Report: Nuggets Have Made Kevin Love Trade Offer

One of the biggest story lines in the NBA recently has been Kevin Love and his reported desire to leave the Minnesota Timberwolves. For a few weeks now the rumors have been centered on a few destinations that supposedly had been front runners in the Love sweepstakes, most noticeably the Boston Celtics.

Well this morning came news that the Nuggets are in fact involved in preliminary Love talks and that they in fact have made an even better offer than the Celtics, according to the Boston Herald. 

The Celtics are willing to discuss a number of options, but none of them includes the quality of player with NBA experience that Minnesota is seeking or believes it can get elsewhere.

One source indicated Denver and Golden State have both made more intriguing offers, and there are other teams very much in the picture, as well. There have been conflicting reports on whether the Warriors would make Klay Thompson available, but the Wolves are said to be confident they can find a more than acceptable deal there.

According to Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe the Nuggets are actually sitting in a pretty good spot in the sweepstakes right now.

The rumors are interesting but trying to figure out exactly what the Nuggets have that the Wolves would be intrigued by is the hardest part.

Kenneth Faried is Denver’s best “young” asset but he is due a big payday soon and it is unclear if the Wolves would want to give him the money he will command. Danilo Gallinari had been the team’s best asset for a while but after missing over a season with a knee injury there are more questions than anything surrounding Gallo at this point. Wilson Chandler is an ok NBA player but he isn’t one that a rebuilding team would want especially at his contract price. Timofey Mozgov had a breakout year but he is 27 and faded badly in the second half of the season which will give some teams pause. In all reality outside of Ty Lawson every asset the Nuggets have comes with a huge question mark attached.

It seems obvious at this point that the Bulls have the best offer to put together to the Wolves but it remains unclear if they will actually do what it takes to make the move happen which means the Nuggets and Warriors are fully in the running to make a splash.

Stay tuned at RMC for more news as the situation becomes clearer.

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  • Cullen

    I think this is really interesting. Honestly, I think for the right deal this could be very captivating. I think giving up a player like Faried, although tough from the perspective of being a fan favorite and showing some good potential at the end of the year, and a few other mid level assets and this would be a great move that gives the Nuggets a solidified scorer and absolute killer on the boards and the oh so important top 15 guy.

    Imagine if the Nuggets could somehow steal Corey Brewer back in the deal? haha obviously optimistic thinking in an already unlikely situation, but hey, can’t a guy dream?

    I don’t think it is very likely, however. The assets we could offer would be entertaining, but there are other teams with more entertaining offers. It is interesting that the tweet shared has that order… because from what I’ve read other places it’s the Celtics being the top team in the running. The Warriors have been unwilling to put Klay Thompson in any offer and the Bulls are more focused on Melo.

    This will be an entertaining few weeks/months here.

    • Bryan

      I don’t think you can trade consecutive first rounders. Also, I can’t imagine Love resigning in Denver and I don’t think he’s the type of player worth gutting your roster for.

      • Cullen

        Yeah, I think you may be right. I think you can do right to swap in future years, though.

        Like I said, it would be a useless trade if they had to gut the team. We would be the Wolves in a different location. If we could score him giving up Faried, Chandler, Fournier, 11th pick, rights to King Joffrey? Idk. And I think you would almost have to get him to sign a new deal before you traded for him, too, which may be a feat in and of itself.

        But like I said, it would have to be the perfect deal, as so far as giving up some talent but not absolutely gutting the roster.

        To me it’s just kind of exciting to know they are wanting to be active in chasing these kinds of deals, though.

    • LBJ

      The offer I saw included Faried, Gallo, Foye, Fours and our pick for Love and C Brew. Not worth it – especially with Love likely to leave after one year.

      • Cullen

        I think if he promised an extension it would be worth it, but until then I don’t think any deal in the world is worth it.

        • LBJ

          I don’t think he can sign an extension until next offseason. This would make any player reluctant to make “promises” of this nature.

          • Cullen

            Yeah, that is true.

