Dissecting of the 2014-15 Nuggets schedule: Not much to gripe about

Following yesterday’s NBA schedule release, Kalen offered his initial thoughts and observations about what’s on tap for the Nuggets in 2014-15, and in case you missed it I’d recommend checking that out before proceeding. Here I’ll dig a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of the schedule, and break down the numbers regarding road trips, home stands, back-to-backs and the like.

Given that complaining about the schedule has become somewhat of a tradition among NBA fans, I have no doubt that some of our readers will disagree with my take. But having sliced and diced the schedule in various ways, I’d argue that this is just about as reasonable and fair a schedule as any NBA team could ask for. There is nothing comparable in 2014-15 to last year’s Nuggets playing 17 of their first 23 games on the road, for example. There are, of course, tougher and easier stretches of the season, but there’s really nothing excessively brutal or unfair. The schedule stays on a fairly even keel throughout the season.


Home stands and road trips

Both the longest home stand and the longest road trip for the Nuggets in 2014-15 are five games, and there is only one apiece. The five-game home stand bridges the end of February and beginning of March, and features games against the Nets, Suns, Jazz, Pelicans and Bucks. Later in March, they head out for their five-game road trip, visiting the Pelicans, Grizzlies, Rockets, Heat and Magic.

Additionally, Denver has three four-game, and two three-game home stands. They don’t have any four-game road trips, but they have six three-gamers. All in all, the home stand versus road trip situation shakes out pretty equally.


Back-to-backs and 4-in-5s

The Nuggets have 21 back-to-backs in 2014-15, and four 4-in-5s.  On the second game of 16 of those back-to-backs (or in other words, in 76 percent of them), their opponent will have rested.

At first glance, that may seem a little unfair. But consider that Denver will also play 18 games when their opponent is on the second night of a back-to-back, and in 15 of them (or 83 percent), they’ll be nice and rested up, too. So, as with the home/road picture, there is not too great of a discrepancy between own and opponent back-to-backs.



Roughly speaking, the arc of difficulty in terms of opponent strength is shaped like a smile. The Nuggets will start off the season facing a somewhat high concentration of tough competitors early on, followed by an easier stretch through mid-season, and ending with another tough run down the home stretch.

In the chart below I’ve used ESPN’s forecast of the 2014-15 standings (West here and East here) for the projected winning percentage of Denver’s opponents. Granted, some of those predictions are bound to be slightly off or even way off (I think they went low on the Nuggets, for example, in predicting 38 wins). But as a yardstick to roughly take measure of opponent strength, they’re functional for our purposes here.

As you can see, the months with the highest projected opponents on average are October/November (.540) and April (.538), bookending the Nuggets’ season. Following November, there is a steady decrease in opponent difficulty straight through February, until it swings up again in March. Denver’s average projected opponent win percentage for the entire season is .509. Even in the most difficult or easiest months, the numbers don’t deviate too far from that. (The greatest deviation is .437 in February).

Even before the release of the schedule, we already knew that the beginning of the season would be challenging for the Nuggets, as they work on reintegrating returning players and coalescing in Brian Shaw’s second year as head coach. So a tough November may be the schedule’s most unfavorable aspect for Denver.

On the other hand, if they can do just good enough in those first two months to stay in sight of the playoff picture while they’re hopefully getting their act together, they’ll be well positioned to make some noise in 2015 as they face some easier competition.

One final note on the month-to-month situation is that the contrast between home/road and opponent strength tends to be another balancing factor in Denver’s schedule. December sees some stiff competition, but they also play 56 percent of their games at home. Conversely, while they have a run of easier opponents in February, they only play 40 percent of their games at home that month. Things just seem to pretty much even out in this schedule, at least inasmuch as could be expected.


National TV

If you’re a fan of seeing the Nuggets on the nationwide stage, then one of the more disappointing aspects of this season might be the fact that they only have five national television broadcasts this season. I personally don’t mind. They were a lottery team last season, and they don’t have any real marquee stars to drive up ratings. And frankly, I like this team better flying under the radar, as underdogs trying to defy low expectations. But I will miss seeing them on TNT more, since that’s just fun.


As always, thanks for reading and keep it dialed in here at Roundball Mining Company for all your latest Nuggets news and analysis.


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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • Scott

    The only thing that I don’t like is the number of back to backs we were given considering we were one of the most injured teams last year… However 10 days off for the all star break is great for us.

