Report: Andre Miller Hates the Nuggets. Won’t Return to Team.

According to a report by Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports Andre Miller has expressed to the Nuggets that he wants nothing to do with returning to the team. 

Spears talked to sources close to Miller who made it clear the decision is final.

“The vibe is delusional,” the source said. “It’s a burned bridge. No reconciliation. He’s waiting by the door with his bag already packed. The relationship is irreparable. Under no circumstances does he want to come back to Denver.

Apparently the Nuggets were looking to bring Miller back into the fold after the injuries to Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson despite the fact head coach Brian Shaw had no interest in Professor Miller’s return after the fireworks which led to his banishment.

Miller has been staying in shape with nighttime workouts at the team facilities which have been watched at times by general manager Tim Connelly.

Miller still wants to be traded and with Denver out of roster spaces and point guards it seems likely to happen by Thursday’s trade deadline.

Stay tuned to Roundball Mining Company for more news on Miller and the Nuggets as the trade deadline draws closer. 

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  • Jay Crynes

    Bye! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

  • cliff patterson

    Even more than anything on anre, this reflects terribly on the fo. Our team is back on course of the mid to late 90’s. Good gravy what was kroenke thinking he could run this team. (Connolly is a puppet) this is awesome, now we have 2 organizations in town that can’t get out of their own way

    • LBJ

      We owe Andre a thank you for refusing to play. The last thing this team needs is more wins to screw up our lottery chances.

  • googergieger

    Sounds about right. This means he’ll finally be moved some time next year. Going on this front offices moves(or lack thereof) so far.

  • Furious_Stylez

    I find it very hard to believe teams haven’t inquired about A.Miller. There are multiple contenders that could use a veteran PG like Miller as their 3rd guard. I’m pretty disappointed he hasn’t been moved yet.

    About 3 weeks ago, this team had a legit shot of making a playoff push being only 3 games out of the 8th seed (which was quite impressive considering their roster). After Nate went down, I was sure Miller would be flipped asap for the first available guard. Connolly is either overvaluing Miller or isn’t trying very hard to move him. Either way, It’s stupid he’s still here.

    • Bryan

      Another option is that they’re attempting to package Miller in a deal with more players or assets in order to get a better asset or assets.

      The way the team is currently constructed (with Gallo out with an injury) if Lawson doesn’t bring it or can’t play because of injury the Nuggets have no chance. If they could package Andre Miller and someone else to get a guy who could take some of the burden off of Ty’s shoulder, it’d be worthwhile.

  • Nugman

    All this stuff with the Nuggets is becoming a soap opera. I’m really having doubts about Shaw and the FO. All the guys they signed this offseason, including Shaw, are almost a joke. I guarantee Pop, Doc, the Zen Master, etc wouldn’t be laughing when down by 30 in a game. Then Shaw always professes defense and effort and he can’t get his players to do either. It’s just unbelievable how quickly and badly this thing has fallen apart. I hear one report Dre is coming back and another that he won’t? It’s all just too crazy! What’s the next weird thing that’s going to happen?

  • wij

    My biggest issue out of all this is how it is reflecting on the front office. If you are an upcoming free agent this long and drawn-out situation can only make you wary of joining or staying with such a team.

    • Bryan

      Denver has never been a destination for high profile free agents anyway. The Andre Miller situation being resolved sooner would have had no impact on that.

      Also, I think you’re giving NBA players more credit than they deserve for being aware of such issues. Hardly any players even bothered to show up to meet the candidates for the NBPA executive job this weekend.

      Money will determine who goes or stays in Denver just as it always has (except in the case of Carmelo when it was his wife who decided).

    • David Tesler

      Until Kroenke sells his team and Josh and Stan out of the picture, the Nuggets are never going to attract a bunch of flies unless they fork out the big dough.

      Which we know Kroenke won’t do. He’s an asshole. He should have not fucked up the chemistry that was there last year.

      • Bryan

        The Nuggets have always had to offer big money to attract anyone and they will have to do this regardless of who is the owner of the team. Sorry but Denver is not a destination town for NBA players.

