Denver Nuggets and Andre Miller agree to 3 Year Deal

According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Denver Nuggets have agreed to a three year contract with veteran Unrestricted Free Agent Andre Miller.  Terms have not been disclosed as of yet.  I can only hope that the contract is for less than MLE money.  I also suspect the last year of the deal is only partially guaranteed.


Nuggets select Fournier with 20th pick, Miller with 38th, some dude with 50th

In a completely shocking turn of events the Nuggets have selected Evan Fournier with the 20th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. More analysis to come, but for now, know this: Fournier isn’t a phenomenal athlete or shooter. His potential is somewhat limited, and there’s a good chance he stay overseas for at least another season. There were still plenty of “steals” available at 20 and the Nuggets reached on a guy nobody had going this high. Also, know one more thing: George Karl hates rookies. The fact Fournier likely won’t play in Denver this year probably pleases Karl to an extraordinary extent. This is totally unlike Ujiri and as of now I have this pick classified as a 100 percent head scratcher. Then again, Ujiri has never given me reason to doubt him…


Nuggets interested in White

In Chad Ford’s latest mock draft he has the Nuggets selecting Royce White ahead of players like Andrew Nicholson, Jared Sullinger and Perry Jones. Ford states, “Word on the street is that the Nuggets will step in and steal away White before he lands in Boston.”

White was the very first player we profiled in depth here at Roundball Mining Company as is someone we’ve consistently had ranked as a Top 3 prospect in all of our Big Boards. It appears his airplane anxiety is something he’s already starting to overcome — which is a great sign — and was really the only reason he was never ranked higher in the first place.

If the Nuggets do in fact draft White, just as I said last year with Faried, fans should be ecstatic. He’s a good kid and great fit for the team (not to mention an incredible basketball player to boot). There’s still a lot of time left before draft time rolls around so keep checking back in as we’ll have updates throughout the evening.

Bradley Beal: Nuggets Interested in Trading Up to Draft Me

While we are passing along hot rumors, a new article by Chad Ford reports that Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti told Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal the Thunder would look into trading up to draft him.  Who cares?  Not gonna happen, right?  Well, a little further down the page Beal shares that another playoff team from the Northwest Division made a similar comment.


Too good to be true: Nuggets discuss moving Chandler for seventh pick in Draft

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting the Nuggets are very active in Draft day trade talks, discussing a possible deal with the Warriors that centers around trading Chandler for the No. 7 pick in the first round. As part of the proposed deal the Nuggets would likely have to take on Dorell Wright and the last year of his contract at just north of $4 million.


Birdman ‘excused’ indefinitely

Nuggets center, Chris Andersen, was excused indefinitely from the team today in light of a raid performed on his house Thursday morning by Douglas County sheriffs seeking information on an Internet crimes against children investigation.

Not much is known at this point in time. Details are sure to emerge as times passes. What we do know is that this is just about the worst time for these issues to surface, yet Birdman is still innocent until proven guilty. Obviously things don’t look good, at all, but it’s important to refrain from jumping straight to conclusions until more information is gathered.

Fernandez to miss remainder of season

According to the Denver Post, Nuggets shooting guard, Rudy Fernandez, will miss the rest of the 2011-12 campaign with a back injury. He has already missed over one-third of the season with various injuries. Fernandez is set to become a restricted free agent after this season although it’s hard to see him remaining with the Nuggets moving considering how crowded the roster already is. This should open up more playing time for Corey Brewer and Wilson Chandler, as well as Jordan Hamilton when the team is depleted.

Nuggets Trade Nene for JaVale McGee [Updated]

In a shocking trade deadline move the Denver Nuggets have agreed to trade Nene for Wizard’s center JaVale McGee.  Nene has been struggling this season and his contract is bound to get onerous as he gets into his 30’s and McGee is a uber-athletic center who will be great running the floor and is a much better rebounder and shot blocker than Nene.

In the long run it probably is a decent trade for Denver, McGee is entering his prime while Nene is exiting his, but McGee has shown significant shortcomings on both ends of the floor.  Plus he wants a contract averaging $14 million a year after this season.


Wilson Chandler – Apply Pressure Here

Former Denver Nuggets beat writer Marc J. Spears has posted a story on Yahoo! Sports that Wilson Chandler wants to resign with Denver at the close of his service in China.  While on the face of it, a quick return appears imminent, I think some caution is in order.

The quote from Chandler’s agent, Chris Luchey, that caught my attention was this one:

“The ball is in their court. If Wilson is comfortable, he will be a part of their core group.”


Breaking [UPDATED]: Danilo Gallinari, Kosta Koufos agree on extensions with Nuggets

According to Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post, the Denver Nuggets have agreed on a four-year, $42 million dollar extension with Danilo Gallinari as well as a three-year $9 million dollar extension with Kosta Koufos. It had been made public that the Nuggets wanted to re-sign Gallinari before Wednesday’s deadline to extend restricted free agents passed and it appears they have achieved this goal. This now ensures the Nuggets will have Arron Afflalo, Nene and Gallinari locked down for the foreseeable future. Next in line would seemingly be Ty Lawson although because he doesn’t become a restricted free agent until after the 2012-13 NBA season concludes, the Nuggets have time to work with him.