  • http://americablog.com magster

    * this all assumes Gallinari returns healthy and playing like he did before….

    Comparing this roster with the 57 win team roster, a 38 win projection is a joke. We have effectively swapped out Andre Miller, Iggy and Corey Brewer for Nate R., AAA and Foye, the 3 point shooting and ft% advantage more than outweighs the defensive advantage that Iggy provided and speed of Brewer. Mozgov now is better than Koufos was 2 seasons ago. Faried, if he plays this season as well as he did in March and April, is a big upgrade over his previous self. Same goes for Ty, who is primed for his first all star season.

    If Gallo is healthy, I just don’t see Denver not reaching the 50 win mark.

    • gimpcom187

      They’re probably accounting for coaching too. 38 is definitely a low estimate assuming average health. but 42-45 is pretty reasonable estimate unless something unforseen happens. As I said in an earlier thread AAA is significantly overrated by this community. He’s not in the same stratosphere as iggy on defense and their offensive games are much different, but similar in value. Faried has had months similar to his March/April in previous seasons and the upgrade over his previous best months was as much about usage because the rest of team lacked offensive creators and opponents were tanking like crazy last season (more so than usual).

      Ty is very unlikely to make the all star game as long as the following players are still around: Lillard, Parker, Paul, and Curry. Conley, Holliday are easily in the conversation as well (conley is a superior player, but defense isn’t considered as valuable in all-star selection).

    • Heisenberg

      Problem is, not only have several teams in the West gotten better, but there has also been a downgrade in coaching.

      I’d say 45 wins or so. If Shaw shows big improvement, then we may see 50 wins, but I really didn’t like some of the things I saw out of Shaw last year.

      • http://americablog.com magster

        Dallas and Memphis are not nearly as good as 2 years ago. I think GSW has a lot of problems… same with Houston. I don’t think the WC is any better than 2 years ago.

        • Heisenberg

          Uh, Dallas is much, much better. Added Ellis, Parsons, and Chandler, all big upgrades over Mayo, a rapidly declining Marion, and Kaman. Felton is also a solid rotational guard, something Dallas lacked a couple years ago. No way Dallas is a .500 team, too much talent and Carlisle is too good of a coach for that to happen. 50+ wins for Dallas.

          Memphis really hasn’t lost anything. Gasol was injured this year and they still won 50 games.

          Houston added a guy named Dwight Howard. He wasn’t on their team two years ago. Also replaced Parsons with Ariza which is a very small downgrade.

          GSW didn’t even have Bogut and they still took the Clippers to seven. I have no idea how Kerr will be but their starting five is still very good.

          There’s a chance 50 wins won’t be enough to make the playoffs. Denver is on the outside looking in for the playoffs.

          • http://americablog.com magster

            Dallas is old. Memphis is old. Dwight is old.

            The Nugs are young. If Gallo comes back healthy, we own them.

            And, I hope you’re wrong. I’m usually the pessimist, but I can’t help thinking Denver is being massively underrated this upcoming season.

            • Heisenberg

              People also said the Spurs were old (and the Championship Celtics a few years ago). Yet, we still see Duncan and Ginobili, in their late 30’s, being very productive players. I really think Duncan could play for another 5 years if he wanted to. Same with Ginobili (who is an extremely underrated passer).

              And Dwight Howard is 28, which is hardly old. He’s in the prime of his career. If he’s old then so is Nate Robinson, AAA, Foye, and Mozgov.

              The only “old” players on Dallas are Dirk and Jefferson. And Dirk’s game figures to age well. His stats have not declined and there appears to be no reason to assume so.

              Randolph still has a few good years left and Gasol is only 29. Vince Carter is old, but still fairly productive off the bench.

              • http://americablog.com magster

                Dwight’s back aged him 10 years. Spurs made a deal with Satan. You’re right about Gasol, but Z-bo is declining.

              • gimpcom187

                Interestingly your contention that memphis, dallas and dwight are declining because of age is valid. If you are contending (like Heisenberg and I have) that the team should be attempting a medium rebuild over the next 2 years. Memphis has 2 players that are very good now and likely can rebuild decently, but the mavs and dwight may not be serious contenders in 2017 and beyond. For this season your contention of age is not valid. The only way those 3 teams don’t make the playoffs is due to injuries.

          • Aaron Durkin

            Did you call Felton a good rotational guard!!!! He is fat and really has not played remotely ok for 4 years.

