Nuggets News: Chandler leads Zhejiang Lions to playoffs

It’s official. Wilson Chandler’s Chinese Basketball Association team, the Zhejiang Lions, has made the playoffs behind a 41-point, 18-rebound effort (be advised, the audio in the link is graphic) by Chandler. CBA Playoffs don’t begin until Feb. 22 at which time the seventh seeded Lions will face Stephon Marbury and the Beijing Ducks. First-round playoff series in China are best of five. At this point, the earliest Chandler can return from China will likely be the first week of March and even then it will take some time for he and the Nuggets to work out a contract both parties agree upon. Chances are good that Chandler and Gallinari will return at about the same time which should help propel the Nuggets to more wins as they make a push for a top seed in the Playoffs. For those interested in how Chandler and his fellow American basketball cohorts have fared in China, here’s a great piece in the New York Times on this issue.

Nuggets News 4.0: The Wilson Chandler Edition

After many days where rumors regarding Wilson Chandler’s possible overseas excursion to Italy bubbled atop the NBA landscape, a decision by the 6-8 small forward to play overseas was finally made that sent shockwaves across the basketball universe. On Aug. 29, 2011, Wilson Chandler officially signed a one-year contract to play with the Zhejiang Guangsha of the Chinese Basketball Association, and with that, his future as a Denver Nugget has been put on hold until at least April of next year. (more…)