            Part of me wants to take the gamble and if we have a competitive season I think we could definitely keep him. I think it is a major mischaracterization that Kevin Love is a diva that wants to hit the lime light. I think he wants to win… and probably be a little more popular and be in the limelight, yes, but he plays for an organization that is bar none worse than the Nuggets (As much as people hate Josh and Timmy, you can’t honestly tell me the Wolves are even close to the Nuggets organization wise). I think if we could pack a winner together, get past the first round it could happen.

            The other part of me, the much more rational one, thinks with all the risk involved it would be smarter to make a major run at a wing player with upside.

            Honestly, the deal you mentioned is not a bad one. Imagine having Ty, Brewer, Chandler, Love, Mosgov an the bench of Robinson, Foye, Quincy Miller, Hickson, McGee, etc. That would be a good team.

            But most likely we should focus on making other deals or making the best draft pick possible.

            • sharkbait

              I really hope this doesn’t happen for I don’t see how that roster is a whole lot better than the one Love has around him now, then when he bolts we’ll be left with nothing. I think that trading future 1st round draft picks is about the dumbest thing a team like Denver can do. For all of Love’s great “stats” he’s never led his team to an above .500 record, let alone the playoffs. Let Boston have him, unless he’s your number 2 or 3 guy he’s fools gold.

              • Heisenberg

                Minnesota’s point differential when Love wasn’t on the floor was worse than the Milwaukee Bucks….

              • Cullen

                Yeah, Heisenberg absolutely nailed it. The wolves have ALWAYS been garbage. Seriously. Go give their current roster a look and honestly tell me the Nuggets would look like that if the deal being discussed (Faried, Gallo, Fours, the 11th pick) went through. Our starting lineup would look like:

                Ty Lawson
                Corey Brewer/Randy Foye
                Wilson Chandler
                Kevin Love
                Timofey Mosgov

                Aaron Brooks
                Nate Robinson
                Quincy Miller
                JJ Hickson
                JaVale McGee
                2 more bench players TBD

                Honestly, we would for sure be a playoff team threatening to push the 2nd round.

                Singular players a playoff team does not make. Plus their organization structure is one of the worst in the NBA.

              • LBJ

                You are more optimistic than I am about some of our players. Chandler would be one of the weakest starting 3s in the league. Mozzie and McGoof leave a lot to be desired. That bench would be pretty weak defensively.

              • Cullen

                Oh I agree. Chandler/Miller pairing would be weak for sure. I like the idea of Mozzy and McGee together though. Better than a lot of big men pairings.

                Our roster wouldn’t be optimal, but it’d be significantly better than it is now.

  • Scott

    Would not be worth it unless he promises an extension…

    • mike gomez

      sometimes when your small market team you got to gamble and i think we have shot that keeping him, because all he said he want to be part of a winner and be in the postseason

    • Heisenberg

      If he doesn’t agree to picking up the option, I would offer Faried, Chandler, a role player, and the 2014 pick at most. The pitch would be a big 3 of Lawson, Gallo, and, of course, Love. If Love still doesn’t seem interested then deal him at the deadline.

      • Cullen

        I like the way you think. I say, Faried, Chandler, Fours, 11th pick. Optimal deal. And the trade deadline bait. Boom.

        • LBJ

          No way Minnesota takes that deal. They will deal with GSW or Boston.

          • Heisenberg

            GSW’s package isn’t that attractive IMO. Lee and Barnes? Maybe Thompson will be included but that albatross contract of Lee’s isn’t very desirable.

            • LBJ

              in order to send us Love – Minnesota will demand Gallo. That is too much.

              • Heisenberg

                And the Nuggets would (hopefully) demand that Love conditionally agrees to pick up his 15-16 player option.

                Honestly that above package is still better than Golden State’s. Boston has nice picks but not much else regarding players.

              • LBJ

                Why would Love ever agree to do that? In exchange for giving up a huge amount of leverage, he would get — nothing?

              • Heisenberg

                It’s what CP3 did. It actually helps both parties. Minnesota can get a stronger return and Love would get leverage with Denver.

                Minnesota doesn’t have a whole ton of leverage here, unless Love agrees to that condition.

                Honestly it’s usually the best option in trading stars.

              • LBJ

                Paul was traded in midseason, from a crappy team to a 3rd place team – in LA. Totally different scenario. Plus I’m not certain that any “commitment” by the player would be binding (see Dwightmare in Orlando).