            Huston is a ticking time bomb with to many egos and no D. I bet they go the way of the Howard lakers from 2 years ago.

            Memphis has lost a few peices the most important being there coach hollins. That team was built with his players and his system. I see a huge drop off with that team.

            Phoenix is the only team that is vastly improved in my books.

            • gimpcom187

              the howard lakers made the playoffs despite an injury season similar to the nuggets of 2013-14. Howard wasn’t interested in being Bryant’s whipping boy, as Phil Jackson wasn’t interested in coaching Bryant’s sub prime years.

              Memphis won 50 games despite their best player out for 1/3 of the season and their best wing defender out a similar amount of time. They added pieces and hollins was a decent coach similar in value to their current coach. Their biggest weakness last season was giving significant rotation minutes to Prince and lack of shooting. They have multiple good shooting wings now and prince will probably just be a contract they end up trading for an upgrade somewhere.

              Not to mention they played GREAT down the stretch and pushed the 2nd best team in the league to 7 games. When Gasol played the team was 40-17 when he was out 10-15. When it comes to the Griz you don’t know what you are talking about. Sorry.

              • Aaron Durkin

                The players in Houston don’t like each other. It is well documented there is a divide with in that locker room with the ” star ” players and the rest of the team. You combine that with the fact that Howard and Harden are two of the most overrated players in this league they are a 5th to 6th seed at best. Parsons was the best player on that team and down the stretch and now he is gone.

                I will give you that Memphis played great towards the end of last year but there is no way a team lead by a extremely old Zobo is going to keep winning that many games. He looked tired at then end of the year and he is not getting any younger. Plus 7 ftrs age at a much higher rate in there joints and back so you can’t count on gasol playing huge min and not missing a ton of time.

                Fry was expendable because the twins play a similar game and are much cheaper. That team is young athletic and talented. I would take them in a 5 game series against teams like Houston any day.

                We will have the benefit of Minnesota and the lakers being way down this year

              • gimpcom187

                Dwight was amazing in that series and had a good year. Harden had a bad series because his shooting was crap so I guess you can contend Parsons was better. But Parsons was mediocre in that series. Beverly was injured but is probably a better player than Parsons when defense is taken into account. I could see them downgrading 2-5 wins if the Front office doesn’t add much. Ariza was better last season than parsons though some of that is free agent season uptick for ariza. The difference in value is probably a slight edge to parsons although Ariza’s profile fits with Harden better.

                Zbo hasn’t been the main offensive cog on memphis in 1.5 years since the Front office added Hollinger. It’s gasol then conley/zbo and it’s been moving more toward conley 2nd. Gasol has been extremely durable and will only be 30 next season. If your contention is 2-3 years down the road OK, but we are talking about next year. And non athletic High skill bigs like Gasol tend to actually age better than Stoudemire type bigs or wings.

                I fail to see the contention that PHX became better. Frye gives a similar profile to the twins except that he has the added advantage of playing good defense and possibility of minutes at Center too. They got a couple of rookies that will struggle to play more than 15 minutes a game… I don’t think it is a major downgrade but certainly I don’t see any reason to suggest they upgraded.

                Neither minnesota or the lakers made the playoffs last season so they are not germane to any concept of the Nuggets making the playoffs in relation to last season.

              • Heisenberg

                Parsons was never the best player on Houston. Howard is still the best center in the league when healthy so he’s hardly overrated. Ariza is a defensive upgrade from Parsons so I expect Houston’s perimeter defense to see some improvement. Harden is a top 5 offensive player in the league which outweighs his (admittedly) terrible defense. Houston is a good, not great team and while I don’t view them as title contenders I still expect them to be better than the Nuggets next season and in the playoffs.

                I don’t think the Lakers will be much worse than they were last season. Minnesota won’t be very good but New Orleans should be much better (assuming they’re healthy).

            • heykyleinsf

              I totally believe that guys make mistakes and deserve another chance.. Felton starts the season with a small suspension though.
              As a PG? Never was too broken up that we didn’t hold on to him.

            • Heisenberg

              Felton had a bad season this year but he’s still better than the backups Dallas had two years ago.

              Houston still won 54 last year and their only significant losses were Parsons and Lin (as Asik was a nonfactor for most of the season). Ariza is a small downgrade from Parsons so I still expect Houston to hover around 50 wins assuming everyone stays healthy. Also the Howard Lakers were never really healthy so that comparison does not apply.

