The Denver Nuggets sign Evan Fournier – What does it mean?

The Denver Nuggets have agreed to terms with Evan Fournier whom they selected with the 20th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.  Following the draft Masai Ujiri spoke of how the Fournier appealed to the Nuggets as a player they could stash overseas for a year or two.  The fact that they signed him brings a few interesting things to light.

Fournier must have impressed them in his limited time with the team.  Knowing that Fournier could not force the Nuggets to sign him and also knowing the Nuggets have a full roster it made perfect sense for Denver to have Fournier at least finish out the final season of his contract with his French team, Poitiers.  I can only draw the conclusion that they believe he can help the team sooner rather than later, or they did not like his situation with Poitiers and were worried he would develop bad habits or not receive quality instruction.

Once the Nuggets resign JaVale McGee, the roster will hit the 15 player limit and that is without second round pick Quincy Miller.  There are again a few options.  They can amnesty a player to open up a roster spot.  That would be a major move for Denver as they have never been interested in paying a player multiple seasons to not be on the team.  Julyan Stone has a non guaranteed contract and could be waived in order to make room for Quincy Miller, or someone else.  Denver has always had three point guards on the roster under George Karl so that seems unlikely, but it certainly may signal Stone needs to show progress in summer league. Timofey Mozgov also has an non guaranteed contract and could be waived, but I doubt the Nuggets cut lose such a solid asset just to keep Fournier out of France.

Miller himself has options.  He can sit out a year and become a free agent, or he can play internationally, or in the D-League.  The Nuggets would retain his rights up to one year after his contract expires.

There is always the possibility of a trade that would reduce the number of warm bodies on the roster.

We knew the Nuggets were dealing with a full house and that is why it was so shocking to see them sign Fournier.  Plus the timing is surprising as they did not have to sign him so soon.  Obviously the Nuggets have a plan, I cannot wait to see what it is.

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  • Daniel

    If part of the reason is worry regarding his instruction at Poiters, I wonder that might be related to his conditioning. The guy is a string-bean and Europe is not exactly known for producing the kind of strength necessary for the NBA.

  • Aaron

    Just Amnesty Birdman For Miller? Glad We Signed Fournier Tho, I Was Scared He’d Get To Soft if He Stayed Over There.

  • Evan “The French Hope” Fournier

    Kid is going to be a stud, cant wait to see what the nuggets plans are. But I think they will waive stone and amnesty bird.

  • Bobby

    I still think Chandler is going to be traded. With all the talk of Hamilton ready to play there just isn’t any room for him. While I think he is better than Brewer, Brewer is better suited to come off the bench and Chandler could start for many teams.

  • Jeremy

    In answering my own question why sign Fournier now, I did not expect him to play summer league while he was under contract with Poitiers and that may have been the case. Signing now protects both Fournier and Poitiers from the financial effects of a catastrophic injury.

  • Poz_303

    I hope the reasoning is that Fournier proved he is ready for the NBA during team workouts. He did dunk over Faried which shows he isnt afraid to attack the hoop, and has hops.

    I think Q. Miller has huge upside and would be a much better asset to keep than Birdman.

    Hence I hope they amnesty Birdman. Have always liked Birdman but he would be a poor and costly asset to keep on the roster.

  • SmokinNugs

    Fournier highlights, worth watching for the song alone, but he looks good. If GK plays him I could see him being helpful. I guess we’ll see in summer league!

  • Frank

    Amnesty Koufous

    15 players
    PG – Lawson Miller Stone
    SG – Afflalo Fournier Brewer
    SF – Gallo Chandler Hamilton
    PF – Faried Harrington Miller
    C – McGee Mozgov Birdman

    We’ve got a good team. No need to trade Chandler, or make any moves really.

    Having said that, if I were Ujiri I’d be all over an Afflalo+Harrington for Tyreke deal.

    • Ryan

      why amnesty Koufous when birdman is nothing but a bench warmer and we are paying him way more than hes worth($11m) and plus birdman is old he is WORTHLESS!!!

      • Cory Wansley


      • Frank

        because Birdman is better the Koufos. Koufos should not be on the court for us under any feasible circumstance, whereas I’d be fine having birdman play if we get hit with the injury bug. Also he’s Birdman, he’s awesome, and I want him on my team regardless of his minutes

      • Logan

        They both are worthless!

      • Frank

        well, you can’t amnesty two players, and if I’m picking one to keep I’d rather keep Birdman. Lay down the pitchforks fellas.

        More importantly, AAA+Harrington for Evans, who’s with me?