                More importantly, Love loses leverage – he doesn’t get leverage. I’m pretty confident his agent would not just say no, but hell no.

              • Heisenberg

                I don’t think Dwight had a player option though.

                Besides, what Love wants, more than anything, is to win. Most teams in the West are over the cap (including the Nuggets, but they would own his bird rights). We don’t know what the East will look like next year, but unless all three of Miami’s Big 3 take significant paycuts (for the record, I do believe LeBron will resign in Miami), Miami isn’t an option. Neither is Indiana. The package Denver can offer above is better than what Boston or GSW are offering.

                And if Minnesota demands Gallo, they’re either going to have to take that above offer or let Love walk.

                All this aside, Denver can trade Love later if it’s looking like he won’t pick up his option and wants to walk. It DOES give him leverage though as he (I would imagine) get a much bigger say in the roster and who Denver brings in.

              • LBJ

                If we gut our roster, we won’t be bringing in anyone.

                Howard had a player option – which he waived at the trading deadline after dithering all season. Then he said he wouldn’t resign – which led to him being dealt to the Lakers.

          • Cullen

            Boston has garbage and picks. GSW doesn’t want to trade Klay. I’m not so sure it’s not one of the better deals they could get.

            I agree this deal is not likely at all, but I don’t think money other teams are offering home run deals either.

  • Heisenberg

    Any deal should be contingent upon Love picking up his player option, a la CP3 a couple years ago. With Love’s bird rights, Denver could be serious players after his contract expires. If this condition is met, they should probably go for it. Superstars (yes, Kevin Love is a star) don’t come around often (on the trade market, that is). They won’t get one in free agency so it’s trade or the draft.

    • Aaron Durkin

      Yes!!!! We finally agree. The word in Boston is the Cs don’t have any players the wolves want and they are not looking for a huge rebuild. What Denver can offer makes a ton more since. I say go for it and sale him on the city for a year. If it works then we pulled off the deal of the century.

      • Heisenberg

        The only advantage Boston has is better draft picks. Denver can obviously offer far better players.

        That all being said, IF Minnesota does wind up taking Boston’s draft picks, maybe Denver could pry away Avery Bradley in a 3 team deal…Either way I’m pretty excited to see what comes out of this.

  • Heisenberg

    Thing is too, Denver can always trade Love later. If Love conditionally picks up his player option, and the Nugs feel they won’t be able to resign him, they could probably get a decent package.

    • mike gomez

      finally i agree with you, i view it as a win win situation. he stays
      good he leaves we could get decent package for him. whether we trade him
      to Boston,golden-state, or whatever else is out their.

  • heykyleinsf


    • Heisenberg


      • heykyleinsf

        This has complete disaster written ALL over it.
        I am literally nauseous right now.
        We would have to mortgage the farm and then…
        he would play one year of overhyped, poor defensive,
        locker room cancer infesting, blaming and pointing
        fingers.. and then go play for Bulls, Heat, Rockets, Lakers
        or Warriors.. and leave us high and dry.


        AHHH…. HELL NO.

        • Heisenberg

          Because he was frustrated at how poorly his teammates were playing? Again, the point differential when he wasn’t on the floor was worse than Milwaukee. He’s better than Faried by a country mile (he’s even better than Faried at his best skill, rebounding).

          There are obviously some moving parts, such as Love’s 15-16 player option. Denver can always trade him at the deadline.

          • heykyleinsf

            There is no win in this at all.
            No upside.

            It’s Iggy all over again.
            If the Nuggets do this..
            they’re like the slut that wonders why no man will ever take them seriously.

            • Heisenberg

              Just because it backfired once doesn’t mean you scrap the idea.

              • LBJ

                Yikes. I’m agreeing with Kyle. I may have to re-evaluate.

              • heykyleinsf

                I think it’s impossible to 100% agree or disagree with anyone on the planet. Maybe we can agree we want the Nuggets to win.

        • mike gomez

          in order for him to go to those teams it would be through sign and trade. we would be getting younger players in return. im not 100 percent with the trade if gallo is in it, but if he is out am all for it.