              Memphis still won 50 with Gasol out for a huge chunk of time, as gimpcom said below. Very solid team and should also win 50+.

        • heykyleinsf

          I’m kind of inclined to agree with you..
          simply for the fact what goes down on paper doesn’t mean results. The Rockets and Lakers loaded up with seasoned all star veterans with results that were definitely disappointing. Oh yeah.. and Iggy. HAH! Warriors didn’t improve at all. Sure they won a whopping 4 more games in the regular season.. but played 5 less games where it counts.. the post season. Another star power player.. for $12M a year.. for basically…. nada.
          Who saw Portland and Phoenix having the upswing they had either?

          There’s a trend that makes me feel great about the Nuggets.. youth movement and patience.
          All these ideas for trades and restructuring..
          I’m not impressed. If Kevin Love can’t fit chemistry..
          he’s nothing but overpaid. And like Melo.. statistically great but perennially on an also ran.

          I’d rather win with guys that want to be Nuggets..
          not interested in guys that want stats and other players as scapegoats.

          We’ll see what happens with Dallas.

          • Heisenberg

            “Warriors didn’t improve at all. Sure they won a whopping 4 more games in the regular season.. but played 5 less games where it counts.. the post season.”

            Of course. The Clippers were quite a bit better than the 2012-13 Nuggets. The Warriors also didn’t have Bogut who is a very important defensive piece. I know you have this deep, seething hatred for Iguodala but the simple fact is he played a very big part in the 57 win Nuggets and was THE reason the series even went 6 against the Warriors.

            I think Rick Carlisle is a very underrated coach (personally I would consider him 3rd best in the league) and the Mavs should be really, really good. Played the Spurs really tough and added considerable talent.

            • heykyleinsf

              Clippers won the same amount of games we did the prior year.. so go ahead and postulate and theorize what ever you want. It’s still moot and just your opinion without anything tangible. We won 57.. so did the Clippers. Iggy also was super inconsistent with us.. I remember airballs at the freethrow line. EMBARRASSING.
              it’s just an opinion..
              just like most everything here.

              We all are entitled to them.
              57 wins = 57 wins.

              And as much as you want to say Iggy was THE reason we supposedly did so well vs GSW… Both teams he played on went out in the first. Not impressed.

              • Heisenberg

                Except Denver did not have Gallo in the playoff series. Also, Denver had a LOSING record on the road, whereas the Clips had a winning one. In terms of talent the Nuggets were probably around 50 wins, which would have put them at the 5th seed instead of 3rd. The Clippers also have bigs that outclass the Nuggets (an advantage that was further exploited when GS did not have Bogut out there).

                I’m not a huge fan of what Iggy did, but it happened over a year ago and it’s past time to let it go. You still seem butthurt about this. I think deep down you know how good Iggy is and don’t want to admit it. I don’t let my judgment of Iggy get clouded due to him leaving the Nuggets. Too bad you cannot do the same. I don’t think he’s a game changing talent but he’s still a very good player.

              • heykyleinsf

                go ahead .. call me names and insult me..
                say that I’m butthurt..
                say that I need to let it go
                try to fortify your opinion and bully like you usually do.

                I merely pointed out what happened… the stats results and the way I see it.

                I don’t care if Kalen kicks me off.

                A person can’t comment on here without the bullies like yourself trying to demean and insult you.
                ITS BASKETBALL
                ITS OPINIONS

                Kick me off Kalen.
                If you REALLY think this is my fault..

                I’m done.

              • gimpcom187

                In terms of comparing nugs and clippers the clips didn’t downgrade at coach and didn’t lose any significant talent on the team. Other than injuries there is no reason to assume they will do significantly worse this year (especially since Paul missed 1/4 of last season). It’s rare for a team to downgrade by 15 wins from one season to the next. 21 puts you in the 1st percentile. It usually would take significant loss of talent AND coaching downgrade to do something like that. (Indiana may do it this year losing their two best offensive players though)

                If you want to make a contention of teams the Nugs should hope they can leapfrog in the West Houston and PHX are the best bets.

