BREAKING NEWS: Danilo Gallinari Out for Season

In a season of ups and downs for the Nuggets, Tuesday afternoon brought with it another stomach punching loss. Adrian Wojnarowski has just reported that Gallo has undergone reconstructive knee surgery and will be out for the 2013-2014 season.

The news is obviously devastating for a Nuggets franchise that has as many questions as answers regarding the future of the Ty Lawson and Gallinari led core as it pushes off the ability to make a decision on how far that core can go until sometime next season at the earliest.

It shouldn’t change anything in regards to the on court product as Gallo has yet to see the floor this season for the Nuggets, who have struggled with a ton of inconsistency on their way to a 20-20 record.

According to Wojnarowski, Gallinari’s surgery in April was just on his meniscus and not on the ACL which leads to plenty of questions in regards to decision making and why he waited this long when just a few weeks ago he spoke of not being comfortable.  Remember at first the surgery was reported as an “arthroscopic procedure to promote healing of his ACL tear, which was found to be partially torn at the time of surgery” and not a total reconstruction.

What may change now is how aggressive Denver will be at the trade deadline which would answer the question of if they want to see what they have with Ty and Gallo as the foundation pieces or if they decide to blow things up without ever seeing.

What do you think Denver should do in light of the news? Where does this leave Gallo? How much should Denver rely on him in the future? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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  • nugzin2040

    Very bizarre. Last I heard he was physically almost all of the way back, and just had to overcome the mental side of things. Don’t really get why he would have waited to get ACL surgery

  • BigDubz

    While I’m not upset at him missing the entire season, this seems like really sketchy medical practices. Speaking as someone who has torn his ACL, meniscus, and MCL in one fell swoop, I fully understand the labor intensive rehab that ensues ACL reconstructive surgery. However, why on earth didn’t they just bite the bullet and perform the surgery in April or May? (whenever the swelling subsides) If he truly didn’t have his ACL repaired the first time around, I have to really question who’s making these decisions (does Gallo have his own team of Doc’s or was this a decision made by the Nuggets Doc’s?) and I hope their some sort of explanation coming from the Nuggets FO. A healthy Gallo is essential for the future of this franchise and he was really starting to play like a top 5 SF in the league when he got hurt. He will have to change his game from a drive and shoot type to more of a spot up shooter and shooter off the dribble. He will have to become a stretch 4 in my opinion to really resurrect his career, perhaps in the Ryan Anderson mold.

    • Kane

      It was suggested that because his ACL was only a partial tear, and the meniscus a full tear, repairing the latter may give enough strength to rehabilitate the ACL tear.

  • Sócrates Manzoni

    I am very disappointed by how there was not transparency from the team to the fans about Gallo’s situation. Where we kept under the shadows so season ticker holders weren’t discouraged by the possibility (now reality) of gallo missing the season? Everything about this is just unprofessional.

  • Richard Pesicka

    You have one star player on the team. We are the Denver magic. Going no where, beating a few. Ho hum team. Ticket sales won’t suffer, they were already weaker than last year, but you’re not reading that anywhere.

  • Jdupp

    I had the same type of injury and surgery it sounds like when I was in high school. I had a partial torn ACL and torn meniscus among some other things. I went to the Steadman Clinic in Vail, and he recommended doing a newer type of surgery that he had just performed on Bode Miller. They drill into the knee and the scar tissue helps reconnect that ACL. Very simplified explanation, but its been a while and I dont exactly remember what they did. Anyways it is supposed to cut down on recovery time by as much as 6 months, and the surgery its as hard on your knee. I don’t know how much the meniscus effects the recovery process. In my case I was not allowed to put any weight on my leg for 6 weeks, so Im sure that effected my rehab significantly.

    The risk with this surgery is that your ACL may not get back to 100%. In my case mine only healed to about 70% and the doctor recommended I get full ACL reconstruction, but also said I could go about playing sports, but there was the risk for a new injury. I was a kid who didnt want to miss any more sports so I chose to play with it. A year later my ACL tore again and I got full reconstruction.

    My theory, and I may be way off on this is, because his injury happened so late last season and it wasnt fully torn he decided to go with this method of surgery so that he could possibly be back by mid-season, where as full reconstruction may have put him out all season. I would imagine that he based this decision off the fact that Denver would be lights out again this year and pushing for a high playoff seed. And he could come back and help sooner than later.

