Talking NBA Draft with Colorado Sports Guys

Last night I joined Nate Timmons and Ross Martin, also known as the Colorado Sports Guys, to talk about the Nuggets and the roll they’ll play in the 2012 NBA Draft. You can listen to the podcast player below (I come on at about the 40 minute mark), at the Colorado Sports Guys’ website or download it free on iTunes.

Denver Nuggets 2012 Summer League Schedule

The NBA just released the Las Vegas Summer League schedule, featuring 24 teams competing in 60 games from July 13-22. The Denver Nuggets will be participating in five games from July 14-20. Full schedule below

July 14 Golden State COX Pavilion 4:00 p.m.
July 15 Dallas COX Pavilion 4:00 p.m.
July 17 New York COX Pavilion 2:00 p.m.
July 19 Charlotte Thomas & Mack Center 8:30 p.m.
July 20 Portland COX Pavilion 4:00 p.m.

Chad Iske will coach the Summer League team this year, a position previously held John Welch in 2009 and ex-Nuggets assistant Jamahl Mosely in 2010 (summer league was cancelled in 2011 due to the lockout). The roster is yet to be announced but the Nuggets have confirmed second year players Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton, and Julyan Stone will participate. The Nuggets announced on their website that all five games will be televised by Altitude with pre and post game coverage. NBATV will also broadcast all 60 games nationally, including 39 live from the Thomas and Mack Center and Cox Pavilion.

Summer League will showcase the best young talent in the league, with 13 of the 14 teams in June 28th’s draft lottery set to participate. Presumably, the Nuggets will feature at least one of their selections from the upcoming draft as Denver currently has one first round and two second round picks.

For those thinking of traveling to Vegas in mid-July, tickets are $25 a day for adults and on sale now at Roundball Mining Company will be in Vegas covering games and posting content.  As always, we will continue to update you on developments as summer league rosters begin to take shape following the draft on June 28th.


Support the Sacramento Kings, watch this movie

It’s not often that Roundball Mining Company covers anything outside of the Denver Nuggets. This however, is an exception and one we’re proud to be a part of.

Our fellow TrueHoop cohorts over at Cowbell Kingdom have notified the network of a movie titled Small Market, Big Heart. It is an feature-length amateur film produced by Kings fans and bloggers which documents Sacramento’s attempt to keep the Kings stationed in the capitol of California for the foreseeable future. It was made on a budget of close to $10,000 which came from a kickstart campaign and will not gross a profit of any kind. This is nothing more than a all-out, last-ditch attempt by the city and its fans to keep the Kings in Sacramento and it’s done so in a poignant, passionate and artistic manner.

If you have the time, I strongly recommend you watch Small Market, Big Heart. Remember, many of the issues covered in this movie are ones Nuggets fans could potentially see down the road as part of a small market NBA franchise. It’s free to stream on YouTube. You can watch it at Cowbell Kingdom or at the movie’s website. We’d also encourage you to share this through social media, word of mouth or any other way you can think of, as the only way this movie is going to bring awareness to the rest of the world is through thoughtful people like you!

If you have anymore questions or comments, feel free to post them and we’ll try and get back to you in a timely fashion.

Thanks for reading

With the season now over, Roundball Mining Company will do quite a bit of reflecting on the 2011-12 campaign. But before we get in depth with our analysis we’d like to stop and say thanks. I know Jeremy touched on it in the Game 7 Rapid Reaction but I’d like to expand a bit more on his sincere gratitude to all those who have frequented this blog over the years.


Hickory-High breaks down Nuggets vs. Lakers

This is an excellent video breakdown of contrasting styles of play and individual matchups by our friends at Hickory-High. We can talk all we want about predictions but the fact is, the technical side of the game — running plays, exploiting weaknesses, ect. — will play as big of a role as any in deciding the outcome of this series. Hickory-High details these nuances with easy-to-understand video analysis which you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re a Nuggets or Lakers fan, this is a must read.

What did the Spurs win do for the Nuggets?

