Link: Nuggets’ trade calls about draft pick heating up

If you’re a draftnik like me, nothing gets your blood flowing like trade rumors. Hearing them straight from the horse’s mouth (the horse, in this scenario, being Nuggets’ GM Tim Connelly) around this time of year will basically turn your veins into full-powered fire hoses. Therefore, if you too would like fire-hose veins, I’d recommend reading the following article by The Denver Post‘s Christopher Dempsey which at one point states, Trading the selection for a veteran and moving up in the draft are the two areas of most interest to the Nuggets.”

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Poz303

    Yes, I must be a draftnik. My concern is what constitutes a veteran? Is it someone with 10 yrs NBA experience (e.g.Pau Gasol), is it someone with 5 yrs experience (DeRozan) is it a starter or a role player?

    Connelly has stated before that they wont make a trade for a lateral move, so I assume that if they do make a trade it would be for a starter.

    As for moving up in the draft, what will it cost? Are the Nuggets FO brave enough to move someone like Faried, the clear fan favorite, for a gamble on a draft prospect that may or may not turn out to be an all-star?

    Perhaps Connelly is just telling us what happens every year around this time. Masai would just say something like “you have no idea what is going on”.

    • Pickles1731

      I would hope that by “veteran”, it is a player with many years left like you mentioned in DeRozan. I don’t think the Nuggets would trade the 11th pick in a great draft for a guy like Pau Gasol, Zach Randolph, or Paul Pierce. The Nuggets seem to be in win now mode, but we are also multiple pieces away and not just one piece away. I would like to trade up and get Vonleh personally. I keep hearing amazing things about him and he seems like the next all-star PF in the West.

      • Bryan

        Gasol is a free agent, so they better not give up anything for him.

        From what I have seen Vonleh is still pretty raw and if he is ever going to be an all-star it’ll take a few years.

  • heykyleinsf

    Face palm…
    We’re on our way to another Randy Foye or JJ Hickson
    I got a bad feeling about this.

    • sharkbait

      I agree. The last thing we need is some B or C level veteran that can eat up more cap space and lock us deeper into mediocrity. I don’t trust these guys at all.

      • Bryan

        It’s barely been one year for Connelly. And the worst contract the team has (McGee’s) and the loss of a lottery pick are a product of Masai’s moves. You have to give it time to see how things play out.

        • sharkbait

          I’m willing to give them time but I don’t like what I’m hearing from the FO or their mouthpiece, Chris Dempsey and the Denver Post. Why have they had so few draft prospects in for workouts? I’ve seen a different version of this show before in 1996.

          • heykyleinsf

            i’m on record for saying Masai was hardly what he was built up to be when he won EOTY..
            but Connelly did ink Foye and Hickson.

            I’m hoping he learned from that…
            and doesn’t want to do that again.
            On one hand.. I think those signings were forced
            by the Iggy situation and the season coming..
            obviously the hole that he left..
            on the other hand..
            I worry about him thinking that it really worked out that well.

            • sharkbait

              I thought Masai was as good as the Nuggets have had at GM but he did make mistakes. Obviously the Iggy move was shortsighted but also just imagine if he would have drafted Chandler Parsons instead of Jordan Hamilton as some were suggesting on this blog that year. We might have got out of the 1st round last year. This organization has had a history of drafting athletes over basketball players.

              • heykyleinsf

                I think you also have to look at what motivates some NBA teams to deal off their veterans. If they weren’t an essential building block there.. how in the hell are they supposed to be here?

                Please don’t deal down.

            • Bryan

              I think Foye was traded for and wasn’t a bad signing, imo. He was just asked to do much because of the injuries/Andre Miller situation. When he was allowed to just be a spot up shooter he did well but he’s not a pg and will hopefully not be put in that position.

              All I’m saying is that people where really high on Masai after some of the moves were made but now that they have had time to play out they don’t look nearly as good. You have to give moves a couple of years to see how they will ultimately play out.

              • heykyleinsf

                I can agree on all that.
                Masai is a good executive in general..
                but he did stick us with some bad deals.
                People acting like he turned Toronto around?
                with a few role players on the bench?
                I think that’s laughable.
                Connelly needs to build a reason to keep his job in the next few months. If he trades down and gets another cast off… it’s going to be difficult to convince me he’s doing a good job for this team.

              • Bryan

                He swindled New York again by unloading Bargniani on them. But that is more a product of them being an incompetently run organization more than skill or brilliance on Masai’s part, imo.

          • Bryan

            Who knows? Maybe they’re worried about tipping their hand, or their are less leaks under Connelly than Masai? After the announcements about Harris and Jabari Brown the articles mention that Hood had been there for a workout a couple of days before them.

            I wouldn’t worry about how they’re conducting their business until you see the end result.

            Also, in his article Dempsey basically said that the Nuggets could trade up, trade down, make the selection, or package the pick and a player for a veteran. If you think about it that’s basically saying literally all the options they have at their disposal. There’s not really any insight into what they’re going to do which is probably good from a negotiation prospective if you’re looking to make a big splash.

        • LBJ

          Masai finished 4th in EoY voting this year. While 17 different individuals got votes – Timmy wasn’t one of them.

          Let’s just keep the pick and draft the best available player.

      • Heisenberg

        Honestly they are capped out until after the 2016 season. Probably best to try and trade up in the draft (either Lawson or Faried).

  • Poz303

    So I have seen photos of Gallo and Horford in Italy for the basketball without borders NBA deal there.

    Could Horford be a veteran the Nuggets target? Would Atlanta bite on Chandler, Arthur & 11th pick?

    Is Horford worth that?

    • LBJ

      Atlanta is trying to win now – I’m pretty sure they aren’t dealing their best player.