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Welcome to the Roundball Mining Company Denver Nuggets Film Room where everyone can look at video from past Nuggets games and study what they do well and what they could do better.

Video Scouting Report – Arron Afflalo

Video Scouting Report – Malik Allen

Video Scouting Report – Walter Sharpe

2009 WCF Game 5 – 4th Quarter Offense

2009 Western Conference Finals Preview

New Orleans Hornets Adjustments – 2009 Round 1, Game 2

Pick and Roll Adjustments – 2009 Round 1, Game 2

Defending Chris Paul – 2009 Playoffs

Kenyon Martin vs David West – 2009 Playoffs

How Tyson Chandler Impacts a Game

Denver Nuggets Pick and Roll Defense

2008-09 Game 59: Denver Nuggets vs LA Lakers – Team Defense

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