Report: Nuggets still hot for Love

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!, the Denver Nuggets are still relevant in Kevin Love trade talks and are offering an inciting package in exchange for the disgruntled superstar. Per Woj:

The Denver Nuggets have remained a strong contender for Love, offering a package that sources said has been the most appealing to Minnesota outside of the Cavaliers and a possible Golden State deal including Klay Thompson. So far, the Warriors have kept Thompson out of their offer to Minnesota.

Wojnarowski maintains the Cavaliers are still the Wolves preferred trading partner as long as Andrew Wiggins is included, but it appears the Nuggets could be a close second as long as Golden State continues to refuse parting with Klay Thompson.

All indications points towards the Cavs inching closer to completing a deal for Love. If Wiggins is available, Denver simply can’t compete with that type of an asset, especially considering the Nuggets have only two players signed beyond the 2015-16 season. Still, this is a situation worth monitoring, so stay tuned to RMC for updates throughout the summer.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Thomas

    Maybe we end up with Wiggins…

    • Wilson

      that’s what i’ve been say’in for a month!!

      • MTIG

        What would Denver have to give up to get the number 1 pick in the NBA draft? I would imagine it starts with a Lawson.

        Best we are a third party team that unloads McGee or Hickson (we are loaded at a spot that most don’t even consider) plus a Chandler contract (maybe even Gallo – if they don’t feel he can come back).

        Faried for Schump is not looking as bad as last year. Don’t see Faried signing long term and I don’t see him as a 10 year PF.

        This is a solid and deep team. See how Shaw manages it. If it is good this would free up the money to convince a talent that we are a force.

        • Wilson

          Might be worth giving up Lawson and a few rotation players — chandler or gallo, hickson, Afflalo, and McGee? I’d throw in a 1st round pick as well. Just think about it – a young impressionable rookie looking for development and place to set up shop? Wiggens would have a chip on his shoulder as well and he might just find a home in Denver, and stick around similar to KD.

          • MTIG

            Would be great but why would Minn. bite?
            They can trade with Cleveland and get Wiggens + others, Cleveland can also add draft picks.

            Minn. has Rubio so Lawson isn’t a need.
            Cleveland appears all in…. trying to obtain Love. We would have to have Love to obtain Wiggens.

            • Wilson

              you’re right, probably couldn’t happen. i still say cut out Minn. and go straight to the source for Wiggens.

              • MTIG

                Think we have the same issue with Cleveland. We don’t have anyone they need. Our best player is Lawson and they have Kyrie.
                Unless we get Love in some round about way I don’t see a way of getting Wiggins.

                I don’t think it’s a bad idea running with this same team. If Gallo can come back and McGee turns into anything. This team could be as good as our team 2 years ago.
                I thought Iggy was very disappointing. Horrible free throw shooter not a great leader but he was a great defender.
                Don’t see a huge drop-off with AAA in the lineup.
                Brewer, Miller and Kosta were the only others that played much of a role.
                Robinson, Foye and Harris seems equal or better to Brewer and Miller (although I wish we had Brewer)
                Mosgov, Hickson and who knows how our newbie will be at the center spot – add McGee (we hope) and we are much better than Kosta and Karls small ball centers. Players know each other and Shaw has been here for a year…
                I know I am a homer but…. I am optimistic.

  • MacKenzie Pantoja

    My thoughts: If we do make the Love trade, I presume that Connelly isn’t so stupid as to make the trade and let Love walk if the season doesn’t pan out. Love doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who cares about the market he plays in. I think that Love would sign an extension at the end of the season if we won 50 games. Moreover, our brilliant handling of the 2014 draft may give Love some confidence about the competence of our front office. However, let’s say we trade for Love and the season doesn’t start out too well. We may have a backup plan: flip Love at the deadline, for someone like Wiggins. Why not? It’s so simple: if we don’t feel we can resign Love, just trade him midseason. Maybe we could get Wiggins.

    Moreover, analytics will tell you that having good players is less important than having underpaid players. Look at the Spurs. 3 of their best players (Duncan, Ginobili, and Leonard) made less money combined than Dwight Howard, at about 21 million last season. The thing is, all of those guys are underpaid, and Dwight Howard is fairly paid. Because the Spurs had underpaid guys, they could actually develop a solid supporting cast that the Rockets couldn’t afford, with guys like Splitter, Danny Green, Boris Diaw, and Patty Mills, all of which are low end starters but high end guys off the bench that could have gotten the Rockets much further. Based on most of the Love deals I’ve heard suggested as a Nuggets move, it doesn’t sound like we’ll have to give up any underpaid players. Faried won’t be underpaid much longer, Chandler and Afflalo are fairly paid. It would be baffling if Minnesota was okay with that, but they have baffled before (why haven’t they accepted the Wiggins offer?).

  • Furious_Stylez

    First off, unless Love is willing to commit past next season, this is a huge waste of time. The Nuggets are not serious contenders. They’re trying to get back to the playoffs and Love has never led a team there. The amount of assets they’d have to give up to get Love for a season isn’t worth it. We already know how this scenario ends (see Iguodala, Andre).

    Also, the other players Minny is offering are Kevin Martin and JJ Barea, which does nothing to improve the Nuggets. We should stick with the deep roster Connolly has put together. Love has made it clear he wants to play with LeBron, so I’m not sure why the Nuggets are still trying to get him. Love has a reputation of being a bad teammate and seems to possess zero leadership skills, which means he’ll need another Superstar to lead the way to the playoffs and we don’t possess one.

    At first I was all for this trade. Now after getting more information, I’m over it and would rather not make it.