    Well now we are about the point where they know how much it has healed and it looks like its not all the way there. Now he could probably play for a team thats .500 and may or may not make the playoffs with the potential to re-injure it. Or say, even if I do come back this season will it really make us a championship contenter? Lets make sure I’m ready for next season and get this thing fixed 100%.

    I just post this because going through it I feel like the Nuggets did not know that he would need a second surgery. They were hoping for a certain result and unfortunately it didnt work out. But this has worked for many athletes so its hard to say whether or not it was the wrong decision.

    • David Shaw

      Thanks for sharing your story. Your theory about Gallo’s and the team’s mindset is plausible for sure.

  • Poz303


    This is such disappointing news :( I had seen him warming up, heard his legs were 30% stronger

    Only positive (if there can be) is that he should be able to rehabilitate quicker since his muscles have been worked out and there should be no swelling (from the injury).

    Forza Gallo!!!

  • googergieger

    Yeah, time to tank and tank smart/hard.

    • joefresco

      Except we have to be worse than the Knicks for it to matter.

      • googergieger

        Part of the tanking smart I reckon. Time to trade for some picks. Might have to settle for what we can get though. I.E. Middling to late first round picks or second round picks even.

  • The Truth

    McGee’s return was always the priority for this season. What’s the word on that – anybody care? What was Gallo going to do but get some rhythm back.

    Something is going on medically speaking nowadays, new technology or something. The surgeries must be more detailed with a focus on the future. The D-Rose situation was odd.

    Back in the (slow) day, cats would come back with a brace and get a little time at the end of the season just to get some rhythm. They worked their way back slowly (and limped for life?) from these type injuries. It’s complete heal or nada nowadays. Coaches are under so much pressure, they seem unwilling to change up the game plan to accommodate a player on the mend.

    What pisses me off the most is that Gallo’s injury was a result of too many damn minutes. Call it “a freak” injury if you want. Tired players (whether due to their own action or not), in all sports, raise their chance of injury.

    • alex47666

      Mcgee isnt expected to be back at least till mid febuary at best

      • slugdugg

        The Post says he just started the elliptical in the last few days… not even cleared to ride the stationary bike yet. I’m concerned that he isn’t going to be back for a long time. He has already been out longer than is typical for a tib stress fracture.

  • Furious_Stylez

    Gallo is done, as many of us thought after the article last week. This front office needs to wake up and make a trade if they want to entertain a run at the playoffs. Tanking is out of the question. Regardless of what many think of this roster, there’s far too much talent to land in the lottery. They’d have to gut the roster and even then there’s no guarantee at a franchise superstar.

    Sac town has floated 3 deals, 2 of which will help the team (Thompson or Thornton). Why the hold up? Miller isn’t ever gonna play again here, so let’s get on with a trade. The Knicks are desperate, as are the Pistons, and Cavs. The Knicks need Miller badly. Connoly has an opportunity to prove he deserves his job with this situation. Hopefully he comes through and improves this roster.

    • David Shaw

      I agree with you re: Miller…I’m really surprised that there wasn’t a deal for Thornton. My only psuedo-theory was that the Nuggs wanted to deal Miller to a contender (which the Kings obviously are not) in order to do right by him given the number of games he has played in a Denver uniform. I’m curious though, if they are holding out for a good defending PF and trying to package Faried and Miller together. But those types are hard to come by…I still think Connolly will do fine.

    • Ryan Chalstrom

      This is a perfect year to tank – you are crazy! I say keep Lawson and Faried, and gut the roster. Anyone and everyone available. With all the talent you talk about this team having, we could package players for picks in the late lottery or mid first round. Fire sale. Blow it the hell up. A Lawson/Faried core would be great with some talent from this draft as a rebuild going forward. Trust me – fighting for the 8th seed is the worst place you can be in the NBA. Too good to draft new talent and too bad to move forward even IF you make the playoffs. Everyone on here was whining after our 57 win sesson last year because they were sick of losing in the first round. And now you think the best move is to put our team back in that same situation of mediocrity again? You can’t have it both ways. This version of the nuggets will never win a series in the playoffs against the top seeds in the west – Houston, OKC, Portland, and San Antonio are not gonna lose a series to this team. It’s time to blow it up and invest in this draft.

  • Richard Pesicka

    High expectations. Low return. High Payroll. Low trade interest. You get the idea.

  • heykyleinsf

    Does this mean another complete year? As in 2015 before we see him again?
    meanwhile we squandered a lead in Portland and I’m waiting for the usual 4th quarter meltdown to put the cherry on top of this week.