Link:’s Matt Moore breaks down the importance of Andre Iguodala’s defense

The Internet is teeming with analysis, breakdowns, opinions and diatribes of every kind. There are good articles and there are bad articles — then there’s Matt Moore’s profile piece on what Andre Iguodala’s defense has meant to the Denver Nuggets this year. If you read one article this year, I’d advise you to make it this one. Here, Moore manages to get Iguodala to talk about all aspects of his defense, but most importantly he shines light on the underlying theme: that Iguodala’s defense is all about obstruction. It’s not about flash. It’s not about blocks or steals (although he gets quite a lot of both). It’s all about restricting his opponent from doing exactly what they want on the floor. By approaching defense in such a cerebral manner Iguodala not only makes himself look good, but his entire team as well — which in turn, makes all of us very, very happy.