The Brilliantly Bearded Nuggets

The Nuggets have been one of those teams that generally plays respectable basketball without being astounding. The kind that finishes the season with a winning record, makes the playoffs, and exits in round one. Basketball fans had become accustomed to seeing this take place on a yearly basis, so people were surprised (to say the least) to witness the run that the Denver Nuggets embarked on during the last NBA playoffs.

This team has so much talent, enthusiasm, and experience. They have an amazing ability to entertain. Each player brings with him a wealth of talent and ability. Combining all that talent together makes the team phenomenal, and under the current very capable leadership, the Nuggets have a history of setting records and breaking records.

The team was founded in 1967, with an initial name of Denver Rockets (as a charter franchise), which was of the American Basketball Association, and became one of that league’s more successful teams. They changed their name from their initial name to Denver Nuggets when they joined the National basketball association in 1976. Their home games are played in the Pepsi Center.

In the 2008-2009 NBA season, this team accomplished a large number of achievements in franchise milestones. Their 54-28 record was the best wins a franchise had got since their induction in the NBA. This in fact was a record franchise’s history because the team had 50-win back to back seasons. They led the Northwest division during the much time of the season, this eventually led to the winning of the division and placing them second at the Western Conference.

The 2009-10 season saw Carmelo Anthony averaging 28.2 points per game and Carmelo Anthony averaging a career high of 19.6 points per game. during the opening of two games of that season Anthony totaled 71 points. He scored 30 points during the home opener and also 41 the next night. Anthony then became one of the only two players during the Nuggets’ history to have opened with points exceeding 70 points in only two games (Alex also accomplished this too). Only one time before had the Nuggets ever started a season with 2-0 since 1987. Carmelo Anthony was the first Denver player to put a record in scoring, after he scored 30 points consecutively in 5 play off games after the team had joined the NBA in the year 1976. The team lost the series 4-2,this ended their long playoff run in their history.

Denver Nuggets bring together much talent, but it’s the spirit of the team that really stands out. Each player has a deep love for the game of basketball. They understand the meaning of team work. They see themselves as a family. When their head coach was missing, that is George Karl, who underwent treatment for throat and neck cancer, during the second half of the 2009-2010 season, and the many injuries that plagued the team, the Nuggets were able to pull together and win 53 games. Another record set for the Nuggets team. This was their 3rd consecutive 50-game win in a season. This was after 3 consecutive 50-game win seasons,which was their first in Nuggets history.

The buoyant spirit of the Nuggets is contagious. When you watch them play, you can feel it in the air. They really show the meaning of team work. They set high standards for themselves and strive hard to reach them. In 2009, Chauncey Billups won the NBA Sportsmanship Award. That speaks volumes about the kind of players that make up the Denver Nugget basketball team.

The Nugget players are interesting lot. Many of them have grown beards. In fact beards have forever been a great symbol of manhood, strength, courage, and power. However when combined with the glory in the sport of basketball, you feel an explosive sense of manliness, athleticism, and hairy sweat. Beards in basketball players have to be one of the hottest trends now because their diverse shapes, styles, and utilization.

Most players therefore take advantage of the November month which normally is a “No-Shave November” in order to raise funds for cancer patients, to grow their beards. This gives them an excuse to go without shaving their beard, for a while at least. The basketball players have therefore ditched their trimmers for months in order to help bring about funding for cancer awareness, leading to the emergence of bountiful beard growth among the players.

Many players after growing their beards have been transformed from clean, well shaven beards and bright eyes to bushy faces and bold looks. This has made them an amazing team to both look at on and off the field. These guys must be using a balm or oil to get those shrubs looking so glossy – we wanna know the secret!