Link: Nuggets want to open contract negotiations with Kenneth Faried this summer

According to Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post, Kenneth Faried and the Denver Nuggets will engage in contract extension talks this summer. Faried is entering the final year of his rookie deal and Dempsey suggests he could be in for a raise of over $10 million per year. Per Dempsey:

“We’ll talk to his representation,” Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly told the Post. “I think Kenneth is happy here. I think he’s really embraced what (Coach) Brian (Shaw) is trying to instill. Those are the type of guys that deserve to get paid.”

Faried is coming off the best year of his career averaging 14 points and nine rebounds per game overall, and 19 points and 10 rebounds per game since the All-Star break. Should he net $10 million or more per season, Faried would likely become sandwiched somewhere between Danilo Gallinari, JaVale McGee and Ty Lawson — Denver’s three highest paid players — who will earn $10.9, $11.3 and $11.6 million respectively throughout the 2014-15 season.
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Kalen Deremo

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  • heykyleinsf

    Great news and I love Manimal as a player and a person.
    He’s the type to build tenacity and guts on.

    Imagine a world where Iggy never darkened our path.
    A world where we had the 11th and 12th pick coming up.
    God what a waste.

  • gimpcom187

    Theyre aware a clearly superior player in paul millsap got 2 years 18 on the open market? Its only a medium overpay at 10 a year but it shows a lack of understanding of this roster, farieds place in it and a team willing to settle for borderline playoff team.

    • Native Nugget

      If Faried were to remain static, this would be accurate. The front office is in an awkward position of trying to guess were Faried’s ceiling is. Millsap is older and has reached his ceiling. Faried may regress, remain static or improve. If he improves this season we would be forced to compete for him as a free agent who could easily be averaging 20 pts and 10 rbnds a game and commanding $13mil on the open market. Losing a player of that caliber for nothing would be a worst case scenario. Given his high learning curve once he was no longer on the trade block and started buying into Shaw’s system, it’s a good bet he’ll improve next year. At that point $10mil may seem like a bargain.

      • gimpcom187

        He would have to become a strong stretch 4 to get more than 10. Its extremely unlikely given he cant hit 70% from the ft line. His defense is unlikely to ever be better than average. Theres always the shot for a crazy team in that case you just let him go. Hes a piece not a game changing talent.

        • Native Nugget

          Agreed about his D, and about his free throws. He’s also undersized (but seems to be able to compensate on offense). This years production is similar if you average out the entire season. Problem is he was adjusting to a new system/coach and had mental issues with trade rumors. Once the trade deadline passed and he started trusting Shaw, his final two months were strong enough to raise his whole season average back up. My take is he is stronger than prior years measuring how he ended the season. I like his attitude and trajectory but would not pass up a stronger player if the chance came along. Was only pointing out that the front office is looking at the end of season production and is in a pickle about how to predict his future worth. Would love it if them signed him for $7mil but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

          • gimpcom187

            My take is small sample size, increased usage due to other primary scorers out, and good player on a bad team scenario. let him take 7 million or take your chances. Hes fun to watch so I see why fans are inclined to overpay though.

            • Native Nugget

              Funny, I had assumed this exchange had run it’s course. But now that we’re post-season the posts sit around longer, leaving more time to ponder. As for “small sample size” – can’t really argue that a third of the season is a large sample size, but I do think it’s a legitimate enough chunk of time to warrant re-evaluating a player. Your second point didn’t land in my neurons until later – “other primary scorers out”. When I picture Gallo, Ty, and McGee all back (and healthy) along with Foye being our primary 3-point shooter, it’s easy to imagine Faried’s offensive numbers going down. He would be a fourth or fifth option. Your two points combined make for a legitimate “let’s at least slow down and evaluate how he does with all the starters in the lineup before offering a large raise” argument.

              So often I see posters unwilling to hold different perspectives and simply keep engaging without insulting one another. Nice to have a exchange of ideas without friction – I’m on here cuz I enjoy thinking about the Nuggets. You just got me to do that Gimp.

              • Andrew

                You probably won’t get this, Native, but great post. Especially the last paragraph. If I were Kroenke, I would probably be willing to overpay him a bit…but then, I would also be willing to pay penalties when over the cap, because, you know, I’m a billionaire. Ha.

  • Richard Pesicka

    Clearly if you want to keep the best players on your roster, you have to pay for them. At some point you have to build on what you have.

    • heykyleinsf

      I absolutely agree.
      Some people are crazy with their ideas of all these trades
      and players.. You have to build at some point.
      I hate the idea of players changing teams like changing clothes.
      After a while it becomes.. GO NUGGETS CORPORATION!!
      The NBA loses the human element.
      It’s Front office against Front office.
      I like players.. Human element. Passion.. team ethic.
      Not so much a fan of investment strategies per se in sports..
      trading commodities.
      it needs to get back to the idea of team again.

  • Heisenberg

    For that much they should consider letting him walk. I like Faried, but that’s overpaying.