With their decisive victory over the tanking Portland Trail Blazers the San Antonio Spurs have locked in the top seed in the Western Conference for the second straight year.  With it they have may have solidified the Denver Nuggets’ hold on the sixth seed.


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We greatly appreciate the time you all spend reading and commenting here.  I hope these changes do not dissuade anyone from continuing to take part in the growing community here are RMC.

So, life pretty much sucks right now

I just spend the past 10 hours of my life compiling a comprehensive post that summarizes the way Denver Nuggets fans feel about their team at the moment. It touched on George Karl, the percent of our comments that mention him in connection with losing games as well as a list of nine potential coaching candidates with pictures and descriptions of why each would be a solid option for the Nuggets. In the end I talked about Masai Ujiri, Stan Kroenke and how each has “standards” that interfere with the Nuggets being the best team it can be.

I don’t know how else to say it, but I genuinely felt like it was probably the best piece I’ve ever written considering the context and time. It was the longest for sure: 3,500 words of my heart and soul.

When I went to hit “Publish” the screen went completely white for some reason. This has never happened to me before. Then, when I clicked the back arrow: nothing. Everything was gone. At 2:30 in the morning and after two days of research, stress, effort, love — it all vanished in the unmerciful blink of a computer screen’s eye.

If anybody has any idea of how I might be able to recover this please let me know. I have a Mac, perhaps Time Machine would allow this? I don’t know. I’ve never had something like this happen.

Until then I will be curled up in my bed, fetal position, sweatpants on tight, motionless until 9:00 p.m. EST when the Nuggets play the Suns.

(PS: If you’d still like the list of coaching candidates I culled up I’d be glad to share them with you.)

TrueHoop Blog features interesting Nuggets analysis

The godfather of the TrueHoop organization himself, Henry Abbott, offers up a unique angle on late-game situations in the NBA. While one of the hottest topics of the last several months in Nuggets Nation has been the “superstar debate,” Abbott submits evidence that while a superstar is a luxury, it’s not exactly a necessity in order to win in tight games. This article directly correlates to the Nuggets and is especially interesting after Ty Lawson has come through with back-to-back game winners of late.

Highway to the Danger Zone?

Danilo Gallinari, Ty Lawson, Timofey Mozgov, Arron Afflalo. They all have missed game this season with an ankle sprain.  Some have been serious (Gallo) some have been much less so (Afflalo).  However, I think I speak for Nuggets fans everywhere when I ask, “What is with all the ankle sprains?”

Let me propose two potential causes that are the two pillars of Denver’s offense, pace and paint points, two categories in which they lead the entire NBA.  Maybe the Pepsi Center should be known as the Danger Zone. (more…)

Nuggets News: Gallo’s return and a Chandler update

For those not following us on twitter, there’s been a couple more rumors swirling around the ongoing Wilson Chandler saga. The first coming out of hoopshype stating that the Toronto Raptors are actively trying to free up space for an offer sheet by trading Leandro Barbosa. The second and most compelling rumor causing much consternation amongst Nuggets fans is out of Sportando, an Italian basketball website which is reporting that Chandler’s agent Chris Luchey is “in serious talks with an Italian team to seal a deal for rest of season.”

Both rumors are sourced only to twitter and it’s fair to say they’re rooted in speculation more than anything else right now. As we’ve gone through several times with the Chandler situation, he is in a unique position and only able to negotiate in earnest with one team — the Denver Nuggets.

I would not put a lot of stock into the Leandro Barbosa rumors. He’s been on the trade block for a while and the Raptors know that desperately giving him away in a hurry is a questionable move considering there is no guarantee Denver does not just match their offer sheet. As has been reported by ESPN and Hoopsworld, the Raptors seem resigned to the fact that putting together an offer sheet at this late stage is not likely to work out well.

