Wizards reportedly interested in Andre Miller

Zach Lowe of Grantland and ESPN’s Marc Stein are both reporting that the Washington Wizards have taken an interest in trading for the estranged Nuggets point guard Andre Miller.

Whether this interest will bring a trade to fruition or not remains to be seen. Even a cursory glance over the Wizards’ roster makes it seem unlikely that Denver could find a satisfactory deal without the involvement of a third team.

On the bright side, however, at the very least it can now be said that tangible interest in Miller has surfaced, and this could potentially — even if only minimally — help to buoy Andre’s trade value.

It’s been over a month since his dispute with Brian Shaw and the coaching staff rendered him persona non grata in the Nuggets organization. And with Nate Robinson out for the season, and Ty Lawson most likely out for longer than the team is letting on (caveat: that’s speculation on the part of your friendly RMC writer who fractured his rib last year), Denver appears likely to be a team without a point guard for at least a few weeks. Clearing Dre’s roster spot has now been elevated to an even more urgent concern for Tim Connelly and Josh Kroenke.

As always, stay tuned right here to Roundball Mining Company for further developments and analysis.

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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • Len Nunes

    sigh, that is all

  • LegalizeDenverNuggets

    We do need to dump A Miller stat. Please. Because I can’t keep checking box scores or recaps the way things have been going lately. Too stressful and frustrating. I also have trouble watching games. I get so mad that teams can abuse us with bigs at all times because of Hickson/Faried, and we don’t have a point guard to check speedy, athletic players because of Ty and Robinson being out. (Foye just doesn’t have the speed and Fornier is learning/seems to maybe have some confidence issues right now.) I just cringe seeing teams having a blast playing us(although I was happy to catch the end of the Clips game where Foye hit that huge shot)- I loved that teams hated playing us because we brought it every night. Well, I can’t say we didn’t take games off, but teams had to go in thinking we’d push the pace or they could get embarrassed. Now it’s like teams can come in and they just know what match-ups to exploit and players circle the date on their calender- For instance the Pacers’ West knew he could make our PFs look like fools; Stephenson and Paul knew that we only had one player (chandler) who even had a shot of making things hard for them. The Pacers are a brutal example as they are the class of the NBA, but look at our recent games and you see the same kinds of stuff. At risk of being overly inflammatory, this team doesn’t even make the play-offs in the Eastern Conference (although our GM’d probably be more frantic about trying to keep themselves in the play-off picture).

    But yes, a trade. Do we think it’d be Porter for Miller in theory? Porter is a young player who hasn’t gotten much of a chance in Washington. From what I’ve heard, he may be a slight draft bust but perhaps still has some upside. If he is the best option available, why not take a flyer on him? Also, Lowe has thrown out “Pierce’s expiring deal to Denver for Chandler, J.J. Hickson, and Prof. Miller. I like that for both teams.” I’d pay to see Pierce in a Nuggs uniform, even if just for a season. Who knows- maybe he’d play a couple seasons here because of the weed. Haha unlikely though. What other ideas do you all have? Or what rumblings/scenarios have you heard?

    A Miller’s stay with the Nugs was strange- he mostly frustrated the hell out of me with what seemed like a whiny attitude, but I respected how he never feared the moment and his boatloads of skill. He deserves to want respect and it’s not his fault Karl rode him too hard and not all his fault things turned sour with B shaw- even if he was a detriment to the locker room with pouty behavior, complaining, or whatever, its pretty effing disrespectful to end his no-DNP streak when that is foundational to his legacy. (Let’s not forget that these two were NBA peers for 4 seasons… and that A Miller was the younger, better player for all of them…and that A Miller’s career stats are generally across the board better than Shaw’s… All I’m saying is that I can see scenarios where A Miller is totally justified for not liking B Shaw for dissing him, although I’m not sure how much info we’ll even know about that.) My main point is I look forward to wishing him the best! It’s clear it’s better for everyone if he leaves and the Nuggets need to pull the trigger on…something. (What do we as fans do if the Nugs don’t make a trade before the deadline? I made myself shudder that I felt the need to go there.)

