Report: Mike Miller visiting Nuggets

Veteran free agent Mike Miller will be visiting the Denver Nuggets on Sunday and Monday, according to ESPN Radio 92.9FM in Memphis.

Denver was rumored to have interest in the 34 year-old shooter, but a two-day recruiting pitch seems to confirm that the Nuggets are closing in on a serious bid to sign Miller, possibly to a multi-year contract.

The news is surprising for a number of reasons. First, Denver already has 14 out of the maximum 15 roster spots earmarked for new and returning players. Second, wing depth didn’t appear to be an area of need for the current roster. This led many to speculate Denver would be relatively quiet in free agency, perhaps using the final roster spot on a third point guard and moving forward with the roster as-is.

Miller seems like an odd fit on the surface, but digging a bit deeper reveals how the sharpshooter might fit on a Nuggets team looking to make some noise the Western Conference right away. With some minor tweaks to the roster, Denver could free up the flexibility and positional logjam to make Miller a contributing piece. Here’s a cursory look at the main arguments for and against adding Miller to this current Nuggets squad.

Why Miller fits

The Nuggets are currently well-stocked on the wings with Arron Afflalo, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler forming a capable collection of swingmen who do a bit of everything. Afflalo figures to see most of his action as a big shooting guard, which really only leaves Quincy Miller as the primary depth behind Gallo and Chandler, two players who have not been reliably healthy throughout their Nuggets careers.

Quincy Miller is still young, but he has yet to develop into anything other than a raw, scoring wing who is not particularly good at any one thing. With Miller set to become a restricted free agent next season, the Nuggets have to decide if they want to continue developing a player who does not look ready for a contributing role. That is where Quincy’s unguaranteed salary comes into play. If waived before opening night, the Nuggets can create a roster spot and some $900k room under the cap to bring in a solid veteran like Mike Miller.

Even if the Nuggets want to keep Quincy as a fourth wing, bringing on Mike could make some sense. Wilson Chandler has only a partial guarantee in 2015-2016, the final year of his deal. If Gallo can return to any semblance of his old self, Chandler will be a luxury Denver probably can’t afford beyond this season. Because of his trade value both as a player and a cap-friendly contract, Chandler remains unlikely to be a part of Denver’s long term plan. Signing Mike Miller could be a preemptive move in acquiring a cheaper replacement for someone likely to be traded or cut eventually.

Despite chronic back issues and a injury-riddled career, Mike Miller quietly had a bounce-back year last season, appearing in all 82 games while generally doing what he does. ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus paints a good picture of who Miller is at this point in his career. He ranked ninth among all small forwards in offensive RPM, a product of being one of the elite floor spacers in the game. Last season, over half his shots were threes and 97.2% of those makes were assisted. Defensively he’s a complete liability, ranking 76th out of 78 in defensive RPM at his position. Overall, Miller was a net positive on a Memphis team which had a top-10 defense.

Miller is deadly spotting up from anywhere, but he makes a ton of threes above-the-break where Afflalo and Foye don’t shoot very well. He is probably best suited to smaller lineups in which he can be stuck on a big and not have to guard any decent scorers. He’s an above-average rebounder for his size and pairing him with Afflalo and Foye provides a ton of spacing around Ty Lawson, one of the best penetrators in the game. Offensively, he could be a very good fit with the right Nuggets lineups.

Why Miller doesn’t fit

Simply put, if Miller doesn’t become a bonafide difference maker and one of the best sixth men in the game, this signing just isn’t worth it. Miller makes little to no sense on a team that is not a legit conference finals contender right away.

It remains a huge question whether or not Denver can be a team that is just a few minor pieces away. The Nuggets are a deep squad relying on the health of decent players like Danilo Gallinari and JaVale McGee to vault them into contention. Defensively is by far where the Nuggets are most deficient, and Mike Miller does nothing to address those concerns.

Adding Miller is also likely to squeeze out the youth movement and hinder the development of players like Gary Harris and Quincy Miller. If the Nuggets end up just squeaking into the playoffs or being one-and-done yet again, both the Nuggets and Mike Miller will have needlessly wasted a year.

Roster space and salary cap concerns

I mentioned earlier that the Nuggets have only one roster spot available, assuming Quincy Miller isn’t waived and Jusuf Nurkic comes to Denver right away. Rumors have been circulating about Nurkic staying overseas another year, but Chris Dempsey confirmed what Tim Connelly has said all along — that Nurkic’s buyout is in place and he’ll join the Nuggets this upcoming season.