          • heykyleinsf

            usually we’re on the same page.
            this one.. no.
            He’ll be a one year locker room cancer/rental.
            No future.
            Which should be the point about now.
            I can’t honestly see how anyone could like this.

            • Heisenberg

              So you’re assuming that Love won’t conditionally pick up his player option? That’s fine, then I’d bet the offer isn’t as attractive. A big 3 of Lawson, Gallo, and Love would be great. And again, they can always deal him at the deadline.

              Honestly that 3 would be locks for the playoffs and would have a very good chance at moving to the second round.

            • mike gomez

              if he leaves we still get talent regardless because none of the top teams could get without sign and trade. with ty love and gallo i believe could finally see postseason success

              • heykyleinsf

                He’s not going to stay Mike.
                The best case scenario..
                we get to the 2nd round..
                and bye bye.

                Here is how much Tyson Chandler respects him..


              • Heisenberg

                He’s a far better defender than Faried.

                Love wants to win. If Denver got to the second round I think they would have a very good chance resigning him, especially with his bird rights.

              • mike gomez

                as much as i like faired he cant either, love gives us scoring at the pf and also top rebounder in this league. im just exited what potential trio of ty,gallo and love could do.

              • heykyleinsf

                I would hope the lesson from the finals is…

                A team is far better than a big three.
                The Spurs just OWNED Miami.

                Yeah.. that there.. yeah.
                That’s what I want.
                And I hate superstar egos.
                (at least when it comes to Miami)

              • LBJ

                The Lakers will have plenty of cap space next year – unless they do something big this offseason.

              • Heisenberg

                That Kobe extension really hurt them. They’d probably look at over $40 Mil just for Love and Kobe.

                True, LA could sign him, but they wouldn’t be able to get much else.

        • Cullen

          I have zero idea where you are getting the character assassination? He just said he doesn’t like losing and blames the front office. Both opinions are not wrong.

          And poor defender PF? We already have that, why not get one that can score and rebound better.

          Everyone on this website likes the idea of a blockbuster trade, until it could actually happen. Are we waiting to trade for LeBron? KD? News flash, we could do a lot worse than Kevin Love.

          • heykyleinsf

            I said from the minute he was talking he wanted out of Minnesota.. don’t go near this guy.

            And I don’t like blockbuster trades.
            even if Miami won a few titles..
            I want an organic team without rentals.

            Kevin Love will Iggy us.
            No thanks.

            • Cullen

              Did you really just suggest if we traded for Love we would be like the Heat? Haha. They gutted their roster to sign the top 3 free agents that summer. Trading for Love would be nothing like that. At all. And he wants off a losing team? Who cares? I would too, probably. Yes played a lot of time there and gave them chances to provide a roster with a lick of talent. They haven’t.

              Iggy us? We gotta get over that. It’s a business, people leave. Dude left during free agency. It’s a shitty deal, but it happens.

              And I think we could get him back, we would just need to perform. Regardless, we would be a better team with him.

              • heykyleinsf

                I don’t trust Kevin Love.
                And to answer some other questions..

                I want players that want to be here.
                I want Nuggets.
                You go ahead and look at Miami..
                I will keep looking at San Antonio.

              • Heisenberg

                Then you have to be for firing Shaw and backing up a Brinks truck up to Larry Brown’s house.

              • heykyleinsf

                Isn’t Larry Brown pushing 90 by now?

              • Heisenberg

                He’s 73. Not sure how long he wants to continue coaching but we’ve seen football coaches go into their 80’s.

              • heykyleinsf

                I’ll be a Nuggets fan no matter who is coaching or playing.

                I just want a real team.
                Not rental players..
                that’s all there is to it.

              • Cullen

                I still think it’s funny that you think trading for Kevin Love would be comparable to what the Heat did.

                I agree that San Antonio is the better, but that kind of model just doesn’t “happen”. That is 15 years of building a franchise the right way with tons of smart moves. We aren’t exactly on that path? I mean, we have a deep bench, but what is a deep bench without a finisher? Someone who can take over a game and get us through the tough games? I think our best hope is a mix of the two models, because we certainly aren’t headed for a true SA model.

              • heykyleinsf

                we both want the same thing Cullen.

