Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 106 – Dallas Mavericks 122

After starting the game strong the Denver Nuggets surrendered their early-game lead in the second quarter, as the Dallas Mavericks used a huge second period to go ahead and keep Denver playing catch-up for the rest of the night. Game grades can be found below.

Denver Nuggets 106 FinalRecap | Box Score 122 Dallas Mavericks
Kenneth Faried, PF 21 MIN | 2-10 FG | 2-2 FT | 5 REB | 3 AST | 3 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | -5

Faried has been terrific lately and this was a rare off-night for him. His 14-game streak of scoring in double-digits came to an end, as he simply wasn’t feeling it at all and was pulled out of the game.

Wilson Chandler, SF 31 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 5 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | -16

Chandler played some good defense on whoever he had to guard, whether it was Dirk Nowitzki in the post or Vince Carter out on the perimeter. He didn’t take many shots, but did make some plays offensively by setting up his teammates.

Timofey Mozgov, C 14 MIN | 2-3 FG | 3-3 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 7 PTS | +9

Mozgov’s minutes were limited in the first half as he was once again in foul trouble. He had some nice moments early, dishing out a couple of simple passes. His defense was up-and-down, as he mostly held his own defending the rim close to the basket, but fell asleep and misplayed on some pick-and-rolls, which led to dunks and layups at the rim.

Ty Lawson, PG 38 MIN | 6-12 FG | 2-3 FT | 1 REB | 9 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 7 TO | 17 PTS | -12

As always Lawson did a good job creating for others. He is the team’s best offensive player and needs to assert himself early and often, which he didn’t quite manage to do, although he did pick up his aggression late in the game.

Randy Foye, SG 28 MIN | 5-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 15 PTS | -6

Threw a lob pass to Lawson early in the game, which was pretty insane. Other than that, Foye was great. It felt as though he was hitting every three he launched, and he did a terrific job coming off screens and pulling the trigger without any hesitation.

Darrell Arthur, PF 28 MIN | 4-6 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 11 PTS | -11

Got some extra run for defensive purposes and replaced the struggling Faried. Arthur actually made quite an impact offensively, hitting a couple of shots early. He also poured in a nice three-pointer and made a sweet cut to the basket to score on back-to-back possessions in the fourth quarter.

Anthony Randolph, SF 16 MIN | 4-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 10 PTS | -4

Randolph had a chance to enter the game quite early and made the most of his opportunity. Even though seeing him shoot threes is mostly cringe-worthy, Randolph did make two of his long-range attempts and was overall effective in his minutes on the floor.

J.J. Hickson, C 24 MIN | 8-12 FG | 2-9 FT | 8 REB | 0 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 18 PTS | -18

As per usual, Hickson made some decent plays offensively by hitting some jumpers in the post, scoring on putback dunks and driving past his defender for layups. At this point, everyone knows about his terrible defense and he missed a whole bunch of free throws, but had an overall acceptable game. He ended up leaving the game after getting injured in the fourth quarter.

Aaron Brooks, PG 21 MIN | 3-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | -18

Watching Brooks can be frustrating sometimes. On one play he can make a slick layup after beating his man off the dribble, only to take a terrible mid-range shot on the following possession.

Evan Fournier, SG 18 MIN | 2-6 FG | 2-2 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 7 PTS | -1

Fournier got some big minutes in the fourth quarter, but didn’t really have a great game. He made a huge three in the final period to cut into the Mavericks’ lead, but missed an equally important long-range attempt later on.

Brian Shaw
Not a terrible game by Shaw, but nothing fantastic. He pulled Faried and gave Arthur some extra minutes, which was great. With Foye being red-hot, Shaw could’ve tried to get the team to run more plays for the shooting guard. The defense was often non-existent, and both the coach and the players have to share the blame for that.

One Thing We Saw

  1. The second quarter really set the Nuggets back big-time. The offense was completely dead for a long period of time, as Denver relied on bad jumpers. Defensively the team struggled mightily as well, giving up 35 points in that quarter. It felt a bit weird, as Denver could play some good defense for a couple of possessions, only to completely fall asleep at the blink of an eye. The effort defensively just wasn’t consistent.


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Vytis Lasaitis

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  • Nugman

    Would all you Shaw lovers please explain to me why Ty is playing 38+ minutes a game when the games don’t matter? You can see he’s tired and it’s effecting his game!

    • Sharkboy242

      Ty Lawson is a professional athlete. I’ve never really been one to agree with the whole fatigue factor unless the player is old. I’m not advocating more minutes for Ty, but accidents happen via mishaps. Any player is prone to getting hurt no matter how many minutes they play. With Ty playing only 33 minutes a night, would the probability of an accident decrease significantly? I don’t think so.

      There’s no doubt that he has a say in the amount of minutes hes taking on. I say Ty knows best, so if them man wants on the court then let the man play basketball.