Quincy is no guarantee to be kept, but doing so would leave the Nuggets with a glut of forwards and only two real point guards — Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson. Foye would slide into the third PG role and there would be increased pressure on Gallo and Afflalo to be primary creators if Ty or Nate were to miss any games.

The Nuggets will be competing with teams like the Thunder and Grizzlies to sign Mike Miller. He is a likely candidate for the veteran’s minimum or bi-annual exception with those teams. The Nuggets have the full mid-level exception and about $4 million of room under the tax line to bid with, which is enough for a competitive offer. Look for Miller to get a two or three year deal with an annual salary somewhere around $3-5 million.

If no further moves are made, Miller’s future salary would put a dent in the Nuggets flexibility next year, when Kenneth Faried would be due an extension. However, Mozgov has a team option that season and Wilson Chandler has only a partial guarantee, giving the Nuggets options to maneuver further under the cap.


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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • Michael

    I will not be surprised if the Nuggets have a trade brewing. There just seems to be a few odd looking pieces that have a tendency to indicate a trade is coming to sort out the oddities.
    However, Brian Shaw has said he plans to try and utilize more players with less minutes similar to the Spurs to try and wear teams down and beat them with waves of attack.
    I’m thinking we may see a bit of Gary Harris playing PG during summer league to test out his ball handling and play making skills to provide that extra option / insurance at the Point.

    • Nugman

      That’s what everyone said after Hickson and DA were acquired last year. It seemed like a trade had to be in the works, but it never happened. The same was said when Nate was signed and we had Ty and Dre. Take it for what it’s worth

      • Cullen

        Agreed. Reserved optimism for a trade. A trade is much more likely to come during the season closer to the deadline in some capacity.

  • Erlingur Grétar Einarsson

    Miller would be a 15-20 minutes guy at most, his production apart from spot-up shooting has all-but disappeared, and he only shot 56 FTs in 82 games last year, but he could be a very valuable specialist threat off the bench. Getting him seems to indicate very strongly that another trade, and a potentially bigger one, could be on the horizon. If that doesn’t pan out for some reason, though, the Nuggets would still have a 12-deep rotation every night, which might propel them far, if they stay healthier than last year.

  • Furious_Stylez

    Only sign Miller if Connolly has a trade in place. He’s at the end of his career and the Nuggets don’t have a serious need for his skill set, even without Gallo. Anything more than one year guaranteed and it’s a bad deal for Denver.

    The Nuggets would be better off looking for a wing player in his mid to late 20’s that needs a change of scenery and wants to be part of an up and coming team. Jordan Crawford, Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, Mike Beasley, Al-Farouq Aminu are a few UFA wing players that wouldn’t cost very much (or demand too many years) and wouldn’t mind being rotation players. Remember, these guys aren’t gonna be starters, just a role player/backup.

  • Aaron Durkin

    I see this more as a leadership move. Remember he has won 2 championships with the heat and was part of some very good Memphis teams. This is a young team that could use a veteran with some championship material.

  • JonnyB

    To me, this move only makes sense if you are about to acquire K Love. It would also fit perfectly if they were to also make a pitch to acquire Hibbert (rumored).

    Something like this.

    Sign: M. Miller (MLE)

    Trade: McGee + Foye + 2nd rounder to IND for R. Hibbert (rumored trade).
    Trade: Faried + Chandler + Green + 1st rounder to MIN for K. Love.

    DEN Lineup after all acquisitions:

    PG: TY; NateTheGreat
    SG: AAA, Harris
    SF: Gallo, M. Miller, Q. Miller
    PF: Love, Hickson, Darth
    C: Hibbert, Mozgov, Nurchic (sp?)

    This roster would be exceptional, and give us a chance to compete next year, if we make it out of the 1st round I think Love stays.

    • sharkbait

      Normally I would do almost anything to get rid of McGee’s contract but Hibbert is awful and he’ll be making $15 mil this season. Frankly, I’d rather have Mosgov starting. If we can make the Love trade I’d rather go after Stephenson and hope Shaw can handle him and he grows up a little.

      • Heisenberg

        Hibbert was awful offensively, yes. He’s still a good rim protector, better than McGee.