  • etlord1

    A trade package of McGee, Faried, Miller, and Hamilton for Larry Sanders, O.J. Mayo, and Ridnour is appealing. Milwaukee would get a veteran PG (Miller) to help Knight become a more complete PG, a significant upgrade at PF (currently have Middleton in the starting lineup), and a rim protector (McGee) who has just as much potential as Sanders. Denver would be much better off at SG. Mayo (starting) and Foye (bench) is a much better situation than Foye (starting) and Fournier (bench). Denver finally gets a massive upgrade in defense at the 5 (Sanders). Ridnour is in the last year of his contract and gives depth at PG for the rest of the season. Ty deserves a slightly less workload for now. Plus, Hamilton is more than likely not going to re-sign in the offseason. It works in the trade machine and would make both teams better off. Denver can use it’s draft pick on a 4 who can defend. Noah Vonleh would be the ideal pick IMO.

    • sherlock

      Not bad, I like it.

    • Darian Williams

      they’d probably want chandler instead of hamilton

      • sherlock

        I don’t think that makes any difference to us for this trade. Yeah?

      • etlord1

        They’re already taking on more money in the trade as it is. Plus, Giannis can start at the 3 in the future.

        • Darian Williams

          ya id be fine with it, then fournier would still have playing time behind mayo. I like the Vonleh pick as well. We would definitely be much better.

  • Darius
    • etlord1

      I like it. With Washington only 1.5 out of the three seed, a trade like that could help. Reportedly, Denver was thinking about moving up to the #3 pick for Beal a couple years ago.

      • gimpcom187

        Yeah they’re not giving up beal for practically anything on the nugs roster. Ty if they could 3way him or a healthy gallo maybe. Likely: maynor and 2nd round pick for miller. Miller has 2 million owed for next season even if hes dumped. And talent wise hes only an upgrade at backup pg for a few teams with any shot at a .500 season. Faried is exciting but has less value than people on here suggest.

        • sherlock

          I agree I don’t think the Wiz give up Beal for Faried. I think we as Nuggets fans do over value Manimal to an extent. He’s worth more then say Shumpert, but less then Beal I’d imagine. It’s become obvious he just can’t succeed in Shaw’s system. Shaw wants to slow it down and run an offense, that’s not Faried’s game….at all.

  • Richard Pesicka

    If the Nuggets don’t make some changes, they not only will have an involuntary tanked season, the ticket sales will tank also. No one wants to see an automatic loss for obvious reasons. Time to make some changes management. Chop Chop. Time is wasting away.

  • Furious_Stylez

    Stein also reports that the Knicks are trying to get Faried again. The deal they keep pushing is: Faried & Hamilton for Shumpert & Udrih. So far, Connolly isn’t interested. That’s a dumb trade. Shumpert is an average SG and Udrih is an average PG. No matter the flaws in Faried’s game, his production is incredible for $1.4m. NY hasn’t got anyone this team needs.

  • EWilson

    You want to get rid of Miller? How about this trade:


    I’m not serious, of course, but it shows the absurdity of the PER rankings on the ESPN trade machine. Does anyone think Indiana would be 3 games better losing Hibbert and adding Denver’s bench depth? And, would the Nuggets only improve 3 games adding James and Hibbert, even with all their injuries?

    • LBJ

      I’m all in! Let’s just not tell the Heat what the NBA trade machine says!

    • LegalizeDenverNuggets

      If we have to part with Miller, I guess this is ok. But we’d really be missing our young talent in… Randolf and McGee? Couldn’t even finish typing that last sentence seriously.

  • ny nugs fan

    trevor ariza could help guard perimeter

    maynor was that dude before he got injured with okc (havent been able to see if he could still play at that level)

    so are the nugs still trying to make a run at 6, 7 or 8th playoff spot this year?

  • tsraider08

    We should pull the trigger on the Faried for Shumpert deal. He has more potential, is a great perimeter defender, and at least gives us a point guard for the time being. Plus there is no way we should keep Faried and pay him 8M in a year

    • Shae Crombie

      I see what you’re saying, but Shumpert is averaging 7pts/4rebs this season. Very below average production.

  • Darian Williams

    i swear to god if we trade faried for shumpert…

    • miguel

      the knicks would need to offer before denver entertain that

    • sherlock

      100% agree

  • heykyleinsf

    Still need a third team.
    I’m sure something will go down soon.

  • Alex stenger
  • Brent

    Figure out a way to trade for Greg Monroe. Maybe even bring Chauncey back to Denver as a player/asst. coach