23 Years a Fan

Erlingur Einarsson is a new contributor to Roundball Mining Company. He is excited to join our team and honored to be an active part of something he cares so deeply about. This is the story of his relationship with the Denver Nuggets for the last 23 years…


2013 salary cap and luxury tax status, part 2: questions and answers

Q: Which players have the Nuggets signed for 2013-14, and what are their total combined salaries?

A: Based on the latest reported offers, the Nuggets have $60.3 million dedicated to 13 players: Lawson, A. Miller, Foye, Fournier, Hamilton, Gallinari, Chandler, Q. Miller, Faried, Hickson, Arthur, McGee, and Randolph. (Foye and Hickson cannot officially be signed until July 10.) The salary cap is $58.6 million.

Q: Can the Nuggets still sign players even though they’re over the cap?

When the two Andres defeated the Denver Nuggets [VIDEO]

On March 19, 2008, then Denver Nuggets guard Allen Iverson finally got his first opportunity to return to the place of his NBA roots and face the 76ers in Philadelphia. After having been traded for Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two first round picks in December 2006 to join Carmelo Anthony in Denver,  his dramatic homecoming stole the headlines.

The 76ers, however, got the win with the help of their two leading scorers in that game, who combined for 49 points, 18 assists and five steals. Nobody could have known at that time that the duo of Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala had just defeated a team they would find themselves reunited on over four years later. (more…)

2011-12 Game 2: Denver Nuggets 117, Utah 100

For the second straight game the Denver Nuggets handily defeated its opponent by at least 17 points. Spearheaded by stingy defense and a flurry of steals, the Nuggets continuously got out on the break and never let up. One wave after another eventually collapsed the opposing players and ultimately left the Jazz feeling “kind of blue.” (more…)

Breaking down ESPN’s #NBArank of the Denver Nuggets: Part 2

In Part 1 of this short series we examined the Denver Nuggets who landed outside the Top 100 of ESPN’s #NBArank list, which attempted to tabulate the best 500 players in the entire league. To conclude our analytical process of determining just how accurate these rankings are, we’re going to inspect the remaining Denver Nuggets — those who are perceived by our fellow TrueHoop family members, as some of the best 100 players in the entire NBA.  (more…)

Sixth-Man Jam: A fan’s perspective

A few days ago I received an e-mail from an acquaintance asking me if I’d like to accept his tickets to the Denver Nuggets annual Sixth-Man Jam event. Surprised, but happily willing to jump at the opportunity, I accepted and boy am I glad I did.


Summarizing the Mark Warkentien Era

The Denver Nuggets have been to the playoffs seven straight seasons and have posted three straight 50 win campaigns for the first time as an NBA franchise. Despite the consistency they have displayed on the court, the front office is once again in a state of flux.

The Nuggets announced today Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman will not have their contracts renewed and thus will cease to be employed by the club at the end of August (Denver Post article, Tomasson article on FanHouse). This is no surprise as Warkentien has been granted permission to speak with other teams about their front office vacancies. Over the previous four seasons the Nuggets have had quite a few cooks around the fire. Warkentien, Chapman, Bret Bearup and George Karl have all had a say in personnel matters and do not forget Stan Kroenke ultimately determines what he is willing to spend which plays a considerable role in player personnel decisions.

Despite the crowded kitchen Warkentien was the head chef and he made a significant mark on the franchise.


Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson Likely to Miss Rematch

Don’t look now, but tomorrow’s matchup between the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets might be lacking some star quality.

Allen Iverson is likely to miss the game due to back problems and now Benjamin Hochman is reporting that Carmelo Anthony is probably going to be in Denver.  Unfortunately, the game is in Detroit.  The reason for Melo’s return to Denver has been cited as personal.  That is pretty vague so the imagination starts running, but Rex Chapman informed Hochman that the personal matter is not a legal matter.  It is never good to hear that a player has to leave his team and I hope that whatever the issue is comes to a swift and happy resolution.

While Melo’s situation gets your attention, it is not quite as interesting as the story behind Allen Iverson’s absence.  AI left the Pistons game versus New Orleans after straining his back.  He has been checked out and apparently is alright however, he claims he is not healthy enough to play and is seeking additional medical assistance. 

Chris McCosky from the Detroit News thinks that Iverson’s back problem has been exacerbated by finding out that he is going to be coming off the bench instead of Rip Hamilton.  McCosky reports that AI is healthy enough to play tomorrow against Denver as an MRI on his back was clean, but his absence is because he needs time to “celar his head.”  

I am a big AI fan, I think he is an incredible athlete and can be one of the most exciting players to watch in the entire NBA.  Sadly, his I-just-want-to-win routine that he has been selling in Denver and now in Detroit is starting to show some significant holes.

Iverson has made some sacrifices in Detroit.  He is making what are the ultimate sacrifices in his mind as he is playing fewer minutes and taking fewer shots.  The problem is what he believes is required to win basketball games is not what is best for the team.  AI thinks basketball games are won by him being on the floor for 42 or more minutes a night with the ball in his hands.  While many players who get older become not only content, but desperate to fill any role they can on a contending team to win a title AI believes that a contending team has to fill the role of providing four other players to be on the floor with him. 

When the team is losing as the Pistons had been before he hurt his back the answer for how to turn things around in AI’s mind is not to bring him off the bench further marginalizing him, but to leave him on the court longer and give him a larger role. 

The Pistons had lost eight straight with AI.  Since he hurt his back they have won two straight pulling out games at Orlando and at Boston.  I think the jig is up.  I think the Pistons are better off without AI and I think AI would be better off with a team that needs him.  We all know the real reason why Joe Dumars traded for Iverson was for his expiring contract and not his talent.  With today being the final day to waive a player and allow that player to be eligible to play for another team in the playoffs I think it is best for all involved for AI to be bought out and set free. 

Where would he go?  I have no idea, but if the Celtics are interested in Stephon Marbury someone is going to be interested in AI.