                I think I just see a little less desperation,
                and a little more belief in what we have.

                Everyone is so down on Faried.
                That’s heartbreaking to me.
                The dude has done nothing but overachieve.

                Kevin Love would mean uprooting what we have..
                with no guarantees going forward.
                If he comes, things work out, we turn a corner..
                it’s all good.

                But I would rather see Gallo healthy,
                Javale develop,
                get Foye, Chandler, Mozzy, Robinson and Fours
                to be the best 2nd five in the NBA..
                Add a great 2 in the draft..

                I think we’re there..

                Love threatens to rip apart everything we have.

                I vote no..
                but if it happens..
                I’ll still be a fan right along with you.

              • Cullen

                No, trust me. I am one of the more optimistic people on here. I don’t think we are too many moves away from being a legitimate contender, but I don’t think the projected deals have done what you have suggested, tear apart the team. It is obviously an enormous risk trading for him considering he might not come back… but I really disagree with your characterization that Love is this locker room killer who just wants to bolt for bright lights.

                And I’m not down on Faried, trust me, I think he developed a lot last year and has a lot of potential to provide a Nuggets with a lot of talent, energy, scoring and rebounding, but I think Love would have the potential to provide more.

                This trade will never happen, though. GSW is offering Thompson and I don’t see the Nuggets being competitive with that.

                Additionally, any deal that has us getting AAA to send to Minnesota is scary too, because we would have to give up some people to get him.

                Why not just trade to get back AAA? A legit SG? Not a star player, but an upgrade on where we are now.

                Anyway, I hear you and don’t think we are that far from being a contender, but then again getting Love definitely wouldn’t make us the Miami model, which is where we disagreed mainly.

              • heykyleinsf

                I’m 100% on board with getting AAA back.
                At this point in time.. he would be a godsend.

            • Heisenberg

              “And I don’t like blockbuster trades.even if Miami won a few titles..”

              So you’d rather lose than win? Gotcha.

          • LBJ

            I would love to have Love. I don’t buy into this bad actor crap – he is just sick of losing.

            The problem with giving up Faried, Gallo and our pick – we are gambling the next decade of the franchise. If Love walks – we instantly become one of the worst teams in the NBA

            • Cullen

              I agree, it would be an enormous gamble… But my mid season we would have an idea of what he is going to do. If we have doubts, deal him. Again, utopian thought process but I think that’s an idea that could work.

              If we could provide hope of being competitive, we have a chance, a chance for a better outlook for the franchise. If not, we get nailed. Just a question of whether the gamble is worth it? But could you blame them for trying?

              Think of what rebuilding means? Years of lottery failures, with Love we may be a lock for anything, but we are closer. Plus it’s not like we would be the Heat, screwed cap with. We could recover and make deals in the future to make the team better around him.

              Don’t get me wrong, I’m very optimistic, but I’d rather dream because it’s a no risk proposition, at best we end up where we are now.

              • LBJ

                No – we would be without Gallo, Faried and a decent player with the #11 pick. We would be freaking horrible.

  • John

    The numbers by the player’s names are their player efficiency ratings. If the Nuggets could pull this trade off, I would say do it.

    Nuggets current roster:

    Nate Robinson – 15.64
    Kenneth Faried – 19.90
    Ty Lawson – 19.02
    Danilo Gallinari – 16.73
    JaVale McGee – 20.78
    Timofey Mozgov – 16.77
    Wilson Chandler – 12.48
    Evan Fournier – 10.36
    Aaron Brooks – 12.51
    Randy Foye – 13.31
    JJ Hickson – 16.2
    Jan Vesely – 12.71
    Quincy Miller – 8.62

    Kevin Love efficiency:
    Kevin Love – 26.97

    Timberwolves receive:

    Kenneth Faried
    Timofey Mozgov
    Wilson Chandler
    Evan Fournier
    2014 Pick #11

    Nuggets Receive:

    Kevin Love

    Post trade roster:

    Nate Robinson – 15.64
    Ty Lawson – 19.02
    Danilo Gallinari – 16.73
    JaVale McGee – 20.78
    Aaron Brooks – 12.51
    Randy Foye – 13.31
    JJ Hickson – 16.2
    Jan Vesely – 12.71
    Quincy Miller – 8.62
    Kevin Love – 26.97

