Nuggets release preseason schedule

The Denver Nuggets have released the team’s preseason schedule for 2014. Games begin October 6 against the Los Angeles Lakers in San Diego, CA, and conclude October 24 verses the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. There will be eight games total, including one at the Coors Event Center in Boulder, CO, where attendees will reportedly be encouraged to “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Bud) for a throng-like smoking session prior to tipoff. The latter part of the last sentence is of course unequivocally fictional. Please do not bring weed to the game thinking it’s totally cool to light up outside the arena because Kalen from Roundball Mining Company told you to do so. Below is the full preseason schedule…

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 7.11.37 AM

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  • joefresco

    Wow, Faried is a starter on Team USA Hope the high level of competition helps his development.

    • toluene hawk

      Think of the players that were injured/dropped out so that he could scratch his way onto that team though.

      • CD Pascual

        what about them? we should still be proud that he’ll play for them. note that the last USA team that played in the FIBA world cup does not have much star power too.

    • gimpcom187

      It’s not really that high level competition for the US team until the title game (assuming they get there). Probably the best bigs they play are from Lithuania (jonas valuciunas and montejunos) and omer asik from turkey. In other words one low end NBA bench player, one decent borderline starter and one strong starter.

      It is nice that he made the squad though. Should be a lot of fun to watch as he will be SOOO much more athletic than the competition.

      • mike gomez

        still, just being there will help his game. playing against international competition and practicing against the usa bigs. also learing under tibs and coach k

        • gimpcom187

          Yeah I would agree, the practicing and coaching. Not the competition though. As he sugested and I refuted effectively.

          • mike gomez

            well not the competition as much but we could see tougher faried sense international play is more aggressive. im my opiiion he was the mvp of teh last game and he did well agsint brazil bigs

          • MTIG

            Good job refuting effectively …

            I’m glad he is playing and trying to be better … you do realize he wants to represent team USA?
            Should he not play ….as the competition is not to your liking? Will he get better not playing?

            Joe.. I agree! Good for him! Good for us as Nugget fans! No negative in a player with desire, playing and competing….