2010-11 Game 25: Denver Nuggets 112 – San Antonio Spurs 113

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I know it was Manu Ginobili, one of the top two or three most despised players for Nuggets fans.  I know it was the Spurs, one of the two or three most hated franchises by Nuggets fans.  I know it would have been another game winner by Carmelo Anthony, but that was a charge.  Ginobili was outside the charge circle, he was on the spot before Melo gathered and Anthony dislodged Manu and knocked him to the ground.  Ginobili is notorious for his flopping and he sure did not try to remain upright, but who would not make sure they hit the floor hard on a play like that?

The interesting question in my mind is was there any disagreement amongst the officials on the call.   (more…)