    Starting Lineup:

    Ty Lawson – PG

    Randy Foye – SG

    Danilo Gallinari – SF

    Kevin Love – PF

    JaVale McGee – C

    Compared to Timberwolves current starters:

    Ricky Rubio – PG

    Kevin Martin – SG

    Corey Brewer – SF

    Kevin Love – PF

    Nikola Pekovic – C

    Now Compare Positions:


    Ty Lawson – 19.02 +
    Ricky Rubio – 15.35


    Randy Foye – 13.31
    Kevin Martin – 16.37 +


    Danilo Gallinari – 16.73 +
    Corey Brewer – 12.71


    Kevin Love – 26.97
    Kevin Love – 26.97


    JaVale McGee – 20.78 +
    Nikola Pekovic – 20.72

    Nuggets bench:

    Nate Robinson – 15.64
    Aaron Brooks – 12.51
    JJ Hickson – 16.2
    Jan Vesely – 12.71
    Quincy Miller – 8.62

    Plus two players TBD

    • LBJ

      Sure the nuggets should make that trade. No way in hell Flip goes for that! What the hell do they want Mozzie for?

      • John

        Mozzie would be a strong backup to Pekovic. Then they would start Faried and have a much better bench along with whoever they draft. It sounds like a better package than what the Celtics could offer. I doubt they want to give up Rondo, nor do the Wolves need a PG, Gerald Wallace is aging and there’s not a lot of other talent on that roster. Granted, they have a higher pick in the draft, but still they lack a lot more intriguing pieces to trade. Also, it’s difficult for any team to trade too many assets for a player that might not even re-sign. That gives any team trading for Love some leverage. I get that it’s unlikely, but if the Wolves weren’t getting many better options, getting young assets like Faried and a player from the draft would be better than losing Love for nothing.

        • LBJ

          Chad Ford just predicted that Love goes to the Celtics for draft picks and Olynyk (Wallace will probably be needed for cap reasons). Minnesota gets a couple of starters and moves on the rebuilding process.

          • Heisenberg

            I don’t see that being enough. Denver can certainly put together a much better trade package.

  • Ckwizard

    This is horrible and basically the Melo trade in reverse. I was so pleased to see Melo leave and excited at the potential of the “team” that was put together. This trade is only okay if the Nuggets keep Gallo. Ty , Love, Gallo makes sense Ty , Love and the rest of the team makes us “Minnesota” . I haven’t posted much on this site lately but read it daily and there was people on this site saying that Ty was no better than Rubio. What the hell did Chandler do last year that makes any “Nuggets” fan think he is the answer at SF or SG. The Knicks gave up any chance to improve their team through the draft to get Melo and now the Nuggets are exploring doing the same thing. This is beyond stupid not to mention Love is a baby and a dirty player. Do people watch Nuggets games that visit this site, how the hell could Denver fans like that guy. It blows my mind.

    • heykyleinsf

      THANK YOU.

    • mike gomez

      gallo will not be part of the trade, i just read that the nuggets offer faired,chandler, evan, affalo in which they would trade for with the 11 pick

    • Heisenberg

      I don’t think the Melo trade was quite as lopsided as most Nuggets fans think. It still favored the Nuggets, but Felton wasn’t even on the roster for very long.

      And the Nuggets have a much, much better bench than Minnesota. Minnesota’s bench is a big, steaming pile of garbage. I don’t think a single bench player of theirs would receive substantial minutes on the Nuggets. I kinda like Brewer, but he isn’t a starter (neither is Chandler, to be fair).

      Also it appears the only pick involved is the 2014 so not like the Knicks where they gave up several.

  • JonnyB

    I truly feel the skill sets of Ty Lawson and Kevin Love are Perfect for one another.

    Inside – outside game.

    I also feel Kevin Love would make Mozgov a better center (I think Mozzy fits the current system best).

    Any trade that gives us Ty – Gallo – Love and Mozzy as 4/5 of our starting lineup = MONEY!

    Heck, Foye would be a better 3 pt spot shooter with Gallo and Love driving/posting up inside.