Kings offering Thornton, Fredette, Thompson for Miller, according to

Ken Berger of is reporting the Sacramento Kings “continue to be the most aggressive potential suitor for the Nuggets’ Andre Miller, offering three separate potential deals for the disgruntled point guard.” All three deals are rumored to include either Marcus Thornton, Jimmer Fredette or Jason Thompson, as well as a second-round draft pick in two of the scenarios.

Stay tuned as details continue to emerge and be sure to leave your thoughts on these players or other potential trades in the comments section below.


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Kalen Deremo

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  • steve

    The problem is, Thompsons contract is for 3 more years after this at 6+ mill, Thornton is owed another 8 mill next year and Jimmer just plain stinks, but he’s the cheap option. 2nd rd pick is a decent add as it will be in the top half of 2nd rd since they aren’t very good. How about we throw in Mcgee haha. Mcgee, Andre and JHam for all 3 plus the 2nd. Boooooom!!! We get out from under Mcgees crap, untradable contract.

    • LBJ

      Pete D is trying to create cap space – adding $11 million of dead weight doesn’t factor into that equation.

      • steve

        he’s offering jimmer and a 2nd for andre who is paid 3 more mill this year and has another year left on his deal (partially guarenteed). I’m not noticing the trend that he is attempting to create more cap space especially after bringing in rudy gay’s max deal.

        • LBJ

          The Jimmer deal would require adding an extra player to balance the money.

          “Creating cap space” was probably too general of a description – perhaps “offsetting the cost of the Gay deal.” would have been better. The only deal that makes sense with the Kings is getting Thornton/Thompson – which is sending a guy in the last year of his deal for guys with multiple years left.

          Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for including McGee. Just don’t think it gets done with the Kings.

          • steve

            i agree, they may not want to take it on. But they are well under the tax threshold. about 10 mill under this year and about 20 mill next. The salaries even out here just about. Yes Mcgee has the biggest salary, but JT is extended 3 more years after this at 6-7 mill per. So in that case, mcgee comes off the books a year earlier but he’s worth more….I just want to see DMC and Mcgee play next to eachother for entertainment reasons 😀

  • dnuggetspl

    Since we have already got 4 PF’s and 2-3 more players able to play that position and Jimmer is just bad in NBA, Thornton seems to be the best pickup but we should trade Randy Foye away then

    • steve

      I think i’d rather foye…he’s more of a team player with a much smaller deal. Thornton is owed for this year and next at 8 mill per season which i dont think we have the cap space for to add another 3 mill.

  • David Shaw

    I’m not thrilled with the idea of Fredette at all, yet I could understand the reluctance in taking Thornton’s contract. However, I think the potential is there for Thornton to develop into an excellent top-level player with good coaching. He’s already good and has had some exceptional games. Given a little time, he’d be a good upgrade over Foye in my opinion and if you have the chance to cut bait with an unhappy player and get someone who has got real potential plus a pick, you do it….not many guys out there who have scored 27 in a quarter in the NBA.

    • LBJ

      Aren’t we well below the luxury tax threshold? if so, I see no problem adding Thornton/Thompson if it upgrades the talent level on the roster.

      • steve

        if Hoopshype salaries are correct, we are at 66.7 mill and threshold is 71.7. We are also still paying 4.8 mill on birdmans salary though through the end of this year.

        • LBJ

          Since Bird was amnestied – we can add $5 million in salary without hitting the luxury tax.

          • steve

            i know, im just saying ownership is still paying it. obviously makes a difference. 5 mill is still 5 mill lol.

      • David Shaw

        Yeah, Thornton for Miller adds 3 million to the payroll and still keeps the Nuggets under the line. Miller would cost $4.6 next year and Thornton $8.5

  • Furious_Stylez

    Fredette is a poor man’s Foye, so let’s eliminate that right now. No D and zero driving ability. No thanks.

    Thompson would have been great if they didn’t make the Koufos-Arthur trade. There are too many average 4s on this roster. Now if this is the kind of player Shaw wants for his inside-out system, I’d be okay with Thompson. He’s a good player.

    The best deal would be for Thornton. He is having a down year, but he’s a SG that attacks the basket and is a good scorer. This team has NO decent SGs, so Thornton would be an upgrade. I’m not saying he’s Wade or anything, but he’d be a improvement over what they have now. Foye could lead the second unit if Thornton comes to town.

  • sherlock

    I think if Jimmer gets out of SacTown he might be worth something. A JJ Redick type, and not because he is white!! Kid can shoot, JJ couldn’t play much D his first couple of seasons, but he has become a serviceable 2 guard. I think under the right tutelage Jimmer could do the same. And he’s cheap. Done deal.

  • Stunt55378008

    What about Thompson and Thornton for Miller and Hickson? Not sure if the Kings want Miller bad enough to go for another round with J.J., but that would certainly help shore up some of our problems. Even if the frontcourt remains crowded, Thompson would certainly be a step up from the current situation.

    • DG Painter

      I think people forget that faried should be more expendable than JJ, JJ at least has post moves and a jumper faried will take another 3+ years if that to develop some of the skills JJ has and hes looking for a big contract!

  • Poz303

    Maybe we can send A.Miller and A.Randolph for Jimmer, Thompson and a second.

  • Richard Pesicka

    I’m sure they will find a way to pick up another fill in player. Like the Nuggets need another filler. Ho hum…

  • Noah

    Miller and Foye to Sacramento
    Thornton to Orlando
    Afflalo back to Denver

    • Stunt55378008

      I don’t think the other teams would jump on it, but BOY would Affalo fix a lot of the problems happening at present.

  • Stunt55378008

    Jimmer could also be a solid pickup. He’s not great, but there’s some convincing arguments that we live or die on the back of Foye. To have a guy that’s an extra 5% better from beyond the arc, with a low salary, could be pretty useful. Plus, that extra second-round pick could be useful to package with whatever move we hopefully make closer to the deadline.

  • CoryW

    We can get fillers if they fit. If the Knicks stay at their pace we can get a top draft pick. #build for the future

  • heykyleinsf

    SOLD!! what’s the holdup?

    • Stunt55378008

      According to the Trade Machine, Thompson works, but the other two would require a third team. Fredette is within $500K, though.

      • LBJ

        We can use our trade exception.

  • EWilson

    Not a big fan of any of the options. None of the players being offered play much defense, which is really Denver’ biggest need. If the plan is to build for the future, then they shouldn’t tie themselves to whomever they get unless he is a building block, and none of these guys are. That makes Jimmer the best option because he can shoot the 3 and has a short-term contract. But, he doesn’t really offer enough. I’d rather just take a 2nd round pick for Miller.

    • heykyleinsf

      but look at it this way… Miller hasn’t played defense for a decade now. It’s pretty common knowledge that he doesn’t even try anymore. So with that in mind.. what have we got to lose? Certainly not defense.