        • MTIG

          Thought along the same lines but I don’t think Indiana bites without a better player than Foye plus we need to move. Also think Love is a pipe dream…. Add the salary of your team – well… over the luxury cap

          Mid level teams have to roll the dice. Interesting trade would be McGee
          and Chandler for Roy Hibbert. Hibbert and McGee are both a gamble that
          need a change of scenery.
          Indiana picks up a valuable piece. Chandler could play in Stephens or Turners spot and both are wildcards at this point.

          believe Hibbert could be the rim protector Shaw needs. Hibbert runs
          16m. The swap creates a few extra million and we try to pick up Mike
          Miller as the Gallo insurance and veteran leader.
          Pretty decent team starting Hibbert, Faried, (Gallo /Miller), Lawson and Aafalo.
          Bring in Mosgov, Robinson, (Miller / Gallo), Foye … still have Hickson, Randolph, Harris and the young Russian competing.
          Not a bad team for the young coach.

          • sharkbait

            I don’t think Love is a pipe dream at all, depending on what GS does. They seem to be reluctant to part with Klay Thompson and if they don’t I feel like our assets are every bit as good as anything GS or Boston is offering. Minnesota has to know that the longer they drag this out the less they’re going to get for him and Love will be able to dictate where he’s traded whether that particular team has any assets Minn. wants or not.

            • MTIG

              How do you pay the bills? Add Love, add Hibbert 38m (combined) … Take away…..
              Mcgee 11m, , Chandler 7.4m,, Faried 1.3 million, Randy Foye 2.5m for a total of 22m…and you want to add Miller????
              Your at the cap and you take a 13m luxury tax hit…before Miller.
              The Pipe dream is you can’t pay the bills. Have to make trades that keep you under the tax and make you competitive. Easy to throw out trades if you don’t follow the rules

              • JonnyB


                stupid trade machine not working temporarily. I didn’t know the cap numbers, I was just thinking even skill exchanges.

                btw… my wife pays the bills :)

              • pgwarner

                MTIG was not talking to you. He was talking to sharkbait.

              • MTIG

                LOL – same here. Would love to have that team if they could. Would be as good and as deep as any.

              • sharkbait

                I’m totally against trading for Hibbert. He’s slow, makes $15 mil. next season, awful offensively and can’t rebound. I don’t see Hibbert as an upgrade at all and would rather have Mosgov, McGee and Nurkic if that’s what trading McGee would bring.

              • MTIG

                Sharkbait…..Hibbert was 2nd team “NBA” all defensive team. McGee could be Nugget second team. I like Mosgov! Great attitude and solid game. I don’t believe he will be a starter for an NBA championship team.

                Hibbert is a definite upgrade. Even in career stats (remember McGee was a focal point on a horrible team so his stats should be better). Both played in the East (McGee sat on the bench in the West)
                Points RH 11.2 JM 8.7,
                Blks 1.9 to 1.9,
                Reb. RH 6.7 , JM 5.7
                Mcgee does have a better FG pct. but he bottom feeds with tip ins and his Defense hurts for it.
                FTM – where a big man can be a liability… JM .584, RH

                These stats would show 2.5 extra points an extra rebound and a few points from the line. A definite upgrade as this can be the difference in many games.

                Not a great upgrade for 4 million… but…. you need to consider the big picture. Moving Wilson C. contract and adding M. Miller. Does a few things. Nuggets gain a few “million” in cap., they have 3 great rim protecting centers (McGee was not that) and added a player that can win the game at the end. Miller is that.
                We hope Gallo will be. I like Wilson but he or Gallo need to move… I’d gamble with Gallo.

              • sharkbait

                I don’t want to pay $15 mil. for someone who’s an offensive liability. Again, his stats were in the East and he got progressively worse after the all star break. I’d rather start Mosgov unless we can get someone exceedingly better. Hibbert averaged 9 pts. 6 reb. & 1.5 blocks in 17 playoff games. Do you want to pay $15 mil. for that kind of production? I know he’s better than McGee but I see McGee now as the backup center and I really don’t see Hibbert as being better than Mosgov. Why pay $15 mil. for a backup? There’s got to be a better way to spend money. Remember we thought Kenyon Martin was an all star when we got him but when he got to the West he wasn’t even close but we still got to pay him the max contract. I don’t think Hibbert gets us anywhere in the stacked West. Since the Nuggets drafted for now I think they should go after Love then Stephenson and make Love walk away from a max contract the Nuggets can offer him. The worst thing that can happen is they rebuild when all the contracts are off the books in a couple of years. If you’re a team like Denver you have to take a chance to truly compete for a title.

              • MTIG

                sharkbait – You are cluttering the facts.