        • Poz_303

          I do like Evans but if we do such a trade we would be down to one PF. Perhaps Gallo could play PF more with that trade.

          And I would amnesty Birdman before K2. K2 is 3 Million a year and a very tradeable asset while Birdman is almost 5 Million a year and I dont think anyone wants to touch him right now.

          • Buffalo soldier

            Can only amnesty old contracts, ie Al and Bird

            KK has a new post lockout contract

            • Ryan S

              Can’t believe it took so long for someone to mention that.

              • Poz_303

                But I think K2 signed his 3 yr contract prior to new CBA which would mean he is eligible for amnesty. But why would you ever consider using the amnesty clause on a 23 year old 7 footer when his salary is 3 million/yr?

                Brook Lopez just got a max deal!!!

                Birdman is the only logical candidate for amnesty on the Nuggets roster. Period.

                And I am sure the FO would only do it as a very LAST resort.

              • Buffalo soldier

                K2 signed the same time GAllo signed.

                I agree with everything else POZ said.

                Bird still has some minimal value and Ujiri will wait to the end

        • Drew

          Koufos isn’t much better, but Birdman is atrocious, especially on defense. Denver doesn’t need another mascot, amnesty him now.

          As for Tyreke, why would he make Denver better? He is a terrible shooter, has a horrible attitude and has been declining since his rookie year, which I think was a case of bad team, big numbers. Denver doesn’t need another project when McGee is still something to develop (assuming Denver resigns him). I also don’t see Sacramento doing that trade, as they came close to getting Luol Deng for him, I think they want something better than Afflalo + Harrington’s contract.

      • GK4Prez

        Koufos can’t be amnestied

  • SmokinNugs

    Here’s another pretty good one.

    It’s nice to see some highlights out there. He looks pretty quick and he can get to the basket.

  • Charlie

    Just to bring up another point Jeremy didn’t mention, I hope part of the grand plan is to eventually put these players on track to succeed with the Nuggets.

    The Nuggets obviously love Fournier and since learning some more about him, I’ve become a fan as well. Obviously having him go back to France and play for a team he did not want to go play for was not the best way to get the most out of him as player. I respect that decision but at the same time I believe the Nuggets must make another move in the same vein as the Nene trade – something that ensures the Nuggets get value from these first round picks by setting them up to contribute.

    A move like this only further proves guys like Al Harrington and Birdman are not long for the team. The core group of guys here is young and clearly Masai envisions someone like Fournier helping out sooner rather than later. It clearly makes more sense to get the waiting over with and lose Harrington and Birdman before they inevitably get bought out or traded by the start of next season.

  • asdqqq

    The Nuggets would have to tender a contract to Miller to retain his rights. Unlike an international player already under contract with another team, there is no reason why Miller wouldn’t take the offer. So they need to create a roster spot if they want to keep him.

  • asdqqq

    As to why they signed Fournier rather than stashing him overseas, they didn’t really have a choice. If Fournier wanted to come over, he could. The Nuggets have to tender him a contract or they lose his rights. Players can only be stashed if they agree to be, usually because they are already under contract and don’t want to pay the buyout. Fournier’s buyout number was reportedly not an issue, not a big surprise since he was playing on such a low level team.

    • Jeremy

      I believe you are right with Miller, Denver needs to offer him a contract and he would have to turn it down, but I have not see that for sure yet. Fournier on the other hand, had one more year on his contract in France so Denver did not have to offer him a contract hence all the draft and stash talk.

      • asdqqq

        I think the Nuggets have to tender a contract even if the player is under contract with another team, the player just can’t accept it while under contract. But even if that’s not the case, if Fournier bought out his contract, then he would no longer be under contract and the Nuggets would have to tender a contract, right? According to reports, the buyout was really low, so Fournier would have no trouble doing it without any help from the Nuggets, though the Nuggets probably paid for it if he was going to do it himself anyways just to build up good will.

        All the draft and stash talk is merely a product of people speculating that a European player like Fournier might not mind staying overseas for a season where he could get more playing time, unlike an American player who would never even consider delaying their entry into the NBA if they were a first round pick. At the press conference, Ujiri said that he would talk to Fournier’s agent to see if he was interested in that, but I didn’t get the impression that he thought it was a foregone conclusion Fourner would choose to stay overseas.

        Fournier was not your typical draft and stash pick. Usually, a stash guy has a contract with no buyout or a buyout so high that the player could never pay for it himself, so the team knows he will not be able to come over immediately.

      • GK4Prez

        I believe the Nuggets have until September the 6th to do a contract with QM and after that if he isn’t inked, he would become a FA.

