Twitter Contest: Win an adidas Crazy Ghost signed by Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried turns 24 today, and in celebration of the Manimal’s birthday Roundball Mining Company is proud to announce our first giveaway contest on Twitter. Thanks to adidas Basketball and Dick’s Sporting Goods, we are giving two lucky readers a chance to win an adidas Crazy Ghost signed by Kenneth Faried.

While Faried finds himself the subject of trade rumors after a rocky start to the season, he remains one of the most energetic and exciting power forwards in the NBA. As Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post noted early this season, Faried has also turned himself into one of the most marketable young talents in the league. The Manimal will star in Disney’s “Pranksgiving” television show this month and he is a featured athlete for adidas, which just launched the new Crazy Ghost shoe in a special Faried Nuggets colorway.

Crazy Ghost Faried 6

Courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods and adidas Basketball, we are giving away TWO Crazy Ghosts signed by Kenneth Faried. There are three simple steps to entering:

1) Have a valid USA mailing address (apologies to our international readers)

2) Retweet the following tweet and follow @RoundballMining, @adidasHoops and @DICKS

3) Leave a comment below about Kenneth Faried, followed by your Twitter handle. Anything goes – your best memory of Faried as a Nugget or your worst.

Voting will run until 9:00PM MST Sunday, November 24th. Two winners will be chosen at random from the Twitter handles left in the comments here. We will contact the winners on Twitter after the voting closes Sunday night.

Example entry:

Happy birthday to the Manimal! Here’s to many more in the blue and yellow! – @Nuggetsfan35

Crazy Ghost features the Crazyquick outsole traction system – adidas’ latest performance innovation – to provide maximum control and flexibility for quick moves on the court. The redesigned three-layer SPRINTWEB reduces weight and enhances breathability while an internal fit system provides optimal foot lock-down during cuts and breakaways. The herringbone print on the collar and the anodized synthetic on the toe contrast for a stylized look.

The Crazy Ghost takes the court this season with Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors), Jrue Holiday (New Orleans Pelicans) and Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets)

The Crazy Ghost is available now for $100 at Dick’s Sporting  and

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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • Sócrates Manzoni

    His performance in the 2012-13 Rookies vs. Sophomores Game was the best part of the whole all star weekend. @HolaSocrates

  • Cristian Piñón

    His first points as a Nugget when Rudy Fernandez threw a no look alley oop pass to Faried and he slammed it in with one hand! @Zolof258

  • Ray

    I was at the game vs Boston on St. Patrick’s Day and Faried went 5/5 from the field and 8/8 from the free throw line. 16 boards to go with his 18 points. @munchmontano

  • Scott

    I’ll always remember being at his debut game against the Kings. Probably the most exciting first points in a career in NBA history. @SuperScottieB

  • Micah

    When Faried was drafted, and I saw his highlights and how good of a rebounder he was. @MicahBroseghini

  • 4AHallOfFame

    Enjoyed watching him destroy the Grizzlies last year @4ahalloffame

  • Steven

    A beast in the paint, never takes a second off, long live Manimal. That’s a haiku about my man Kenneth Faried! @steve_shea

  • Sam Franke

    Kenneth’s coming out party against LA in the 2012 playoffs. @sportsfan5280

  • Casey Pearson

    Happy Birthday Manimal!!! Roar! Best moment was the Rudy Fernandez pass behind the back with the mighty slam by Kenneth. I probably rewatched it over a dozen times. Strong second was the dunk over Dwight Howard via oop from former Nugg Iguodala. Best Wishes! ( @casey_pearson )

  • Matt Ramirez

    Energy, energy, ENERGY! The manimal has a relentless motor. I remember Kenneth’s 19 points and 19 rebounds victory over the Orlando Magic–one crazy game! A double double machine always bringing excitement to the fans and the stands. — @mramirez686

  • manomirth

    We drafted college ball’s best rebounder. I knew it was a good decision right then, but I didn’t know how hard this man plays. @manomirth

  • Adam Connelly

    I find myself always referring to his first two points when it comes to big moments with Kenneth, I always remember this because it was the 1st Nuggets game I watched when I got NBA League Pass and is when I realized how fun and exiting this team was, being in Australia the Nuggets are definetly not the most popular team, but they are my team since 2004.

