Some New Sports To Try If You Are Not In Basketball Mood!

Hey I know I know, you are sitting there slowly judging me but just because I don’t get bored of basketball doesn’t mean that others don’t. And if anyone has to suggest any new sports why shouldn’t it be me? These 2 sports are fun, lots of outdoor times and keep you active. Give it a thought.

Skateboarding A New High

Is there something out there that can take your mind off of everything, even if just for a few minutes? If not, try and imagine something that just turns your day around. Something that can forge its way into your thoughts. Something that if you could spend every moment doing it, you would. Well for people all around the world, that thing is skateboarding. Believe it or not, it’s not just a board with wheels, it’s much more. It’s a way of life. Being a skater isn’t just about doing tricks, or getting sponsored. It’s about feeling good and having fun. At times, it can be frustrating, but more than anything, it’s an escape.

Skateboarding has been around for awhile now, and as it advances and becomes more popular, more and more people experience the joy of it. And trust me, not everybody who picks up a board experiences this feeling. It has to come naturally. If you go out into the world, expecting more than fun and happiness while skating, you will soon get a reality check.

Before it was a major sport, or even popular, people looked down on it. There was no money involved in riding, only a good time. Nowadays you have beginner kids expecting to go pro and become rich. Well, for most of them, this is not the case. Almost all of the pros out there came into this sport with no intentions of becoming famous. They came into it from enjoyment.

The feeling you get just riding a skateboard is indescribable, and doing a trick for the first time is even better.

A bunch of people out there see skateboarding as nonsense, or maybe even as a bad influence on there children. But let me tell you, this is NOT in anyway what skateboarding is. First of all, if someone skates and happens to do drugs, it’s not because he/she skates, it’s because he/she has made bad choices.

For a true skateboarder, skateboarding itself is a drug, and the way of life is a bonus. Many people find skateboarding amazing for the simple fact that the skateboarding community is very accepting. Short, tall, skinney, fat, black, or white, it doesn’t matter. You’ll always be accepted in this community. All you have to do is get yourself the best skateboard from good skateboard brands

I hope you yourself can experience what I’m talking about. If not, find something that you enjoy, that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. But remember, always be true to yourself.

Frisbee Disc Golf – The “Take it Easy” Sport

Recently Frisbee golf has become very popular, especially with student populations, across the USA. The reason for such a large part of this game being near colleges is due to the small amount of money needed to get started.

Of course, past the fact that this is a cheap game to play it is also a very fun and relaxing way to spend a day outdoors.

To begin playing all you need is a disc golf set , the best disc golf backpack to carry your collection and the directions to a course nearby. Most courses are free, so in theory you could have already spent all the money that you needed to play this game. Though this implies that you have already bought a disc.

Frisbee golf discs can be found at most major sporting goods stores as well as specialty stores like the Wright Life in Fort Collins, Colorado. There are two major brands of disc, Innova and Discraft.

If you are just beginning and don’t really know whether you will like the sport or not, one disc is all you need. An all purpose disc would be suitable in this situation, and Innova’s Shark is probably the best beginner’s disc around.

If however you know you like the sport or always go everywhere fully prepared, a nice selection will assist you better, just as having more than one club in a golf bag is most advisable. First you will need a putter which is a large, heavy disc meant for very straight, short throws into the basket.

You should probably find a very high quality, durable one as this disc will be hitting more hard objects than the others. After this you will need a good approach or all purpose disc, and the aforementioned Shark will serve wonderfully. Then you will want at least two drivers, both understable and overstable discs.

The understable disc will go against the natural curve(for a backhand thrower a left curve is natural, and for a forehand thrower right) and the overstable disc will go with it. This way you will be able to work dog legs in either direction. If you are not as good at compensating for the curves in these discs you can opt for a straight driver as well, although this will usually be bigger and therefore not fly as far.

Once you have your discs and have found a course near you the next step is to get some friends together and go try it out. Also don’t worry about skipping some holes if you need to as this is not regulated with anywhere near the strictness of a golf course. If you have fun and enjoy the fact that your outdoors and walking and playing, you’ve had a successful day no matter the score.