        And I have no idea where you got the notion that the Kroenke’s aren’t’ willing to spend. They were deep in the luxury tax when they brought in Iverson to pair with Melo. But despite the money spent that team rolled over and died in the playoffs against the Lakers. So clearly just throwing money at guys is not always the answer either.

  • Paul Griggs

    The front office set a record for time to dismantle a 57 win team.

    • Bryan

      A 57 win team that was barely competitive against the sixth seed that upset them. This isn’t the dismantling of a 95-96 Bulls caliber (or anything even close to that).

      The team has also had a lot of injuries: Gallo’s surgery didn’t work, so had to have another one, McGee is probably going to miss the entire season, Lawson has been hurt several times, Foye has been playing injured.

      • Paul Griggs

        Uh, how come Gallo’s injury is an excuse for this season’s pathetic team but not for the playoff team last year? Gallo was hurt, Lawson was dinged up and Faried was hurt. They did not match up well with GS but had played teams like SA, OKC and Memphis tough. This year’s team has a hard time beating anyone.

        • LBJ

          Excellent point. Not to mention, Bogut played less than half the regular season (hence the 6th seed).

        • Sharkboy242

          Regular season doesn’t mean anything. Any one of those teams would have bounced the Nuggets easily because they didn’t thrive off gimmick offenses.

        • Bryan

          Gallo’s injury has been one of the many excuses used as an excuse for another one of George Karl’s playoff failings.

          My point is that if Gallo is so important that a healthier and deeper Nuggets team than we have no couldn’t beat a six seed with HCA, it should not be a surprise that the Nuggets are struggling this season.

  • Sweaty Feast

    I blame Shaw. Hey screwed up the relationship with Miller, and the entire team has quit on him, which is a spectacularly bad sign. If they were playing hard and showing improvement on both sides of the ball I wouldn’t be worried at all. But… Follow Detroit’s lead and cut bait immediately. Rookie coaches I’d rather have: Brad Stevens, Brett Brown, Mike Budenholzer, Steve Clifford, Mike Malone, and the miracle worker Jeff Hornacek. We could have had a few of these guys for sure.

  • GRRR

    Then don’t pay him

    • Ryan Chalstrom

      They have to pay him – he has a contract. Even if they suspended him without pay again the NBA Players Association would undoubtedly file a grievance on his behalf. And besides, Andre has every reason in the world to hate the nuggets. The way this organization treated him wasn’t right. He deserved better than what Shaw and the FO did to him.

      • Bryan

        You’re kidding, right? Andre Miller publicly complained about his role and not being a starter last year. And in the media openly questioned whether George Karl’s system could lead to success in the playoffs.

        This year he threw a tantrum and got into a verbal altercation with his coach (i.e. boss) in public.

        Andre Miller is not a victim.

      • Sharkboy242

        WoW you have got to be kidding me… Andre Miller is a punk with zero class. He went off on the coach for not getting the minutes he thought he deserved. His defense is terrible and there’s a reason Shaw chose to give his minutes to Nate and Ty. Anyone who sides with Miller on this is nothing short of deluded.

        • Paul Griggs

          As usual, you know nothing about basketball. Miller was wrong to go off on Shaw but Shaw is turning out to be clueless. Miller’s defense is no worse than Lawson’s or Robinson’s.

          • Sharkboy242

            If you think that Miller puts in the same amount of effort that Ty/Robinson do on defense then you’re an idiot. Ty/Robinson are bad defenders by virtue of being small, but for the most part the effort is there. Miller is just a bum who refuses to play anything close to decent defense.

            All you ever do is result to personal attacks on me and whine or cry about George Karl not being here. You’re a broken record, stop dwelling on the past.

            There needs to be an ignore feature for people like you.

            • Paul Griggs

              At this point in his career, Miller is not as good as Monta Ellis but Ellis won’t be near the player Miller has been over his career. Ellis is a selfish player that is only 9th on his team in +/-. He can no doubt score but his team gives up too many points when he’s on the court. To get Ellis, the Nuggets would have had to give up what little depth they have. Ellis’s game also doesn’t suit Shaw’s–he’s very similar in style to Lawson (good penetrator, not so good 3P shooter, mediocre defense at best).