                You are not adding 15m to the Nuggets salary cap. A straight swap would be 11m for 15m. As you stated Hibbert is better. We are not adding 4m with a straight swap. Puts us over the cap. Even more important – Indiana would laugh at the offer.

                Add Wilson Chandler and his 7.5m. Helps Indiana and frees money for the Nuggets. This is a deep position for us. Add Mike Miller to Denver and the money is a wash.

                Did the team improve? Did they stay in the salary cap?

                Denver is weak in rim protection, outside shooting and team leadership. Hibbert helps in one and Miller in two.
                This improves the team and gives the coach a chance with his style of player.

                Your plan is to add great stars but no way to stay in the cap. Works in fantasy sports but not the business world.
                Give us something real and don’t make up crap like we give away Hickson or McGee or blah… blah
                Trading teams need a reason to believe they will improve.

                btw – Hibbert and McGee contracts end at the same time. Frees more money in this tadre if we follow your rebuild plan. Another Advantage for the trade!
                Your Kenyon Martin comment was lame. Would you sign LBJ? He played in the East with less competition? Stats inflated? You must like the Monroe doctrine and isolate your opportunity. Granted it was a horrible signing.

                Throw a little more detail on why / how…. instead of dreaming…and remember to add dollar details. Most teams have to stay in the cap.

                I do like your idea of adding Love and Stephenson. I just don’t see how that can happen. Enlighten us…..

              • sharkbait

                Obviously you’re going to be trading salaries, I just don’t think Hibbert is worth $15 mil and it would be wiser to spend the money in other ways. I think the Kenyon Martin comparison is relevant in that Hibbert’s numbers and reputation are inflated by the Conference he plays in just like Martin’s was. Again, there’s got to be a reason Indy has him on the trading block because if he’s that good they wouldn’t even think of trading him being as competitive as they are in the East. I’ve just never been all that impressed with his play, maybe you are. I think he’ too slow, one of the worst rebounders at his position and downright awful offensively most of the time. They were joking on ESPN that after watching the guy they came away thinking that maybe Hibbert just doesn’t know he’s left handed. In the West a team like Denver, who doesn’t have a star can’t afford to have a one dimentional player who’s a black hole on offense. Another way to play good defense is to have an efficient offense and that’s hard to do playing 4 on 5. I think the way Mosgov played at the end of the season he deserves a shot at starting and playing big minutes. Baring a big trade, the Nuggets aren’t going to win anything this year anyway so why give Mosgov’s minutes to a player like Hibbert.

            • Cullen

              Love has already said he will pursue free agency no matter what if traded to Denver. I say no to that trade.

              • sharkbait

                I say make him walk away from a max contract. If we don’t do this we’ll be fighting for 7 or 8th place with several other teams forever. The West is too stacked and too talented to just sit back and not take chances. I love Faried and it would be hard to trade him but I don’t really see another way to have a chance to truly compete and not just be a perennial also ran.

              • Cullen

                Yeah, taking risks is good but taking stupid risks that have a low chance for future success that guts our roster is not a smart risk or even an admirable one. It’s one that sounds super cool in theory, but I wouldn’t want to give away to better half of the bench for a rental, not in the age of super teams and star power free agency.

                We should take chances to become better, but ones with risk that could possibly make sense. Are we making a run at the title with the ONE year that Love would be here? Not likely. Stay here, stay patient, and take the risk when appropriate.

              • sharkbait

                Unfortunately, in today’s NBA, a team like Denver has to take some risks to truly compete, especially in the Western Conf.. I think a trade of Faried, Chandler, Afflalo and a pick for Love would still leave the Nuggets with enough depth if they go out and sign someone else also. I don’t like playing rent-a-player and initially I was against this trade but the Nuggets are kind of in a box where they’re either just in or just out of the playoff picture and really not competing for a title. I say make the trade and hope they can convince him to stay. If they can’t then they’ll have lots of cap room and still have a few good players to build around like Lawson, Gallo, Mosgov and hopefully Harris. Otherwise they’ll just be going in circles.
                If the NBA would reward winning and give the most ping pong balls to the teams that just miss the playoffs (reverse order) for the lottery the league would be more competitive and we wouldn’t have this stupid blow up your team and tank system.

              • Cullen

                I agree, but we need to be able to execute smart trades to build our team. Be smart with the draft. Both of those things build championships for smaller markets.

