Link: Shaw talks marijuana and athletes

In a recent Denver Post article written by Benjamin Hochman and Patrick Saunders, Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw offers his two cents on the future of marijuana legalization and how it may affect athletes. Shaw doesn’t go too in depth, but any time you can get a professional sports coach to opine about, well, “pine,” I’m all ears. The real juicy quotes, however, come in the lead paragraph when former Nuggets executive Rex Chapman reveals one of his players was actually too high to function during a playoff game in 2010. Yes, you read that correctly: stoned out of his mind… in the playoffs. In other news, at least we finally understand why Karl could never make it out of the first round. So there’s that.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Scott


    • LBJ

      That would be my guess also.

  • Richard Pesicka

    Maybe pot would help, nothing else seems to get them fired up.

    • joefresco

      I don’t think pot fires one up… the drug for that would be meth or maybe cocaine (which, incidentally, the league was doing copiously in the 70s). But taking drugs to win any sporting event is a pretty crappy reason, IMO.

  • gimpcom187

    Nice never miss an inaccurate shot at karl. Maybe you can Make a cancer joke next time while youre at it since karl was dealing with that during the 2010 playoffs. I wonder why people “pick” on you?

  • The Truth

    I don’t care who it was but I’d say Balkman over JR. The NHL has the right policy, the Mark Jackson quotes were on point too.