Nuggets draft tracker — June 21 update

Over the next few weeks leading up to the draft news will continue to pour in regarding draftees and their connection with the Nuggets. Whether these be interviews, workouts or nothing more than Twitter rumors, each bit of information plays its own role in the ongoing quest to determine what exactly the Nuggets plan to do on June 26. To better maintain a draft-related knowledge base we’ve created this tracker post to monitor all future and past developments leading up to draft night. We’ll continue to update the following list as more news emerges, so be sure to keep checking in at RMC throughout the month. Additionally, if you happen to know of any rumors we’ve missed, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.


Aaron Gordon at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.

Kyle Anderson at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.

Gary Harris at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.

Marcus Smart at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.

Tyler Ennis at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.

Shabazz Napier at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.


Rodney Hood on June 3.

Gary Harris on June 5.

Jabari Brown on June 5.

Jerelle Benimon on June 13.

Brandon Jefferson on June 13.

Nick Johnson on June 13.

Isaiah Sykes on June 13.

Tarik Black on June 14.

Clint Capela on June 14.

Tyler Ennis on June 14.

Zach LaVine on June 14.

Casey Prather on June 14.

James Young on June 14.

Chris Udofia on June 16.

Isaiah Armwood on June 16.

Davion Berry on June 16.

Roscoe Smith on June 16.

T.J. Warren on June 16.

Scottie Wilbekin on June 16.

K.J. McDaniels on June 19.

Davon Usher on June 19.

Doug McDermott and Nik Stauskas in a private setting in Chicago (date unknown).

Jusuf Nurkic brought to Denver for medical evaluations, possible workout (date unknown).


Nuggets discuss trading pick 11 for picks 16 and 19 from the Bulls, according to’s Chad Ford.

Nuggets inquire about trading Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler and pick 11 for Kevin Love, according to multiple outlets.

Nuggets rumored to have made promise to Dario Saric, according to

Nuggets would prefer to trade pick 11, according to Matt Moore of

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  • Heisenberg

    Pretty upsetting to me that they haven’t worked out Payton.

    • Ckwizard

      Second this

      • Louis Dean

        Payton will go in the top ten of the draft.With no plans to trade up in the draft their is no need to waste time on someone who wont be their by the time we select

        • Heisenberg

          After the top 7, this draft is a crap shoot. Payton could easily be there at 11.

          • mike gomez

            why are you so high on him, i get he is great defender but he is to carless with the ball, not great shooter and awful from the line.

            • Heisenberg

              Because he looks exactly like Rondo. In 3-4 years (maybe even sooner) I bet Payton is a borderline top 5 PG.

              • mike gomez

                that what they said about dennis from the hawk, and so far he just look like d league talent. he still has alot of flaws in his game, but i could be wrong.

              • Heisenberg

                Payton’s much better than Shroeder. Stats are way better than what Dennis did overseas. Also Dennis was much more of a scorer than a passer.

              • mike gomez

                i still dont like the idea that the player that going to have the most of time is going to be liability in late games because he cant hit fit throws and turnover the ball to much.

              • Heisenberg

                The TO issue can be fixed. His FT isn’t great, but it doesn’t need to be. There are a lot of guards (and SF’s) capable of hitting them.

  • Richard Pesicka

    Here they go trading the best pick they have.. Imagine that..

    • CD Pascual

      it’s just a RUMOR

    • Cullen

      I don’t think trading the pick is the worst thing they could do. Especially if they were able to trade the pick for a developing player that we know can play a little more. I think the ceiling of the players at the 11 spot is not very high. I think Gary Harris could be a pretty decent 2 guard and he would be the preference I would have if they kept the pick, but other players like Stauskis, etc. do not have that high of ceiling and getting an established player would be better.

      Honestly, it all depends on what trade they made if they made a trade, I don’t have much faith after past moves… but it could be a smart move.

  • CD Pascual

    future Nugget Zach LaVine is going to work out today!

    • Bryan

      Looks like tomorrow.

  • Furious_Stylez

    By the looks of the names on the list, it seems Connolly might be thinking about doing that Chicago deal: Pick 11 for Picks 16 and 19. Outside of Young, Hood, and Harris, the rest of these guys will be there at 16 and 19.

    Stauskas should be on this list. He’s tall enough to play SF and would put some height in the backcourt when at SG. If the rumors about GM’s being scared of the screw in Randle’s foot are true, it moves guys like Harris and Stauskas higher on people’s draft boards.

    Hopefully, they keep the 11th pick. This team needs help NOW. Every position on this team could use an upgrade, so take the Best Player Available.