                I would LOVE to have LOVE on our roster. If we could keep Gallo, Ty, Harris, AAA and get Love long term, I would absolutely FLIP. But that just doesn’t seem to be the case. As the last week has developed it has made even more unlikely the trade. Cleveland will either get him in a trade or he will walk from whatever team he is traded from for Cleveland.

                If the Nuggets were really wanting to be aggressive I would pick out a young wing player who they see star potential in and go get him.

                We both agree on the making bold moves or we will be stuck.. but our roster isn’t THAT many moves from being good. We just need to find the right trade, not the first trade that leaves us feeling more angry than we got Iggy’d.

              • Tom Darrow

                I like to think about Dallas winning the championship. That was a team that remained competitive for a long time, made moves along the way, but stuck with certain key guys. And eventually they made the right moves in the right year and broke through.

                Don’t make bold moves just to make bold moves. Make moves that put you on the path to win a championship.

          • Heisenberg

            If they brought in Miller, I wouldn’t mind sending McGee and Chandler. I do still believe Hibbert can turn things around, he’s only 27. Good rim protectors don’t come cheap, though, so I’m not sure Indiana would move him for that. Would be nice though.

            Agree with pretty much everything else. I do think Denver can put together a really good trade package for Love.

        • sharkbait

          Is Hibbert any more of a rim protector than Mosgov? I really don’t think he is and he’s very slow. We’d be better off keeping McGee and playing him 15-20 minutes a night as a backup for a lot less money. McGee and Mosgov can protect the rim at least as well as Hibbert and Mosgov’s a much better rebounder. Add Nurkic to the equation and I don’t think we have that big of a problem at the center position. Unless someone like Noah or Cousins becomes available I don’t think we can get a big upgrade the center position.

          • Heisenberg

            Hibbert is absolutely better than Mozzy (on defense). Opponents shot much lower in the paint when Hibbert was on the floor. He’s borderline elite in terms of rim protecting (I would still take Marc Gasol or Noah over him, but there aren’t many names). Yes, Hibbert was lame on offense. That being said, I think it would be a smart move. A change of scenery might be what he needs. Keep in mind it wasn’t that long ago that Hibbert was mentioned among the best centers in the NBA (after Dwight Howard, of course). It seems like a low risk for a potentially high reward. Worst case scenario, Hibbert bolsters Denver’s defense immensely.

            • sharkbait

              His numbers are skewed by playing weak Eastern Conference teams with bad offenses. Hibbert doesn’t pass the eye test. Do you really want to take on his $15 mil salary when Mosgov averaged 16, 9 and 1.5 blocks the last month of the season. I know it was a small sample size but I would rather give Mosgov and McGee a chance at a much cheaper price. I’ve never thought much of Hibbert and I think most of the talk of him being a top center was more from a lack of talent at the position than his ability.
              Right now I’d have him way behind players like Howard, Noah, Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, Lopez and even someone like Tiago Spltter for his screens and passing ability. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Hibbert is one of the worst rebounders at his position and there’s a reason why a team like Indiana would even consider getting rid of him. No thanks.

              • Heisenberg

                He absolutely passes the eye test. Hell, arguably the best basketball writer in the country (Zach Lowe) voted Hibbert 2nd this year on his DPOY ballot. Hibbert is a very, very good rim protector. I like Mozgov and all, but he isn’t that close to Hibbert in terms of defense. Mozgov is, at best, an average rim protector. Even if Hibbert moved to the West, I couldn’t see him being average on defense.

                McGee and Foye/Chandler is a pretty low price to pay for Hibbert. Guy is a big upgrade over McGee. This team needs defense down low, and with an elite rim protector, could actually become an above average team defensively.

              • Heisenberg

                Straight from Lowe himself: “The Pacers still top the league in points allowed per possession, and opponents have hit just 41.5 percent of shots near the rim when Hibbert is close to both the basket and the shooter — the lowest mark among all major rotation big men, per SportVU tracking data.”

                I’d say the guy is pretty damn good at protecting the rim.

              • sharkbait

                He is better at protecting the rim than Mosgov but his numbers really tailed off Feb. – April and throughout the playoffs. The ball moves a lot faster in the West and there are a lot more shooters so I don’t think he would be as effective considering he’s not a good athlete. There has to be a reason Indy has him on the trading block. There’s no question he’s better than McGee but overall I’d rather go with Mosgov and see what he can do with the minutes he got the last month of the season full time. Mosgov could be one of the biggest bargains in the league if he keeps up that kind of production. Spend that extra money on Love and Stephenson.