              • Native Nugget

                This is more of a reply to this whole stream of sub-replies. If I took the Nuggs out of the picture and used my crystal ball to predict the top 8 teams this season (barring injury) it would be 1)Spurs 2)Thunder 3)Clips 4)Warriors 5)Portland 6)Dallas 7)Houston and 8)Memphis with Pheonix possibly pushing out either of the bottom two seeds. Regardless of whether you agree with my prediction, the question is – are the Nuggs going to improve enough to beat any of these 9 teams. The fan in me wants to say ‘Hell Yes!’ the realist in me thinks we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs with an inexperienced coach and a new system. I do believe we’ll improve but there are two many variables to be overly optimistic. Ty will have to take another step, Faried will have to keep up the production with other starters back in the mix, Shaw will have to improve big time, Gallo will have to come back less timidly than he did from previous injuries and show improvement, JaVale will have to find a good psychologist, and all the players will have buy into a system that Shaw has yet to clarify. Hope it happens, but I’m not betting big $ on the Nuggs ending up higher than a 7th seed. I’d be happy if they made it back.

              • heykyleinsf

                I totally understand your limited expectations..
                but I think we’re going to be 20 games better.
                Gallo is going to bring back so much..
                AAA is HUGE as something we desperately needed..
                addressing the weak link at the starting 2.
                This will also make our bench better..
                Chando, Foye and Mozzy
                (who may be our starter.. we’ll see)
                these new guys in the draft are exciting..
                honestly not expecting much of Green.
                but he was NCAA scoring champ
                I think Javale absolutely will be better.

                And I’m excited about Shaw.
                t I think Andre Miller was a bad fit for us.

                He just didn’t seem to be a team player..
                I think the fracas with him was about
                Miller usurping Shaw and Shaw spelling that out for him.

                Players all across his career loved Shaw and swore by him.
                He’s our leader… I’m convinced better things are coming with him.

                It’s a little hard for me to understand why people don’t expect improvement. But I get the frustration.
                I’m just glad we’re going in a good direction.
                I’m not a fan of the idea where one player makes the difference. A team wins.. not an all star.

              • Native Nugget

                56 wins… wow. Hope you’re right. I’m on board with being much improved, just not sure how that will translate to playoff positioning. Love AAA coming back and I think it was good for him to be the go-to guy for a season, I think Gallo will eventually be stronger but last two times he came back from injury it took him longer than usual to get his confidence. The bench will be stronger, and I agree Mozzy it’s a strong candidate for starter (which may benefit Javale’s game). I differ with you on Javale but that’s a crystal ball issue, none of us knows if he’ll come back stronger, the same, more timid etc. and I’m leaning toward him taking longer than usual to figure out the system and work his way back.

                Got nothing against Shaw for the Andre situation, Dre brought that on himself. Love Shaw’s emotional leadership and player development but I question his in game adjustments and overall basketball scheming. Trust him to improve but am expecting it to make the difference of at least 5 games this season which I’m not sure will be countered from winning 5 or more games by getting his players to buy in, develop and play better D. Again, I hope you’re right. We’ll just have to wait and see. Am excited to see this crew develop over the season and the coming years.

              • heykyleinsf

                56? Sorry I thought we finished with 34.. but you’re right.
                I honestly see 50 though. Providing we get healthy and stay healthy. I love the depth we have.. and I totally see the roles fitting. We don’t have any all stars. And I hope that stays the same.. I’m more of team fan.
                There will be growing pains.. But I see a playoff team. Hopefully to the 2nd or 3rd round at least.
                This team will be cohesive and our game will be rolling by March.. We will be the most surprising team in the NBA.

              • Native Nugget

                This is part of the fun of being a fan! All these ingredients are in the pot and we’re just waiting to see how they cook up. I’m with you on the team ball concept – huge fan of the NBA champ Pistons with no current all-stars and last year’s Spurs with no clear dominant player. Best ballin I’ve ever seen.

                I think 50 wins gets us a 7th seed at best (or possibly isn’t enough to get in – as other posters have noted) and it’s hard to picture taking out a team like the Spurs or Thunder in a 7 game series. I would be happy with a scrappy 1st round exit that last 7 games and a feeling that next year we will be poised to make run at the conference finals. No reason to think we’re not capable of that.

              • gimpcom187

                agree with your assessment of even if the get in I would expect spurs/thunder and I would guess 4-5 games. 6-7 would make me think Shaw is a top 10 coach.

