Video: Quincy Miller’s 19-point outburst vs. Houston

I think it’s fair to say Quincy Miller hasn’t quite lived up to the lofty expectations Nuggets fans had of him when he was drafted back in 2012. Yes, he was a second-round pick, but he was a high-profile high school talent who many thought would eventually challenge Danilo Gallinari for the starting small forward role a few years down the road. (OK, so maybe that was just me.) Miller’s minutes have fluctuated greatly this season and he hasn’t always been given the most room for on-court improvement; however, his recent 19-point performance against the Rockets should give fans revived hope that he can in fact play a legitimate role at the NBA level. Miller has five more games left to show Brian Shaw that his improvements in practice can translate seamlessly to the bright lights of real, in-game NBA action. Let’s just hope he has a few more of these up his powder-blue sleeve.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Richard Pesicka

    Wait until next year. Wait until next year. Wait until next year. There, we should be good in about 3 years.

    • heykyleinsf

      sounds good .. we’ll see you then.
      I’m watching and seeing good things right now though.

  • heykyleinsf

    that was pretty sweet and totally encouraging.. I think it kind of goes unsaid that Wilson Chandler has been a disappointment this year.. Quincy could give us something we haven’t seen in too long at the 3 off the bench.
    Looking forward to these last few games just to see if he keeps this up.

  • heykyleinsf

    here’s my early favorite legitimate draft pick.
    Gary Harris He’s yet to declare.. but if he does..
    we could have a shot at getting him.
    We need help at the 2 and this guy is the best
    one available besides Wiggins.

    • Andrew

      If you go play the NBA lottery machine, Harris is the guy that comes up most for the Nuggets, usually around the 10th pick.

  • Aaron Durkin

    That is the problom with building threw the Draft. Miller is only 20 years old……. It takes years for theses guys to even be ok at a NBA level.

  • Trip

    I think Q’s game is pretty similar to Carmelo’s early in his career, not quite as talented offensively but similar (the way he handles the ball around the basket and on the fast break). One thing I like about him though is his effort defensively, something you hardly ever saw from Melo. He does need a little more fine tuning, and a little more bulk, but I think he can be a really good player. IMO he should have stayed in college 2 more years, then the Nuggets probably wouldnt have picked him up but it would have been better for his career.

  • Guest


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