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In the mid to latter part of the last decade Jeremy Wagner — aka, the Godfather of Nuggets Blogging — began to write about the Denver Nuggets. He started a small blog called Pickaxe and Roll and was the first NBA blogger to utilize video analysis. Shortly thereafter Jeremy was approached by ESPN to join the TrueHoop Network, and in January of 2009 Roundball Mining Company was created as one of the founding members of the original TrueHoop family of blogs.

For several years Roundball Mining Company thrived as one of the premier outlets for detailed Nuggets analysis but as his readership grew, Jeremy was finding it evermore difficult to maintain his regular blogging practices without any help. So, in the winter of 2011, Jeremy invited Charlie Yao and Kalen Deremo to assist in the evolving maintenance of the everyday blog and expand the brand he worked diligently to create. Not long thereafter, Roundball Mining Company saw an unprecedented surge in content and traffic.

Roundball Mining Company has come a long way since Jeremy first started covering the Denver Nuggets over five years ago. There are now eight writers from around the world (literally) working to bring you the best in-depth analysis of the Nuggets anywhere in the Internet. And although the names have changed the principles remain the same: hard work, detailed analysis, no bias. As the masthead says, we’ll move the earth for a title.

Mission Statement:

There are some things Roundball Mining Company is, and some things Roundball Mining Company is not. Roundball Mining company is a Denver Nuggets blog. It’s a place where casual fans and diehards alike can keep up with fundamental news and happenings regarding their favorite pro basketball team. It’s a place where analysis is taken seriously and considered paramount over everything else. This is where fans come to learn about the Denver Nuggets. It’s where anybody who has even a remote interest in the team can become a more informed fan. It is not a gossip forum. It is not a source for breaking news (although we try to report important developments as quickly as we can). As writers, our goal is to make you a smarter, more knowledgeable basketball fan, especially when it comes to the Denver Nuggets. And though we may not always succeed in this regard, nothing will stop us from continuing to try. As always, thanks for reading.

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    All of us at Thin Air Sports enjoy and respect the work that you do. Thank you for raising the bar for Nuggets writing. Look for us to start our Nuggets coverage back up after a sabbatical at http://www.thinairsports.com

    Jeremy Kloberdanz

  • Raffi

    just read your article on espn. good job.

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    Unfortunately, because I cannot find a “Contact Us” section on your site, I will need to leave this email message here.



    From the perspective of a Nuggets fan, can you please tell me what you believe Denver might actually be prepared to give up in a trade for Andrea Bargnani?

    [see this link for further details: What is Bargnani really worth, on the open market?]

    Thanks, in advance.



    Please accept my apology, in advance, and delete this comment after you have read it.

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    I am trying to find a working email address for “Roundball Mining Company”. If you could please forward this to me, it would be very much appreciated.

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    Keep up the good work guys!