Pickaxe Pulse for December 1, 2013

Taking the pulse of the Nuggets every weekend

The Nuggets picked up four more wins this week and have won 9 of the last 11, leaving the team’s 1 and 4 start to the season as a distant memory. Nate Robinson has settled into his role as a scorer off the bench, averaging 18 points while shooting over 50% on threes in the last four games. Robinson has combined with Ty Lawson, Jordan Hamilton, and the surprisingly hot-shooting Andre Miller to give the Nuggets 8 or more made threes in 8 straight games, which is a franchise record. The Nuggets’ bigs continue to be inconsistent individually but effective as a group, with JJ Hickson, Kenneth Faried, and Timofey Mozgov each having at least one great game and one bad game this week. Darrell Arthur’s defense on Dirk Nowitzki helped in the win at Dallas. Randy Foye played well against Kevin Martin in the win at Minnesota and came up with a key late-game stop of Carmelo Anthony to seal the win against New York. The Nuggets’ bench, led by Robinson and Mozgov, put up 72 points in a comeback road win against Toronto to kick off a six-game road trip.

Current record and standings: 10-6 (6-2 home, 4-4 road), sixth place in the Western conference

Upcoming games: Tuesday at Brooklyn, Wednesday at Cleveland, Friday at Boston, Saturday at Philadelphia

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Tom Darrow

Fourth generation Denver native, stay-at-home dad with a masters degree in applied mathematics, and all-around geek with a passion for Nuggets basketball.
  • Scott

    Nuggets keep winning and Knicks keep losing… Music to my ears.

  • Daniel McDonald

    Just wanted it noted that this writer has a fantastic film-noir-detective name: Tom Darrow. Go nuggets.

    • TomRMC

      Have to credit my mom for that one.

      She’s also the reason I write this column. She loves sports but can’t watch as much as she wants, so I write weekly summaries to keep her in the loop.

      • Daniel McDonald

        That’s awesome! Props to your mom.

  • alex47666

    I made a huge hommer standings before the season saying the nuggets will finish at 4th place, well I think we can get their if the bench can play like this

  • eman

    First time I have ever seen this written by anyone in any way shape or form:

    “The Nuggets’ bigs continue to be inconsistent individually but effective as a group”.

    There are no words to adequately describe what this statement means. So I won’t try. I will only point it out and hope for a deeper understanding of its true meaning to me as a fan of the Denver Nuggets.

    • trank

      i can only hope someday to be able to adequately describe my understanding of the deeper understanding of its true meaning but i sure hope they can

      • Charliemyboy

        I only hope that I don’t misunderstand your understanding notwithstanding the understanding that any misunderstanding might be inconsistent.

        • trank

          i concur

  • Andrew

    These Nuggets continue to pleasantly surprise me. If they can keep winning on the road in convincing fashion, I’ll be convinced they can get to the playoffs (and even make a splash, assuming Gallo is fully recovered by then…which is a really big “if”). I have to say, I am also growing more fond of Shaw as a coach. Not sure what sort of voodoo magic he is cooking up, but it seems to be working. Ty, as hoped, has stepped up his game. He should be a strong candidate for the all-star game, and the other players seem to be settling into their roles. Also, did all of you see that game against Toronto? I had to rub my eyes several times to make sure that was really Mozilla I was watching TAKE OVER that game down the stretch! He was everywhere, blocking shots, making steals, throwing down alley oops, playing great D, pulling down rebounds. Wow. If Shaw can get him to play that way more consistently and maybe get Geezy to step up his game, too…dare to dream.

  • Andrew

    One other thing. CBS sports online has the Nuggets getting the 6th pick in the draft (from the Knicks) and taking Joel Embiid, the 7 footer from Kansas. Not sure what to think about that, but any of those top 6 picks look great.

  • nathan iskra

    Nuggets with a very heathly chance to go 6-0 this roadtrip, which is very exciting. However, which team seems to present the biggest challenge to stopping that?? Would have to think the Wizards after going 0-2 against them last season.