As for Koufos, this move is quite the surprise. It’s not often that third-string players get multi-year extensions, however after this signing it’s clear the Nuggets front office has the utmost amount of confidence in Koufos and his role on the team moving forward. Now if only George Karl shared this same amount of confidence in the young center and actually gave him minutes, this deal would seem more apt.

Candid thoughts: The Gallinari signing was an excellent move and only further corroborates the notion that Masai Ujiri is a “players” general manager. On his watch, not only have the Nuggets pulled off a phenomenal trade for its superstar who could have easily walked for nothing, but they’ve also managed to re-sign the best player that came to Denver in that deal, in addition to Nene and Afflalo.

So what’s the next big move for what is now one of the best front offices in the entire NBA? As mentioned above, Lawson needs to be re-signed in order to fully secure this young, improving roster for the future. Nene, Afflalo, Gallinari and Lawson are undoubtedly the franchise pillars with guys like Harrington, Brewer, Koufos, Mozgov, Faried and Hamilton acting as the other young role players (excluding Big Al; he’s the veteran leader) to compliment Denver’s solid starting rotation.

But even before Lawson is addressed, current restricted free agent, Wilson Chandler, needs to be first. As I’ve mentioned in the comments section, if the Nuggets desire is to re-sign Lawson (which it rightfully should be), that doesn’t leave much room for Chandler. In fact, it doesn’t leave any room for Chandler unless Masai Ujiri can somehow convince him to take a backup role and accept less money along the way — which certainly isn’t likely. As of right now the Nuggets have roughly $57 million committed to 12 players on the roster for next year, which obviously leaves three more spots that will need to be filled before the start of the 2012-13 campaign. The Nuggets do have three draft picks in the 2012 NBA draft, which in all likelihood they’ll need to hit on, as rookies are by far the best bargain in the league when it comes to salaries.

So, where does this leave Chandler?

My guess is the Nuggets will try and shop him. Current rules set forth by the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement disallow teams to match a restricted free agent’s contract offer from another team, only to then turn around and trade that player; therefore, the Nuggets will have to work with Chandler and teams who are interested in his services to come up with a beneficial sign-and-trade that will see him moved in return for assets most likely in the form of future draft picks given the Nuggets nearly-full roster and lack of financial flexibility. One thing is certain however: The Nuggets, under no circumstances will allow Chandler to walk for nothing. Ujiri proved this sentiment correct with the Carmelo Anthony trade last year. If for some reason a deal cannot be struck Ujiri will have no problem signing Chandler then reissuing one of the Nuggets two second-round draft picks to another team for a return pick down the line. If the Nuggets are forced to pay a small amount of luxury tax for one year, I’m pretty sure Kroenke would understand, especially if the Nuggets keep on the up their current pace.

Nuggets without Nene against Wizards

The Denver Post is reporting the Nuggets will be without Nene tonight against the Wizards. After coming off an injury of his own, Timofey Mozgov will likely start alongside Kosta Koufos in the front court. Additionally, Rudy Fernandez will attempt to play after missing the last several games due to an achilles problem. It should be noted that over the last four games Nene is averaging 17.3 points, 10.3 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game while playing some of the most aggressive basketball of his career with the Denver Nuggets. Nene will no doubt be sorely missed against one of the taller front lines in the NBA. Let’s just hope this is a legitimate injury and not simply a “rest day,” as even though the Wizards don’t have greatest of records, they’re still an NBA team that has a lot of talent, and one that just beat the team most consider to be the best in the league: the Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to Marc Stein, Nuggets agree to five-year deal with Afflalo

The deal is reportedly worth close to $43 million over five years. Though the previous link says the Nuggets are close to a deal, Marc Stein recently tweeted that his sources tell him a deal has been finalized. More news will continue to proliferate, but until then feel free to relieve yourselves thorough screaming and shouting in the comments section.

BREAKING: Nene re-signs for at least $67 million

According to Marc Stein, who has been all over Nuggets rumors today, Nene has re-signed with the Nuggets for five years at at least $67 million.

I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this is right now. Like it or not, Nene deserved this type of money. He has showed great loyalty to this organization and I’m glad to see he’s been handsomely rewarded yet again. If the Nuggets are now able to re-sign Afflalo, they will have had the best off-season of any team in the NBA by my estimation.


Nuggets striking match for Forbes [UPDATE: Rudy Fernandez traded to Denver]

HoopsHype’s Raul Barrigon is reporting the Nuggets are leaning towards matching the Raptors contract offer for Gary Forbes. Meanwhile, Anthony Carter, who recently chose Toronto over Denver as his next one-year destination is petitioning for the Nuggets not to match. Maybe next time he asks to use our practice gym post-lockout, we’ll just slam the door in his face. (more…)

Nene on brink of making decision? [UPDATED]

According to’s Ken Berger, the Nuggets are awaiting word from Nene on whether he’ll accept New Jersey’s contract offer or re-sign with Denver. Additionally, Berger is reporting that Marreese Speights continues to be of interest to the Nuggets regardless of where Nene ends up. Philadelphia 76ers beat writer, Kate Fagan, insists that the Nuggets are “definitely in the mix” for Speights.


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