              • heykyleinsf

                Everyone has a right to post here.
                Anyone can go to the Stiffs forum or somewhere else.
                Don’t chase people off.
                It’s just opinions.
                Everyone here knows and cares enough to post.
                Don’t discourage them.
                No need to belittle anyone.
                It really just comes off arrogant.. not educated.
                You have some good basketball knowledge..
                But everyone here contributes.
                Educate. Tolerate. Add to the forum without the unnecessary corrosiveness.
                I like this place and most of the people.
                Disagreeing is one thing.. hating is another.
                Don’t hate.

          • heykyleinsf

            As usual.. you don’t do anything here but bully and argue with people. It’s pretty obvious your only interest is negativity. Sorry to inform you.. but Paul.. you’re not a very nice person.
            And Sharkboy is right.. you’re wrong.
            Miller sucks on defense. It’s worse than everyone’s. Ty at least tries. Miller quit trying and that’s common knowledge.
            It’s not Shaw’s fault.
            It’s not anyone’s fault but Andre Miller’s.
            You’re the one who, as usual, knows nothing about basketball.

            • Paul Griggs

              My comments aren’t always very nice but I get tired of hearing people who know nothing about the game make absurd comments. The Nuggets were an exciting, deep team last year that won 57 games with a couple of solid players, one great player and a bunch of role players. The hate spewed at George Karl, Andre Miller and Iggy last season ticked me off. The team performed over its head–it had no right to get 57 wins, the talent wasn’t that good. But Karl did a great job getting everyone to play together, including malcontents like Miller. Iggy was the glue that held this team together but now fantasy minded Nuggets fans think he sold the team out. I predicted the off-season moves would not work out and that this team would struggle to make the playoffs. This team that looked so deep last year has suddenly started scraping the bottom of the barrel with Q Miller, Randolph, etc.–injuries are part of that but these guys aren’t very good and Shaw has not been able to get them to consistently play together. I hope Shaw can bring this team together but I think it’s a hopeless mess. Lawson is a nice player on offense but his defense is horrendous, even when he tries. What good is it if he scores 18 ppg and gives up 19 ppg? Miller has a positive +/- and while he’s not athletic enough to guard one on one he made up for it with his brains, when he motivated which is a valid criticism on your part. By the way, the best +/- for a regular player in the NBA? The much despised Iggy with +9.5…the next nearest is Roy Hibbert at +7.8. That’s a huge difference and proof that individual statistics win less games than does team play, something that Sharkboy does not seem to understand.

              • Sharkboy242

                Okay well what was the point in typing up the first half of what you just wrote? We’re all fans here, we didn’t need a recap of what happened over the course of last year. Like I said before – all you’re doing is dwelling on what went wrong. You’re never really adding anything constructive to the conversation.

                As for the second part – I find it comical that you refute my so called basis for praising Ellis (STATS, which I never even used mind you) with…. Wait for it, more stats. The +/- differential is bogus and there’s no such thing as an all telling stat. You use it to try and point out flaws in Lawson’s defensive game… Well by applying this logic we should be a better defensive team without him right? WRONG. Look at what has happened to us the past 4 or 5 games in which Ty has been out. We have been blown out. Ty is just a critical component to success for this team’s system. Ask any Dallas fan and they will tell you that Ellis has been a critical component to their team’s success this season.

  • LBJ

    By my count, the front office’s self-proclaimed “48 hour deadline expired about 6 week ago….

  • Heisenberg

    Should have been traded over a month ago. Nobody wants him now.

    To call the front office a failure is an understatement. Andre should be wearing a Kings uniform right now…

  • heykyleinsf

    I haven’t liked him since he threw GK and the rest of the team under the bus after the playoffs. The most immature old man I’ve ever seen. I didn’t want him back then.. and I’m glad there’s no chance in Hell we’ll ever see him in powder blue. Forever. GO ALREADY YOU SELFISH DOUCHEBAG.