  • Kalen

    Just as I noted in my recent Zeitgeist piece, the flexibility Ujiri has spoken so highly of never really seemed to exist. He said that was a key factor in why they selected Fournier, yet here we are, the first day of free agency upon us and Fournier is already signed. Again, if the Nuggets front office put a lot of stock into the fact that Fournier could have been a draft-and-stash, that seems to have been a mistake.

    As for Miller, this worries me a bit. He has so much talent and comes as such a cheap price. I know amnestying isn’t the preferred first option, but if nobody will take Birdman I think it’s worth it just so Miller can remain on the roster. He’s the type of talent you can’t let just walk out the door. He could be special one day.

    • Poz_303

      100% in agreeance. Miller is a much better asset than Birdman. I doubt they could find a trade partner for Birdman so if they want to keep Miller they have to produce a roster spot.

      Given both Masai and Josh said they want to bring the team back, and the fact Birdman was not a contributor in the later part of last season, it would only make sense to amnesty Birdman and sign Q. Miller to a three year contract (at a much lower salary than Birdman’s).

      It just seems to make too much sense not to do this.

    • asdqqq

      I think you may be overstating Ujiri’s comments a bit. He only really got into that topic because the media kept asking him questions about it. I think it was a factor, and a legitimate one, that Fournier might decide to stay overseas for a while. But there were a lot of other factors he identified for why they picked him that had nothing to do with whether he would be on the roster this year or not.

    • Gordon

      I’m not sure why you’re still fixated on the stashing part of what Ujiri said. He said they could, and a couple weeks later we’re not. It’s not like we’re up against the deadline to sign Fournier and he forced our hand somehow. He wanted to stay, we wanted him to stay, and he’s staying. They didn’t screw up. They got exactly who they wanted out of the remaining guys and are treating him like he’s important, not like he’s a reluctant stash.

      Maybe he’s the wrong guy for other reasons, but keeping him in Europe to stall was obviously a small, small part of drafting him. You might want to rethink your opinion of their weighted draft night motivations, because if stashing was the major consideration there would have been a lot longer wait for this move.

      Agreed on Q though – Quincy NEEDS to stay, so we’ve got a roster jam to solve by the end of summer. We will. I don’t think there’s any way we let Q wander off with all the potential he has.

      • Kalen

        It’s important to note, neither of us really know (or, I’d assume that would be the case, unless you’re secretly Ujiri or someone plugged into the Nuggets front office dealings). That’s why I’ve constantly used words like “seem” and “appear” when discussing this subject. The fact is, I really don’t know. I’m just going off what I’ve heard in interviews, articles, etc. and to me it does seem like the draft-and-stash option played a role in his selection. If it didn’t, why else would they keep bringing it up? (And to asdqqq’s point, Ujiri has mentioned it several times without being asked about it first.) Either way, it’s all over now so I guess we’ll never really know. (It’s not like Ujiri would publicly admit to a mistake like that anyways…)

        • GK4Prez

          I am glad that he will be with the team and not stashed in France for another year. Even if he doesn’t get in a game, he will get to know the players on the team, the rigors of an 82 game schedule, GK’s playbook (lol), and he will likely see/get a few stints in the dleague.

          I hope he picks a different number after summer league. 94 is a weird number, he was born in 92, so what is the reason for 94? Does anyone know?

        • Gordon

          Agreed, I have no secret source or Batphone to get intel from Ujiri. And they obviously did mention it as a possibility, but to have decided in two weeks not to exercise that option… to me that means one of 3 things:

          1)It was brought up as either motivation or a safe fallback for Fournier. If he struggled he’d be sent back, so he was motivated to succeed in early showings but didn’t have to prove everything immediately by having that fallback and it gave Ujiri an out if Evan just wasn’t ready. As a ridiculously confident/cocky kid, he took it as motivation obviously.

          2) The roster crunch is not what we fear it is. Whether or not Fournier is over here makes no difference in our depth. So either he’s not costing anyone important a slot, or we are going with 13 man (plus 3 inactive) rosters this year like the comp committee voted for. Has that ever been confirmed? If not you would think Ujiri would know, or at least have a good sense, that he’s got an extra roster spot to play with. The downside of this option is that maybe Q did not impress and so putting Fournier on the roster really is a shot across the bow. I’m a huge fan of Q so I choose not to believe that right now. :)

          3) Fournier was WAY more impressive with a job on the line than he was in pre-draft workouts, where maybe jetlag or nerves slowed him down, and Ujiri reconsidered his stashing plan because Evan blew his socks off.

