Ink dry on Nurkic, Harris, Green contracts, Nuggets roster set at 15

What was already anticipated has now become official, as the Nuggets announced over the past two days that they have signed first round draft picks Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris, as well as last year’s second rounder Erick Green.

The signings bring the roster up to the maximum of 15 players, and unless Tim Connelly and the front office unearth a trade deal they can’t refuse, they will go into the 2014-15 season with the current crew.

According to Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, Nurkic’s contract is “a four-year contract worth $7 million,” while Harris “signed a four-year contract worth $6.1 million.” Both contracts have team options in the third and fourth years.

Mark Deeks of reports that Green was signed to a three-year minimum salary contract which is only partially guaranteed. Deeks lists his contract as paying $507,336 in 2014-15, $845,059 in 2015-16, and $980,431 in 2016-17, but also notes:

First year $50,000 guaranteed with no guarantee date. Second year fully unguaranteed, becoming $100,000 guaranteed if not vaived [by] 1st August 2015. Third year fully unguaranteed, becoming $150,000 guaranteed if not waived [by] 1st August 2016.

In addition to Green, the only other player whose 2014-15 contract is not fully guaranteed is Quincy Miller, who is fully unguaranteed. However, the Nuggets appear to be excited about the potential of both players, and it seems highly unlikely at this point that they would waive either of them. And if that’s the case, then trades will be the team’s only means to changing the roster going forward.

More likely than not, the team as currently constructed will be the one that takes the court when the season starts in October.

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  • heykyleinsf

    Green was the NCAA scoring champ. The potential is there.
    Hope to see him grow in to it.