Ty Lawson Not Selected as an All-Star

In news I predicted yesterday Ty Lawson was not named a 2013 Western Conference All-Star.

Lawson was beat out by Damian Lilliard, Chris Paul, Tony Parker and James Harden in a vote done by NBA coaches.

It is hard to make a great case for Lawson being in over any of those guys as the Nuggets are behind each player’s team in the Western Conference standings and each player has had a spectacular year. Paul will be the player that many Nuggets’ fans disagree with but when healthy he has been the one player that constantly finds himself on the top of Lawson in almost every stat, advanced stat and Sports Vu stat.

Lawson probably won’t be taken as an injury replacement either, as Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Goran Dragic and Mike Conley all probably are more deserving for their great work this season. In fact Davis and Cousins became the only players since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to not make the roster after posting PERs over 26.

Lawson and the Nuggets will now turn their focus to the rest of the season as they battle their way towards the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

What are your thoughts on the choices? Did Lawson get snubbed? If so who should he have made it over? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Ricey43

    Fair call- hopefully some motivation for Ty to keen improving.

    • Andrew

      Agree. Maybe with a little improvement and a few more wins with Gallo and Geezy back healthy next year…

  • googergieger

    So what was the excuse for no all star the two years before this one? Like all awards it is all about hype. Lawson and Denver have no hype behind them. Barely had some last year.

  • heykyleinsf

    The NBA all star game is as fkg stupid as the NFL pro bowl. Complete BS sham. I never watch it.. IDK why anyone feels compelled to. It’s ridiculous. It would be nice that Ty or someone got some props.. but then would I watch?
    Ffffff.. No.

  • Ben Aubrey

    Yea it was a fair enough call. Ty’s shooting %s have been a little low. If he could push all 3 of them up say 3 points to 46-38- 83 making his points per game just over 20 then he would be a big snub imo. His % for the field and 3 are certainly not helped by the lack of a late in shot clock/game option with Gallo out but he has also been missing some shots he should make.

  • Richard Pesicka

    Denver has always been snubbed by the all star crap. Denver gets no respect. Not even when Mello was a nugget, no calls for the super star in Denver. If you disagree, then you never watched all the games Like I did.

  • disqus_Zof8sHWvOp

    Lawson will play more mins when you hear the news that Nate tore his ACL

  • Tyler Stevens

    Mike Conley is SO not more deserving that Ty. Similar team records (except Grizz are above .500) And Conley’s stats across the board are weaker than Ty’s.

    • Sharkboy242

      True but you have to account for the fact that Conley is probably a much better defender.

  • mmj5280

    Ty is definitely a allstar. The team has had some tuff breaks this year

  • Darius

    I am irate. If this was the East he would easily be in. Heck even JJ Hickson would have a shot in the East