    • Nugman

      It could turn into a reverse Melo trade with the Nuggets giving up so much they’re actually worse off after the trade. I’m also not sure Love is the guy to build a team around. He hasn’t proven to be a big difference maker. And if he won’t sign an extension, please don’t do it Nuggets. Didn’t we learn enough from the Iggy deal?

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      If the season doesn’t start off well, we can flip Love for Wiggins at the deadline. If we play really well and Love seems interested in signing an extension, we keep him

      • LBJ

        Love won’t be worth as much at the deadline. He will be free agent a couple of months later.

        • MacKenzie Pantoja

          Here’s the thing though; let’s just say that Love loses 10% of his value at the trade deadline. If we have a better than 10% chance of resigning Love, I would argue that making the trade for Love makes sense.

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      With regard to “the amount of assets they’d have to give up” comment, the fact that Minnesota is even considering the offer I’ve heard we proposed (Faried, Chandler, Afflalo) indicates one thing for certain; Minnesota is overrating the value of our assets. That offer strikes me as terrible. If Minnesota’s front office has Faried pegged as a future all star, then maybe we may be able to give up fewer assets to get Love than most teams would ask.

      • Furious_Stylez

        It’s a bad deal if he won’t sign his player option for 2015-2016. If the Nuggets were one player away from being a potential finals team, fine do the deal, but they’re nowhere close to that. Trading 3 impact players for one guy who’s gonna bail to Cleveland the second the season ends is a straight up stupid move. Love has already said he’ll only sign long term with Cleveland or Golden St.

        For Nuggets fans, the Kevin Love dream ended the day LeBron went back to Cleveland. Getting Love and trading him at the deadline is an even dumber move. Nobody will pay a kings ransom for a guy that will be an UFA 2 months later. The Nuggets would end up getting nothing or would be forced to accept a trade off lesser quality players. With either scenario, the Nuggets become a worse team. They’re way better off waiting for another disgruntled Superstar (w/years left on his deal) to trade for.

        • JonnyB

          You mean like The Nuggets got for Melo when he was 2 months away from UFA???

          No one will ever do that huh??? Give a kings ransom for a UFA to be?

          • Furious_Stylez

            Is James Dolan the owner of the Cavs? Nope. Dolan was telling every media outlet that he would trade anything for Melo, which is how the totally inexperienced Ujiri fleeced him in that deal. Dolan showed his hand before the card game was over (which is why GM Donnie Walsh quit after the deal).

            If the Nuggets got Love, Gilbert will not trade the farm for Love because he knows Love wants to play with LeBron and they could wait 2 months and give up nothing for him if the asking price got too steep (and the Nuggets would get NOTHING! ). The Cavs already have a Superstar. It’s a totally different situation, especially if the Cavs retain Wiggins and their 3 1st round picks. LeBron will not sacrifice the future over 2 months. He’s far too smart for that, especially since in his letter he said “it will take time to build a championship team”. If the Nuggets do this trade, they will be a lottery team for the foreseeable future

            • MacKenzie Pantoja

              Why is Gilbert willing to trade the farm now but not a few months before free agency? If Love is a sure thing to sign with the Cavs, why not just wait until the offseason and sign him then? Because it’s not a sure thing. This is my reasoning for trading for how to decide whether or not to trade for Love. Let’s just say that Love loses 10% of his value at the trade deadline. If we have a better than 10% chance of resigning Love, I would argue that making the trade for Love makes sense.

              I’m obviously not okay with the Nuggets getting nothing. In the event he refuses to sign an extension, I want him traded at the deadline as a backup plan.

  • EWilson

    Can we hope for a collective moment of insanity when executives in Cleveland and Minnesota approve THIS trade, which works according to the ESPN NBA trade machine:

    Minnesota gets Tristan Thompson from Cleveland, and Javale McGee from Denver

    Cleveland gets J.J. Hickson from Denver

    Denver gets Kevin Love from Minnesota, and Andrew Wiggins from Cleveland.


    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      I think LeBron has veto power over that trade. As does the NBA

    • 123silk

      What about this kind of collective moment:
      Minnesota gets Tristan Thompson from Cleveland, NIkola Jokic from Denver
      Cleveland gets Nate Robinson from Denver
      Denver gets LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins from Cleveland, Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love from Minnesota.

  • Vzn

    If we dont deal for Love I think the Nuggets should do everything in their power to get involved in this trade and try to get Wiggins. After all it seems that Cleveland needs a little extra push to get Love out of the hands of Minnesota, and Im not sure the Wolves are completely sold on just the prospect of Wiggins. Maybe something like

    Minnesota gets: Faried, AAA, Chandler, Bennett/Waiters,Draft picks/Cash
    Cleveland gets: Love, Barea/Martin
    Denver gets: Wiggins, Martin/Barea

    Im not sure if the money adds up exactly because the Trade machine wont allow certain pieces to move yet but im sure the money difference isnt too much to where a few minor pieces could be moved around and shuffled. Point is I think Minnesota gets the young players plus the vets that will keep them competitive for now. Far as what Ive read they are big on still staying competitive. Cleveland lands love like theyve been wanting and Denver comes from left field and steals maybe the best part of the trade by making alot of good players into a potentially great one.


  • COfoEVA

    Lets keep this team and go after Love in free agency next year, after we win the championship :).

    • Andy

      Instead of going for Love in free agency lets just surprise everyone and go after Lebron! But seriously, if we could trade Faried and Chandler for a bag of chips I would be happy. Faried will never be a good playoff player and Chandler has always hated playing in Denver, his interviews when he was first traded here were hilarious, he was pissed. If Chandler ever realizes that he can’t shoot a jump shot and is incredible when he drives to the basket, then he would hold some value.