    • mike gomez

      you cant let a guy like faried walk, if they dont want to pay they could just trade him, no need to let him walk for nothing

      • Heisenberg

        I highly doubt he fetches $10+ Mil on the open market. I’d still let him test it, assuming he doesn’t take an offer of 5-7 mil per year.

        • LBJ

          One option would be to let him see what he gets next summer as a restricted FA – and then assess what we do.

          • Heisenberg

            Or this. Rather do something like that than trade him for Shumpert.

            • mike gomez

              he is worth more than shumpert

              • Heisenberg

                I agree, but I don’t see teams willing to give up that much for him.

              • mike gomez

                because Denver has really putt him out there, to trade him. i bet if he hit the free-agents market you will alot of team looking to acquire him

              • Heisenberg

                Denver was shopping him earlier and obviously didn’t get an offer that blew them away.

                Let’s call Faried for what he is. He brings energy and good rebounding, but is a defensive liability which really hurts his value.

                I doubt a team would pay more than 7 or 8 Million per year for him.

              • mike gomez

                because they couldn’t get his worth because he is still in his rookie contract.

              • gimpcom187

                and he doesn’t space the floor at all which is especially negative in the playoffs when teams usually succeed at taking away the first and sometimes second options on offense by identifying the weakest offensive players that they can shade” from.

              • Dinosaur Dave

                I don’t see this as a bad thing. It would be better for the Nuggets if teams don’t body Faried. That’s how he makes his hustle plays.

          • mike gomez

            i think that would be the best option because we dont know his worth, but its going to be risk loosing him, and get backlash from it

            • gimpcom187

              Your only chance of losing him if you are willing to sign him to 4/40 is if you dont match a max type offer. Its exceedingly unlikely he gets that offer given the leagues emphasis on rim protection and shooting which fariedsvoffers virtuallybnothing of either. If you arent getting him for 7 mil or less its silly.

  • alex47666

    I hope we keep faried, but not for 10 mill a year he isnt worth it. just give the man a 5 year 30 million dollar contract and see what happens

  • Blaze Gunn

    Paul Millsap makes 9.5million a year and you guys want to pay Faried less than that? trust me i wouldn’t be shocked if managment would have to pay him 11million a year if not more than Lawson… Mcgee and faried aren’t worth there contracts but you gotta pay them both

    • gimpcom187

      Paul millsap is a better defender and a stretch 4. Hes a clearly more valuable player at this point. Farieds an energy/athleticism guy with limited skill and height. David lee is a better skilled/less athletic version of him and clearly has an albatross contract and would be better served as a backup.

    • Heisenberg

      They don’t have to overpay him at all. This isn’t some once in a generation talent. He’s worth 5-7 mil per year. If he left it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

      Denver would be foolish to recklessly spend their money again.

  • Len Nunes

    elephant in the room, IF McGee comes back healthy, is it safe to assume Hickson is done at center and then relegated to being Faried’s backup? Cause that’s how 2013 started aka the period of time Faried struggled most.
    We have a year to figure out what to do with Faried, let’s figure out what’s happening with the square peg that is McGee first.

  • Furious_Stylez

    4yrs-$40m. That’s fair based on his production. Remember: salaries are based on market value, not actual value. You think McGee is worth $40m+?? No F’n way, but the market value for a somewhat competent Center is around $7m-$10m per season.

    A double-double machine is still a highly valued asset in the NBA. I know Faried is undersized and has no Defense whatsoever, but his rebounding and scoring skills are way above average. Also add in that he’s a good person, works in the community, and is a champion of Gay rights (regardless how you feel on the issue, this is big deal in the marketing/PR department).

    If you think another run and gun team (like GS or numerous crappy teams in the East) won’t try to get Faried, you’re kidding yourself. He will be a very hot commodity if he tests the FA market next offseason. Also, Denver has no successor. Hickson’s the only true PF on the roster and we saw how that worked out

    • gimpcom187

      It would have been nice to get a better statistical profile and comparison on him from the article (Im sure Kalen is busy with his real life, Im just saying). Guys that I see as similar “types” of players (he is undersized for position so it is difficult to get a good comp as that affects his defense so thoroughly).

      Some guys I see as similar in terms of production and style on offense and defensive strengths and weaknesses: Jordan Hill, Brandon Wright, to Slightly less valuable versions:, trevor Booker, marreese Speights, some guy named jeff Adrien who got traded. Dejuan blair isn’t that type of athlete but his impact on the game is similar other than open court he got a MINIMUM deal.

      Looking at those guys who seem to make 4-6 million per year when they hit the market. 7 million is on the upper end for his type of player. I think a less tall version of Brandon Wright is a VERY good comp and he got 5 million per year. I don’t think teams are going to line up with anything beyond the mid-level. You MIGHT get one idiot team offering 8-10 million per year in which case you can choose to match or not given the talk is at 10 million now. Because the NBA has more strict rules on the Cap and tax teams won’t spend 12 million plus on a player like Faried.