The rumors of Chandler’s agent negotiating with Italy only reinforces our view that Denver holds all the cards in terms of Wilson returning to the NBA. It’s clear that he wants to be in the NBA, even going so far as to negotiate an early release from his Chinese team and seek an early letter of clearance from FIBA. As we have assumed for a long time, Denver has no interest in signing Chandler short term and granting him the holy grail of unrestricted free agency in exchange for a few months of service.

Wilson must feel he is being forced over to Europe due to Denver not willing to accept a one year deal. Chandler can certainly apply pressure by threatening to head over to Europe for the remainder of the season, but Denver would still own his rights whenever he returns. Not to mention Chandler runs the risk of serious injury while he remains a free agent and there is no guarantee he will be rewarded with the richer contract he’s seeking by waiting till the summer.

The Nuggets are playing hardball with Chandler, as expected. All it means as the process will be longer and more drawn out as Chandler exercises his leverage and continues to test Denver’s resolve to give him the long-term deal he seeks. The Nuggets clearly seem more interested in protecting themselves rather than just getting him on the floor and it looks like a 50/50 proposition in terms of whether or not he’ll be back.

I highly recommend following us on twitter, as I often discuss Chandler stuff there and the situation is such that we won’t post about every future development as it occurs. You can follow me here and go ahead and give Kalen and Jeremy a follow as well.

On to the current links and Nuggets news, bullet-style this time for convenience.


The 12 Game Road to Recovery

The new year started out kind to the Nuggets, especially after beginning January with a franchise best 12-3 record. Although they went on to lose their final two games in January, coach George Karl still called it “maybe the best month I’ve ever had” as the Nuggets were talked about as legitimate contenders for a top four seed in the Western Conference.

That was three weeks ago. Even the worst case scenarios back then might not have predicted the precipitous slide the Nuggets would go on after losing those final two games in the month of January. Unfortunately the nightmares have come true as the Denver Nuggets limp into the All-Star break reeling and out of the playoff picture altogether. To say they have fallen on hard times would be a massive understatement.

The injuries have gotten so bad moral victories have the Nuggets feeling pretty good about themselves despite going 1-5 in their last six games. It seems ridiculous, but the optimism is not misguided. To say the Nuggets have a favorable schedule coming up would be putting it lightly. 10 of the next 12 are at home and the Nuggets will be playing on at least one day of rest for ALL of them. Let’s take a look.


Wilson Chandler may be a bit rusty

While surfing the Web last night I came across highlights (if you want to call them that) of the Chinese Basketball Association All-Star game which Chandler was scheduled to appear in last Sunday. After viewing the video, I’ve made peace with the fact that after playing two months in the CBA, Chandler will probably be doing his best rendition of the Anthony Carter third-row lob pass for quite some time.

Nene, Afflalo to return against Mavericks + Wilson Chandler [Updated]

According to’s Aaron Lopez, the Nuggets will send out a starting lineup against the Dallas Mavericks that consists of Nene, Chris Andersen, Julyan Stone, Arron Afflalo and Ty Lawson. This is Birdman’s first start since the 2008 season and Julyan Stone’s first start at small forward since joining the Nuggets. Meanwhile, Corey Brewer is still out due to the tragic death of his father. Our thoughts and prayers are with Corey and the rest of the Brewer family.


Too Much Depth?

Let’s be clear about one thing — at 14-7 even after two straight losses the Nuggets’ greatest strength is their depth.

When the Nuggets assembled a roster featuring two starting lineups and a couple of NBA-ready rookies behind them, they instantly gained a big advantage over every other team in a lockout-shortened NBA season. They’ve dealt with injuries better than just about anyone and built the second-highest scoring bench in the league.

Denver is going to be a great regular season team behind their depth. They can afford to limit their starters to 20 minutes per night if need be. In many cases there is little to no difference between the second and third string guys at every position.

I still think there is an intelligent debate to be had about whether too much of a good thing can actually turn out bad. George Karl has said the first 20 games of the season are essentially training camp, and at about one-third of the way into the season we’ve reached that point. The rotation should be shaping up nicely and guys should be settling into their roles as the Nuggets prepare to really start hitting their stride.


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