              • Heisenberg

                And you just answered your own question of why he’s on the block. His last two months. Honestly I think he needs a change of scenery more than anything.

                Also, Marc Gasol isn’t all that athletic and he’s still very good defensively. Hibbert would translate fine.

              • sharkbait

                Marc Gasol is a vastly better player offensively and an integral part of Memphis’s offense. Maybe he does need a change of scenery but I think his game translates better in the East where the pace is slower.

    • Nugman

      McGee has more upside than Hibbert and for $4 million a year less. He’s also more athletic. Hibbert would be a downgrade from McGee.

      • JonnyB

        I feel, unless a coach has a team that fits his system, it is unfair to judge his performance fully. You can’t determine “failure” on the part of Shaw, because he couldn’t win with an injury ridden George Carl built team, can you?

        I reserve judgement on Shaw, until he has had 3 off seasons/drafts to mold the roster into one of his creation. I think Hibbert and Love fit that mold.

        The fact that only Ty’s salary is guaranteed after the next 2 seasons, mean Shaw will have ample opportunity to bring in players of his choosing over the next 2 off seasons.

        I also don’t have a problem with rolling out the roster we have currently. The upgrade at SG was major and the return of Gallo cannot be understated for this team, he spaces the offense.

      • Cullen

        And what happens when those players fit perfectly and we start contending…?

        And Hibbert is a downgrade from McGee? Are you joking? McGee is a player coming off major knee surgery who has never played more than 15 minutes consistently and can’t keep his head in the game long enough to REALLY help.

        Hibbert had a poor second half of the year, but he’s shown wayyyy more executed potential than McGee. Last years playoff and the first half of the season? Players can more easily recover from a bad stretch of career (a few months) or a player with a knee injury who has NEVER played elite basketball?

  • heykyleinsf

    Big props to Connelly if he can make this happen.

    I think they were less than impressed by Chandler’s season…
    Just like they were through with Anthony Randolph.
    Chandler had every opportunity to rise to the occasion and
    just fell flat. Aside from the injuries.. his season was among
    the biggest disappointments. Mike Miller coming in would
    seem to me that Chandler is going out.. maybe with Javale..
    That kind of makes sense with Nurkic and Mozzy in now.

    • Furious_Stylez

      Problem is Miller has zero game outside of shooting 3’s at this point in his career. Chandler was the only other guy besides Lawson that could get to the rim last season and with Gallo not knowing when he’ll be ready, Chandler will remain a big part of the offense even with Afflalo back in the mix.

      I’m not sure why everyone is writing WC off. I get that he’s good, not great, but he will be starting the season at SF (since he’s the only true SF currently on the roster). Miller is 15mpg guy at the most.

      • heykyleinsf

        Why wouldn’t Gallo start the season?
        As it would stand right now
        Starting 5 would be
        Lawson, AAA, Gallo, Faried, McGee

        • Furious_Stylez

          This article is from June 11th. He hasn’t started basketball activities yet and training camp starts in October. That’s more than a year and a half of not playing ball, so even if he’s ready for opening night, his minutes will most likely be limited.

          Chandler- 13ppg 4rpg @ 27 years old
          Miller- 7ppg 2rpg @ 34 years old

          I’m rolling with Will. After more thought, Miller would be okay to sign as long as they plan on trading him at the deadline or sign him to a one year deal (with a team option on the second year). This team needs PT for it’s younger players since its not a serious contender. A possible playoff team? Yes, but serous contender? Not at this point and time, which begs the question why the Nuggets? He could get a similar deal from a contender and actually have a chance at another title.

  • Heisenberg

    Decent leadership, but I have to agree that this doesn’t make a whole ton of sense. As others have suggested, something must be brewing.

  • Cullen

    Miller is a great pick up for a contender. Not so much for the Nuggets. I’m also worried about over paying for Miller, too. He is not worth much and giving him a contract longer than two seasons would be a mistake, likely.

  • Blaze Gunn

    Don’t Sign him please also make a trade Roster seems a bit wierd not to mention Kenneth faried is about to command $8-10million a year =(

  • Furious_Stylez

    ESPN is reporting that Cleveland is talking with Miller and Ray Allen, but their decisions all depend on LeBron going there.

  • MacKenzie Pantoja

    I don’t love this move, but there is one positive: Mike Miller would be a 4.5 million dollar mistake. J.J. Hickson was a 16 million dollar mistake. This will not sink us, just be mildly annoying.