deadline to exercise team options on three rookie contracts looming tomorrow the Nuggets have made their decisions.

Denver picked up the options on Evan Fournier ($1.4 million for 2014-2015) and Kenneth Faried ($2.2 million dollars in 2014-2015) and declined the option on Jordan Hamilton.


None of the moves are particularly surprising as Fournier and Faried are both bargains on their rookie deals and Hamilton has seemed to have fallen out of favor with the new front office and coaching staff.

Don’t expect the decision to impact the Faried trade rumors though, as the only thing not exercising the option would have done is risk losing Faried for nothing. For now Faried is locked into a contract until at least the summer of 2015 when the Nuggets (or whoever he is playing for) will surely extend him the qualifying offer of $3.2 million and see how restricted free agency plays out.

Fournier will have the same $2.2 million option that the Nuggets just exercised on Faried due to be decided upon by October 31st of next year.

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  • Trevor

    This is good news.

  • LBJ

    Looks like the guys who were on this site crying for Karl to “free J-ham” are going to get their wish

    • Trevor

      I see no reason not to play JHam this season, we aren’t a contender. He’s a knucklehead but I’d rather see him lose the game than watch Randolph stand around like a tard or Arthur be unproductive.

  • Charliemyboy

    Isn’t it interesting that all of Karl’s reasons are coming to light. But, as we know, Josh knew much better. How much are we favored against Portland?