    • heykyleinsf

      I’m starting to warm up to the idea..
      We got Lawson at 18 and Faried at 22.
      16 and 19 might not be so bad.

      • sharkbait

        I like this idea also and I’d take Payton, Payne, Hairston, Young, Lavine or whatever SG is left at that point. I’d also take a look at Kyle Anderson, maybe a little lower, for we could use a smart, big, passing guard/forward. Reminds me of Boris Diaw and T. Prince, high basketball IQ, unselfish. Every good team needs a player like this.

    • Nik Ulfarts

      If LaVine is available, they need to take him. Same goes for Harris. If they aren’t, then I would be ok with moving down. If we do trade with Chicago, I would definitely try to add Jimmy Butler into that conversation. A young perimeter defender who can shoot the three? Sounds exactly like what the Nugs need.

  • heykyleinsf

    Got my ESPN magazine in the mail.. NBA draft issue..
    They mock us to get this guy..
    kind of surprised me..
    anyway.. FWIW
    They also give Sixers Harris at 10

    • Ryan

      Weird… I haven’t seen him that high in any mock draft. I would be disappointed if they chose him at 11…

      • heykyleinsf

        I would too..
        just weird how all over the places these mock drafts are.
        I don’t think you have to worry.. they worked out nearly
        a couple dozen possibilities and he wasn’t one of them..
        Just ESPN the magazine’s idea..
        The one good thing about trading back might be…
        this is an unusually deep draft for SGs..
        I think I would be ok with either.. just get it going already!!

        Also ESPN insider online has us with Harris…
        they wrote this…
        “….word is that Harris was a wow for them in workouts. Now that he’s fully healthy and explosive again (Harris measured a 40-inch max vertical in his Lakers workout) he’s another guy who could start rising.”

  • heykyleinsf

    Counting the coaching vacancies for the Cavs and Lakers.. and how neither seem interested in George Karl..
    That makes 20 vacancies and opportunities in the NBA that passed on him.
    I think it’s fairly obvious..
    he’s done in the NBA like Tebow is done in the NFL.

    • Heisenberg

      Bulls don’t want Faried, he’s a subpar defender. Only way they’re interested in Faried is if they move Gibson.

      As far as GK goes it’s clear he isn’t going to take any job offered to him. Oh, and he was linked to the Lakers job, which won’t be decided until free agency. Golden State would’ve been an excellent fit, but they foolishly chose Kerr, someone with no experience. Cleveland is one of the worst run franchises in the NBA. Re-hiring Mike Brown and then firing him one year into a five year contract. Amazingly, Dan Gilbert is a worse owner than Michael Jordan…..

      • heykyleinsf

        GK is waiting for the “right” job..
        20 vacancies..
        not so much as a single interview invitation.

        GK’s future in the NBA is akin to Tim Tebow’s future in the NFL.

        • Poz303

          Heard LaVine was most impressive at workout (Young was there too).

          • heykyleinsf

            that would make sense..
            but he probably would have been a 2nd round pick at best.. if not for his sensational combine.
            The guy is amazing in workouts..
            but his game track record is a lot left to be desired.
            I’ll put it this way..
            we keep the 11th pick. I will be disappointed with picking him there.. we trade back and get him.. then I’m excited,
            because we still have another pick in case he doesn’t pan out.

        • Heisenberg

          LA interviewed Karl. I think part of the issue is fear of his cancer returning, to be totally honest. His resume is solid. I have no idea what the Warriors see in Kerr. They will be lucky if he is even as good as Karl, let alone better. Honestly I’d take Karl back if possible. Slim chance Shaw becomes as good.

          And here’s a little breakdown of the jobs available. Obviously Karl wouldn’t want to coach Milwaukee, Boston, Philly, Utah, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix (even though they exceeded expectations), Charlotte, and Sacramento. Brooklyn hired Kidd before making that trade with Boston, so I doubt he would have been interested in that gig either. That leaves the Clippers (who traded for their coach), Detroit, Memphis (who only considered in house), Lakers, Warriors, and Cavs (who are inept). And that’s for jobs that he would consider. Realistically there were 4 openings available to Karl that he could consider. And 2 have yet to be filled.

          As far as Faried goes, Thibs wants guys who can defend and Faried offers little in that department. And due to lack of size that really isn’t something that can be fixed.

          • mike gomez

            i doubt that was the issue, with him not finding a job. i say the issue is his age, his playoff resume, and just not what teams some looking for. really karl wouldn’t of wanted to coach a Boston team that has a bright future and the 76ers who own two top picks in this years draft,plus mcw and noel. remember its not just about him having interest, the others team have to have interest in him as well, and not many had that much inconsideration in karl. he will be perfection coach for a team that just want to make the playoff and doesn’t have that much exceptions.