                As an aside lots of people use the Pistons as a barometer of a non all-star team. This is revisionist history. Both Wallace guys had made 2 all star games by the 2004 playoffs. In addition all 4 of rasheed, ben, Hamilton and Billups ended up making 4 or more All star games in their career. Billups was a severely underrated player at that time because he was disappointing to start his career. He has a decent shot at HOF and Ben Wallace should be close too. Certainly he is one of the top 10 defenders in the history of the game over his prime of 7-8 years. Obviously the 2014 spurs are significantly different in style, but they similarly only had 1 all star but had Duncan who is great, Ginobili who plays more limited minutes but again great and Leonard who is an all-star in waiting. Add in an all time top 5 coach (larry brown or pop) and you can win a championship. (I doubt either of those teams wins with a merely very good coach like Don Nelson or George Karl)

              • Native Nugget

                Woof. Made me have to go looking up stats and shattered my false perceptions. I knew Rasheed had been an all-star years prior but I don’t tend to count past and future all-stars (think Kenyan Martin, plenty of all-stars follow up as good or just average players), especially when facing off against superstars. Didn’t realize Big Ben was an all-star in 03 and 04. Still loved the way they balled as a team and crushed the Lakers with two of the biggest names in the league. While I’m better educated about the 04 Pistons (thank you) I still hold to the perception that teams with superstars can be taken down by teams with less talent but a stronger team concept (and yes… amazing coaching). Statistically it doesn’t happen often, but I love it when it does.

                It may be more accurate to just use the term ‘superstars’. Neither Detroit nor the Spurs had a current superstar and they both took out teams that did. Yes both teams had some underrated players and future all-stars but that’s a big difference from having a current superstar (or two). This year Parker was a reserve all-star where as LeBron and Wade were starters and LeBron is already in the argument for GOAT to some. I know and respect Duncan’s history as a superstar but no one argues that he is no longer playing at that level. I appreciate what superstars do for the league’s popularity but imo they tend to undermine true team play and this year the Spurs put on a clinic in that regard.

              • gimpcom187

                wow 2nd round or western conference finals? So really you ARE saying 56 wins cause those are the type of teams that make the WCF. It’s not about 1 guy that is true. But you better have 1-2 of those top tier guys then surrounded by good talent (for evidence see any of my posts during the season referring to this with lots of links)

              • Native Nugget

                Yo Gimp,
                This is out of sequence but thanks for reminding me how much I miss Ben Wallace. Dude was a one of kind monster with an animal intensity.

              • Heisenberg

                I think the word butthurt is quite fitting for your feelings toward Iguodala. The guy left a year ago and you keep bringing it up every opportunity you can. Honestly sounding a bit like a bitter ex.

                You can claim you don’t care all you like, the fact that you still have an attitude about this says otherwise.

  • Ckwizard

    Thanks for the breakdown. I think this is a very good schedule for the team all around. I hope for good things and as long as the Nuggets have a “good team chemistry” then they should do well even if they start slow. Growth is the key for individual players and Coach Shaw. Right now I will say the Nuggets win 52 games next year and i would be disapointed if they don’t finish above .500

  • CD Pascual

    4 in 5 games scare the heck out of me. I’m happy that we only get to play 3 b2bs where we are the non-rested team. As always, I hope this team’s health becomes all good throughout the year. I really like Shaw’s thought that his players have to play their best in just a few minutes since it reduces the risk of getting injured (part of why Ty missed a lot of games last season was that he had to play 40+ minutes in a lot of games). The Nuggets have figured out how to play a slow-it-down game (at least), so when the important players (looking at you, Gallo) can finally see the court this season, I see them blasting off in the standings.

  • heykyleinsf

    Whether you thought so or not.. Manimal totally belongs on the USA team.
    He’s bringing energy and making other players bring it.

    We are lucky as hell to have him.
    His surge and development last year were for real.
    We have a solid as gold player at the 4.
    Sure.. he can improve his defense.
    But way too many people undersell Kenneth Faried.

    A lot of people are not going to see us coming next year.
    Can’t wait for the look on their faces.

