About this lockout…

Usually this time of year NBA teams are engaged in a heated recruiting process over the top free agents of the summer. Last year was historic, with LeBron James turning the sports world (along with his own personal life) upside down with his TV special, “The Decision.” Now, only one year later the NBA is in a full-fledged lockout, basketball is nowhere to be seen and worst of all, nobody has any idea when the 2011-12 season will get underway. Basically, this sucks.

I’ll admit right off the bat, I’m not really a numbers/business/lockout type of guy. I watch sports because I like competition, athleticism, passion, etc. I don’t watch sports to hear Tom Penn monotonously break down why a bunch of millionaires can’t pull their heads out of their asses and sacrifice a few extra dollars so that one of the highest grossing organizations in the world can continue to operate. Quite frankly, I just don’t get it. Yeah, I understand what everyone’s arguing over, but does it really have to take that long to figure this thing out? You know that eventually this problem will be solved; the NBA isn’t just going to disappear, so why delay the inevitable? In the end life carries on, money is still only a materialistic good and basketball will be played. Just get it done for crying out loud!

Unfortunately for Roundball, this has kind of foiled our momentum coming off such an exciting season and promising draft. We’re ready to get into free agency, trades, re-signings, etc., but until the lockout concludes we’re a bit stuck. Naturally, we’ll still be on top of any breaking news or important issues regarding the Nuggets (such as a franchise player demanding a trade) and we’re going to continue forth with our “Should he stay or should he go” pieces as well as other feature stories, but I have to wonder how effective the material will be if the lockout is as serious as some are claiming. What happens if this thing really drags into 2012 or all the way to next summer? What are we supposed to do? I can only write so many extensively infatuated stories on Faried before the well runs dry!

So what I guess I’m trying to say is: Work with us. Obviously we’re going to try and keep Roundball firing on all cylinders, but I have a feeling it might get ugly. Occasionally we might reach for a story and attempt to dive into former Nugget, Anthony Carter’s top 10 worst passes of all time and how they’ve changed the lives of the fans who’ve unsuspectingly had their soda or popcorn explode all over their laps — but at least we’ll be keeping the investigative journalism side of things relevant. What we promise, is that Roundball will continue on, even if there is no Nuggets basketball to be played. So stay tuned as we’ll have some new stuff up shortly, and in the meantime, pray that at least the NFL lockout ends so that we’re not stuck with equestrian and curling.