  • Tatanka True

    I broke the commandment about purchasing current player jerseys with #35. @milehighrefined

  • matymaddog

    happy birthday to the manimal!!! @JoePLamontIII

  • Richard Pesicka

    Happy Birthday Manimal! May you be a Nugget for a long long long long time. Bless you..

  • Zack

    Happy b-day Manimal! Definitely the no look pass from Fernandez, with Faried throwing it down. Love the energy he plays with, always looking to get a board and dunk. @ztloudenburg

  • Debbie Gremlin

    Happy Birthday Kenneth!! Remember on t.v. when he got sick in a towel from having the flu but still went back into the game to play..That’s dedication!!

  • stephendlew

    loved watching him at Moorhead State and even more as a Nugget @stephendlew

  • Clint F

    My favorite moment was seeing him in the Preseason in his rookie year. I knew he was a furious rebounder and went to school in my home state. But I was instantly blown away by his energy and explosiveness. I instantly became a fan, and was wearing a Manimal shirt on opening night at Pepsi Center. @maxieminer

  • Kathleen Marler

    Happy birthday Nugget!!!!!!!!! @Surfaroni

  • Jason D Nickolay

    Being from MN, I remember watching him play for Moorhead. Awesome player! @parkerozgood

  • Since83

    I would have to say that my favorite memory of Faried is not a single play or even a game but more what he brings to every game… ENERGY!!! Faried’s energy is my favorite memory and always will be. Faried is the man and I hope to have him here for years to come!!! @Since_83

  • sherlock

    Hands down, best Manimal moment was at All-Star Weekend. Rookies, Soph game! Tore it up!! @hogue30

  • Connor

    I was at all star weekend great to see him representing the nuggets in both the sophomores and slam dunk contest @C_Watson2

  • Matthew Server

    I just remember his interview after he was drafted and thinking, “Wow, what a good guy and solid pick by the nuggets” He has not disappointed. @MattServer

  • ThoughtSausage

    Off the court – When kenneth faried won the Kia Community Assist Award @scott_lendrum

  • Josh Peterson#⃣1⃣5⃣

    Happy birthday to the manimal!! Will never forget his first points as a NBA player.. The lob was insane and the dunk was spectacular @jpetey15

  • Stunt55378008

    I will never forget his Rookie/Sophomore Game last year. What a DOMINANT performance on a big stage. @StuntKockSteeev

  • Darius

    My greatest memory of Kenneth was his first big game as a rookie where he was an absolute beast inside with 18 points and 16 rebounds in only 24 minutes against the Celtics on St. Patrick’s Day! @Nuggs4lyfe

  • Sam

    Happy B-Day Manimal! Never forget those first NBA points. @Shugo09

  • Micah

    His first points as a Nugget…what a dunk! @MicahBroseghini

  • Taylor Hamill

    The monster put back that put the Nugs up 111-99 against the laker’s this year while the whole crowd chanted “tacos, tacos!” @taylorhamill #todayismybirthday

  • Ethan Donsbach

    I’ll never forget when I met Kenneth Faried at a Nuggets Pacers game and he signed my jersey both his name and he signed “Manimal”. Great guy love his work ethic and drive. @edonzy7

  • CUstudent

    His first alley-hoop fastbreak dunk on the crazy pass from rudy Fernandez @Rain_IB_Drops

  • Bobby Gonzales

    I have a worst moment of Kenneth Faried. Two years ago at summer league me and my wife were extremely excited to see Faried after watching him in college. We bought Manimal shirts and were at every game. Kenneth was pulled from action after getting hit in the face. We saw him the next game and asked for a photo but he said no because his face was messed up and didn’t want to look bad. My wife still does not like Kenneth after that. Maybe winning his shoe will change her mind. @BobbyGeezo

  • LegalizeDenverNuggets

    I love how he lights up the building! His dunks can be a game-changer for crowd energy at home. So many memories- getting star-struck when I saw him at Noodles, watching him announce his NBA presence in his opening night, I loved when he clowned at the all-star game, every dunk he has had against okc and la, the list goes on and on. Hoping you’re in Denver for a long time! Happy bday! @francepack

  • Mac Smith

    My favorite moment was his alley oop from rudy fernandez or his rookie sophmore game where he scored 40 points and 10 boards @macsmith215

  • Daniel Weidlein

    Happy birthday, Manimal! So much love for the passion you have on and off the court. You fight for your beliefs like you fight for rebounds: with relentless energy and dedication. Here’s to many more! @danielweidlein