    • gimpcom187

      Yeah. Unless he becomes significantly better on defense and or develops a shot to 15 ft he is what he is. (he hasn’t shown either of those skills with the nuggets or the team USA). A very nice piece. He MIGHT make the USA team as an energy guy. The team has more than enough skill and shooting to hide Faried’s weaknesses. He’s a nice player. 3rd big on champsionship quality teams. unless they have the absolute perfect Center next to him (Marc Gasol, maybe Noah) Don’t make it out like people called him an average player. He’s been good and will remain good until his athleticism declines in 5-7 years. He’s just not a top 3 guy on a championship team and those are the only guys you should be paying 12 million plus to Unless you already have a top 10 guy in the league and probably a second all-star too. I hope he develops those abilities to put him into a dennis Rodman or more athletic version or Paul Millsap so then he would be a legitimate 10-12 million a year guy. But you and a few others seem to think it’s just going to happen magically. .

      • heykyleinsf

        thanks for saying some nice things about him.
        I think he deserves it.

        But all I really said is that we have a great starting PF.
        Hope you didn’t think I was alluding to the best PF there is or something.. I mean.. really mean.. we’re lucky.

        And his trajectory is climbing..
        he just keeps on recalibrating all the people that seem to want a ceiling on what he can bring.

        • gimpcom187

          I can agree with that sentiment. He is a very fun guy to watch.

  • heykyleinsf

    Faried is a USA team starter.
    So yeah…
    thanks for your predictions and opinions otherwise.
    Which is why .. they are opinions and predictions otherwise.

    • gimpcom187

      Still on the unsolicited I told you style….Most predictions assumed he wouldn’t make it when the roster was supposed to include guys like Blake Griffin, Aldridge, Love and their two best stretch four wing candidates left too. It was mostly a reaction to clearly false attachment theory for the faried on the US team support for him making was the presumption that he is a top tier PF. He’s not and this has nothing to do with that.

      It’s great he made it. He’s fun to watch and will play a nice role on this team as a full court rebounding energy player. Given the World teams really only play good post players for the US, Spain and kindof France it makes it easier to hide his greatest weakness (defense).

      In addition andre drummond who can’t hit free throws or rotate correctly once on defense Made the team. (He likely will become very good eventually but he is a better version of mcgee in some ways currently) Rudy gay (who wasn’t even in contention 2 weeks ago) made the team. Also Mason Plumlee made it. Many of the bigs on the team you can make a clear contention are not in the top 25 US players let alone top 12.

      • heykyleinsf

        well I read everything you said.
        Asterik this.. excuse that..
        opinion this and that.
        All I have ever read on here in regards to Faried and the USA team.. is that he won’t make the team..
        Uh huh…

        He’s starting..

        So sure.. recalibrate.
        Keep disparaging him with the veiled half hearted stuff..
        like “he’s fun to watch.. he fills a role””

        HE IS A STARTER.

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion..
        but in this case..
        He proved most opinions on this board totally wrong.

        • gimpcom187

          Glad you were able to repeat your pattern. It’s about other people being “wrong” for you rather than being happy for the nuggets player.

          I will admit I underestimated the lack of talent in the US system on bigs and the value of having a player like him when the rest of the world lacks polished/talented bigs.

          • heykyleinsf

            My only “pattern” is believing in my team.
            My only “pattern” is defending this team.

            I don’t care about who is right and wrong.
            I have a “pattern” of reminding people what goes
            on here are nothing but “opinions” .. even my own.

            i think it’s a nicer place when we can all tolerate each others.. but certain people have a “pattern” of disparaging everything about this team.

            I’ll keep my “pattern” of defending this team against it’s so-called “fans”.

            • gimpcom187

              you’re confusing rational and critical thinking with “disparaging” The nuggets are not your daughter or spouse. You don’t need to appease them by saying what they want to hear.

              Like I suggested above. You are making an argument thumbing your nose at people when most thoughts suggested Faried shouldn’t make it when there was more talent available. This current team faried has earned a spot.

              • heykyleinsf

                OK.. shouldn’t accuse you nor anyone else of not being a fan.. I just am so tired of the negativity towards this team..
                and the error-of-the-side-of-them sucking opinions.
                It’s ok that you or few people agree or when they do or don’t. I think and hope we all want the same goals.
                But I think you are wrong thinking I care more about myself and my ego than the players. I do believe in Faried.
                I do believe in Lawson. I do believe in Shaw.
                It’s kind of taboo around here.. but I think people here in general sell this team short and also..
                if you think I’m the only guy with an ego here..
                well IMHO you’re crazy when it comes to that.

                Peace. I like what you contribute in general.
                And seriously Gimp.. I forgot whom said those things about him.. I could look back.. but don’t care to. But I didn’t remember it being you and this all was not directed your way.