Pickaxe Pulse for December 8, 2013

Taking the pulse of the Nuggets every weekend

The Nuggets travelled east for a difficult stretch of four games in five nights, winning two and losing two. Timofey Mozgov was a dominating force in the paint against Brooklyn on Tuesday, with 17 points and 20 rebounds in a blowout win. Ty Lawson struggled with his shot the next night in Cleveland and the Cavs’ Tristan Thompson pulled down a Mozgov-like 21 rebounds to hand the Nuggets a defeat. Boston got off to a quick start on Friday, and an injury to Ty Lawson ended the Nuggets’ shot at a comeback. The team rebounded from two tough losses by going in to Philadelphia and pulling out a win thanks to Jordan Hamilton hitting back-to-back-to-back threes late in the fourth period to blow the game open. With injuries and fatigue taking their toll, the Nuggets will be glad to end their road trip on Monday in Washington and spend three days getting healthy before their next game.

Current record and standings: 12-8 (6-2 home, 6-6 road), 7th in the Western Conference

Upcoming games: Monday at Washington, Friday vs Utah

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Tom Darrow

Fourth generation Denver native, stay-at-home dad with a masters degree in applied mathematics, and all-around geek with a passion for Nuggets basketball.
  • The Truth

    Good to see AR in Philly play hard and hit some free throws. Both he and Fournier played a role. I’d liked to have seen them in the Boston game too. Shaw’s doing fine, this is not a slam on him personally. He shows much more of an ability to rotate time and players than GK did. I just never understood why coaches don’t go deep into their bench during the second game of a back to back? If you got it. . . flaunt it.

    I guessed we are spoiled as Nuggs fans cause the big issue is minutes. I say 3 to 4 players get around 25 a night, and 7 to 8 get 10 to 20. It’s that easy, the trick is figuring who the 3 to 4 are each night. Everybody else is in to give effort, match up with certain folks and play their part. This is how you wear em down and out.

    Gallo should be part of the players who just get 10 to 20 until the playoffs, when he may have his rhythm back. DA should get his fifteen or so even when McGee returns. Gallo’s return is what’s going to be interesting.

    All this talk about the team doing well only because we are running and returning to the GK style is embarrassing. The concern is living by the jumper and dying by it. We have time to continue developing the bigs, so that isn’t a problem later.

    Chandler and J Ham will need to learn how to go to the whole harder, and live on the free throw line. If Faried and McGee learn how to play position D, and Mozzy learns how to read a rebound, and stop with the silly touch fouls — watch out peoples.

  • David Acker

    Considering injuries, new coach etc…. the team has started off well. I think that Shaw has got the rotations down pretty good at the moment. God help him when McGhee and Gallo come back. I still believe this is a top 4 team in it’s current form. We can’t win the division though which will keep us down.

  • Greg Boyarko

    I saw something interesting in the NBA power rankings.

    “The Nuggets trailed 17-11 in Brooklyn on Tuesday,
    24-17 in Cleveland on Wednesday, 14-0 in Boston on Friday, and 12-4 in
    Philadelphia on Saturday. They’re, by far, the league’s worst team in
    the first six minutes of games, playing brutal defense and getting
    outscored by 26.8 points per 100 possessions. Amazingly, they’re the
    third best team in the last six minutes of the first quarter.”

    Wonder what the hell is up with that.