            • Heisenberg

              Boston and Philly were (and are) both in rebuilding mode. No, Karl wouldn’t want that. I doubt he wants to wait 4-5 years for one of those teams to be contenders. I do think age is part of the issue. Playoff resume is not (and shouldn’t be after witnessing the 2013-14 Nuggets).

              Karl made the WCF when he had the appropriate talent. There aren’t many guys out there that can do what Pop and Larry Brown can. Karl would be perfect for the Thunder, Warriors, Rockets, and Pacers.

              • mike gomez

                if he wanted in the min job why wouldn’t he want a job with two young incoming teams?? yes im pretty confident his playoff record had an issue. they made the wcf not because of karl because of talent alone and the leadership of one of my favorite floor general billups, 2013 2014 was bad luck season full of injuires, not even the great regular season coach karl could of done much to help.

              • Heisenberg

                So Karl had nothing to do with it? lol, quit hating. If you think Karl is mediocre, then obviously you didn’t watch the Nuggets much this year. Karl would have added at least 5-6 wins to the team. That 57 win team shouldn’t have won more than 50 based on talent.

                And how about the fact that they actually went 6 (and a very tough 6 games at that) with the Lakers? LA had more talent by far. Without Karl I bet that series only goes 4 or 5 games.

              • mike gomez

                not really, karl was not that great as you make out to be, he was decent coach in the regular season but below average coach when it matter. they when 6 because of talent alone and billups leadership, and it could of gone 7 if karl knew how to draw up some plays in crunch time. that series was lost because the zen master was too much for karl. we could of had a shot and put ourself to be in position to be at the lakers if it wasn’t karl not knowing how to draw a in bounce play

              • Heisenberg

                The Lakers had far more talent. Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Ariza, Odom, and Fisher is far more talent than Melo, Billups, JR, Nene, K-Mart, and Birdman. It’s not even close. That series would have been 4 or 5 if not for Karl. The series was lost because they had nobody that could guard Kobe. Honestly replace JR Smith with Tony Allen or Iggy and they probably win the series (and go on to win the Finals). Phil’s a great coach but he’s also overrated. Frontrunner who has had (and will only coach) the league’s best talent. He’s definitely after Pop and Red Auerbach and you could also argue Riley and Daly as being better (I would still put him 3rd all time, but it is very close). Larry Brown outcoached him (and it wasn’t even close) in that 2005 Finals. Again, great coach, but not the greatest.

                Karl may not be Pop or Larry Brown but he’s still a solid coach. This is a player’s league and there aren’t many guys capable of exceeding talent in the postseason.

              • mike gomez

                still doesnt chance the fact that we had two chances in two games to win but he couldnt draw up play to save his life. we let 2 games slip because of a inbound play he couldn’t draw up.

              • Heisenberg

                One of them was drawn up correctly, it was just an awful pass. You could maybe blame the other one but it still doesn’t mean they would’ve won. Kobe was unstoppable. Just look at the 3 Kobe hit in Game 3 over JR. And again, LA’s talent far exceeded Denver’s. There’s a reason LA won 65 games that year.

  • Poz303

    I have read that LaVine was the most impressive in his workout on June 14th. Also read the Harris impressed the Nuggets.

    Wondering if Nuggets will bring Stauskas in for a workout.

    I would still go for LaVine for his potential.

  • Louis Dean

    If we end up swapping picks with bulls we should draft Kyle Anderson with the 19 and pick up Tyler Ennis with the 16. Kyle Anderson is sleeper he can play positions 1-4 and will be a triple double machine

  • Louis Dean

    If we end up swapping picks with bulls we should draft Kyle Anderson with the 19 and pick up Tyler Ennis with the 16. Kyle Anderson is sleeper he can play positions 1-4 and will be a triple double machine

  • Erlingur GrĂ©tar Einarsson

    The Saric rumor is intriguing indeed. If he’s taken at #11 for Denver, what would that mean for the rest of the team? He is an SF/stretch PF, which would compound the logjam at those positions. That gives a strong indication that more moves will happen as a result of that.

    • Ryan

      Agreed. I love Saric’s game, but don’t see how he fits our roster. Only option would be to play him off the bench at stretch 4 or 3 when Faried/Gallo are on the bench…

      • Heisenberg

        Saric probably wouldn’t come over.

  • heykyleinsf

    Melo is opting to be a FA.
    I think he’s Chicago bound..
    and I think we will have two draft picks soon at 16 and 19.
    I hope so now..
    I think there is enough talent in the teens to go for this.
    Zach LaVine? why not now.