Breaking News: JJ Hickson Out for Season With Torn ACL

JJ Hickson left last night’s game with a knee injury and after an MRI to determine the damage was done it has been determined that injury will keep Hickson out for the rest of the season.

According to Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post the MRI revealed that Hickson torn his ACL, which makes him the second Nugget this season to tear the ligament and the third to have an issue with it that put them out for the season after Nate Robinson and Danilo Gallinari. It also marks the fourth member of the roster who will end their season with a major injury as JaVale McGee is out with a leg injury of his own.

Hickson had seemingly found the perfect role on the bench recently, putting up 13.9 points and eight rebounds in his last ten games where he had been a reserve. The injury will probably lead to more minutes for Jan Vesely and/or Anthony Randolph as well as the addition of another tough offseason decision for Denver. With so much money tied up in Hickson, Kenneth Faried and Darrell Arthur the power forward spot takes up a large portion of the salary cap and roster space and yet Denver will enter next season with Hickson working his way back from a major injury and Faried being eligible for his contract extension that will need to be signed before October 31st.

It just adds another bad result in a season full of them for the Nuggets.

Please leave your thoughts on the news in the comments below along with what you want Denver to do about filling his minutes for the rest of the season and beyond. 

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  • mparas

    Denver needs to stop playing Dallas. Gallinari tore his ACL against them too.

  • Sócrates Manzoni

    prepare for #AIRWOLF

  • Pickles1731

    He has been surprisingly our best big off the bench ever since he lost his starting position. No we have to start playing Randolph and Airwolf more. I would be shocked if we won more than two of our remaining games.

  • wij

    what a stomach punch this season has been…

  • David Acker

    Not the biggest Hickson fan but that sucks. Speedy recovery JJ

  • Furious_Stylez

    This season just keeps getting worse. All the injuries and then this team decides to start winning games at the end of the season, keeping them out of the lottery.

    I guess it’s good that Shaw and the players eventually got on the same page, but it would’ve helped if they did it in January and February, not the middle of March when playoff teams have already been decided. I guess them’s the breaks with a rookie head coach