      • Nugman

        If the players get to choose their minutes then every player in the NBA would be playing 40 minutes. I’m sure Faried, JJ, Moz, Evan, Q, AR, etc would all choose to play 40. If you’re right, then why did Phil limit Jordon and Kobe to 32-35? You really think Jordan wanted to come off the court? And why has Pop always limited the big 3 in SA? Why don’t all the NBA stars play 40 minutes? Because they don’t want too?

        • sherlock

          What shark is trying to say is that certain players (stars) have the rep-ore with the coach to say hey I wanna stay in, I want to play. They have the leash that other players (role players) don’t have. In this case Ty is probably saying he wants to play, he doesn’t want to come out and Shaw gives him that respect as our best player.

          • Nugman

            You obviously don’t know anything about coaching

            • sherlock

              haha…you really have no idea, as indicated by your ignorant comments throughout. Anybody who has played competitive sports at a high level has seen this. Just because you have no experience doesn’t make the point invalid.

    • Ckwizard

      An explanation is going to be given and is probably right but understand we all get that in your opinion the high minutes are not worth the risk….

      Lawson is being played so many minutes because it is the best way to help the team grow and get better for next year. It is about team growth. Every minute that Ty is off the court is futile in developing the concepts Shaw wants to take into the off season and then next year. Ty’s familiarity with the other players and their familiarity with him are best developed live game against random players. This is about learning to execute. How can Arthur or any player develope live game experience with their point guard unless they play with him… That being said all players need repitition with Ty so that the coaching staff and front office can better evaluate the make up of this team going forward. While I understand your view there is a reason veteran players execute better than rookies and that difference is live game experience.

      • Nugman

        So Ty is on the court the entire 4th quarter with Randolph and Brooks so he can get familiar with them because they’re going to be playing together a lot in the future? And Faried is on the bench because he’s not going to be playing with Ty in the future? Gimme a break! And your explanation is right? Maybe you should think about who’s on the court before you write something this ridiculous

        • Ckwizard

          Poor guy you have you have issues… Ridiculous is your response to someone answering you open ended question, but because your passion and dislike for the situation that is the Nuggets is so strong you probably just can’t help yourself from being such a “Blank”

          Fill in the word “Blank” with whatever fun word you want like Angel. Peace

          • Nugman

            Your “answer” makes no sense just like your last comment didn’t

  • Nugman

    Shaws only sub in the 4th was Ty except for when Will came in for the injured JJ. Why does Shaw do this in the 4th? Please tell me Shaw lovers. The guys looked tired to me and that was one reason the Mavs pulled away? Of course, trying to trap, or “blitz”, the high screen didn’t help either. I thought that only worked in high school?

    And yes, he cleared the bench with a minute left, but that doesn’t count.

    I also loved the 3 ally oops to the guards. The one to Brooks was especially funny.

    • Ckwizard

      Did the nuggets need the win? No they didn’t so what is the harm in Shaw’s choices? Randolph got minutes this game as an opportunity to showcase his abilities and growth… Guess what he performed well. I don’t know many people who are going to be surprised with the outcome of a Nuggets game if Randolph is getting extended minutes… When Randolph is one of your best players for a game it means multiple other players are playing poor or hurt and the outcome is all most certainly a loss.

      • Nugman

        What does this have to do with substitutions? And below didn’t you just talk about familiarity amongst the players? How does AR fit into that explanation? Does Ty need to get familiar with AR because they are going to play together a lot in the future? And Ty get extra minutes because they don’t need the win? Make up your mind. Which is it?

        • Ckwizard

          If you want to move a player and get something in return PLAY THEM, if they perform well it is easier to trade them and get some value in return, and playing that player with poor players is almost going to ensure a poor performance and lost value and missed opportunity. Not to mention in Randolph’s case if he is a good guy and team player and the seasons lost it is the right thing to do…. He is under contract next year right.

      • LBJ

        Randolph is not in our future plans. Where the hell was Q? He should be getting PT every game. If the FO didn’t have their heads up their ass they would tell Shaw to play Q and limit Ty to 32-35 minutes a game.

  • etlord1

    Watching Jordan Adams right now. Denver should take a look at him. 17 pts. per, top 5 in the NCAA in steals, 47.7% from three, 84% at the line. 6’6″ 220 lbs. at the 2 and is only 19 years old. I could see his stock rising fast as the tourney continues.

  • Nugman

    We would’ve won tonight if we didn’t have so many injuries

    • heykyleinsf

      finally catching on!!
      Good for you.

  • Richard Pesicka

    The Nuggets lost because the Dallas Maverics are better.

  • Thomas

    Trade Faried + Lawson for star player and/or some combination that lands us a top pick.

    Time to start a new team and avoid being in no man’s land for the next several years.

    • Nugman

      And who would you get? Who would agree to come to Denver? Most stars have no trade clauses and would probably nix the trade

  • Nugman

    Remember the first half of the season when Ty was playing like an all-star? What has happened to him? Could it be all the minutes he’s playing? Will this effect is play in future years?