          I just don’t see why Ujiri would compound “a mistake” of taking a guy who doesn’t want to be stashed and also isn’t ready for the show and still allow him to make the roster anyway. He had a contract in Europe – we could have forced him to honor it if we really thought stashing was the best plan.

          If leaving him in Europe was an important part of the plan two weeks ago, it evaporated like mist in the intervening fortnight, so I choose to view that as a good thing for Fournier’s future as seen by Ujiri. I can’t see how it indicates anything bad about Evan or Ujiri, unless Masai winds up being really wrong I guess. But it certainly doesn’t play out like Masai feels like he’s made a mistake. Roster spots aren’t poker – if you have a horrible hand you don’t push all in, because there’s no other guy to make blink.

          Masai thinks he’s earned a spot and will be better over here than if he was in France. That’s okay by me.


    • Call Me Miss Kim

      I actually believe you could make the argument he has the most talent on this roster along with maybe javale.

      He’s a long way away from reaching this potential but I would be absolutely shattered and disillusioned he Ujiri let’s miller walk

  • owen

    I hope we see some 2 or 3 player trade of Chandler, Dre, Bird, Mozzy, K2….and AAA if the right player comes along.

    • GK4Prez

      I think I am about the only Nuggets fan on the planet that would like to keep Chandler for the year to see what he really can and can’t do on the team.

      If it were up to me, I would amnesty the birdman. He doesn’t fit in the long term plans and Quincy could/should.

      • ThomasDenverFan

        Nope i would too and honestly like him better than gallo. ill Will is tougher on my opinion

      • Charlie

        I consider myself a Chandler fan, but his role is incredibly uncertain with Gallo entrenched at the three spot and Harrington presumably remaining the designated sixth man.

        I like Chandler a lot, and would be uneasy about losing him because quite frankly the Nuggets’ patience with Danilo Gallinari should be wearing thin.

        The Nuggets roster is so stacked right now I think a sacrifice has to be made somewhere. Chandler would make the most sense to trade as he’s young, has a reasonable contract, and could quite possibly get squeezed out of a lot of minutes in the future, which would diminish his perceived trade value.

      • Call Me Miss Kim

        Hey I’m a chandler fan as well! I like him more than gallo. And he has a better contract

  • Paul

    Did we ever think of flexibility in terms of the roster? With all these young kids, the FO will now be able to have a TON of flexibility in the future with the talent they have. If one player wants more money, they can easily show them the door due to having legitimate backups and talent ready and hungry to play.

    Say Ty gets greedy next year (i sure hope he doesnt), the FO can simply show him the talent on the roster behind him and maybe bring his number down. If he wont budge, they wouldnt NEED to pay him.

    And about trades, i really like the idea of a mid year trade for Kevin Love. He has always been a favorite of mine, and if Twolves are not doin anything he will most likely want out. Afflalo, Chandler and a big, for love? Then some money or picks to balance it out sounds goood to me!

  • Zach

    what about a trade … we give up Mozzy, Andre, Chandler and some draftpicks and try and get some Dwight Howard action

    • Daniel

      I’m guessing it would take a heck of a lot more than that to even approach Howard, and then we get a player for one season who almost certainly would not sign with us past that. I don’t think that’s worth gutting the current roster and our next few drafts. I would love to have a superstar here again, but only if they are committed to the team and the city for the long term.

  • Cory Wansley

    O.J. Mayo sign and trade but i have to admit K.Love is better.

  • Tommy

    As long as they don’t let miller just walk I will be happy. This guy is one of the few who actually wanted to be drafted to the nuggets. They have to get rid of birdman. There is no way he can impact this team next year that would compensate for not signing miller.

    • Poz_303

      Absolutely. Q. Miller is a much more valuable asset than Birdman.

      Birdman is on the decline, Miller has good upside and can always be used in a trade down the road, though I hope he develops into great player and continues to remain with the Nuggets.

  • Ryan

    Love is just starting his extension THIS year, he has no leverage to ask for a trade and if he wanted out of Minnesota so bad, he would have become a RFA, not sign an extension mid-season.
    Personally, I was hoping Fournier would stay overseas 1 more year, as he will just give high fives and ride the bench this year. I would be shocked if we don’t see another trade before the season starts, as waiving Stone simply for a lack of room wouldn’t make sense and letting Miller go after stealing him in the draft would be beyond stupid. Amnestying Birdman is a viable option, as there aren’t any other candidates for amnesty on the roster and no team would touch him right now. A trade of some sort and a Birdman amnesty would make this a very successful offseason.

    • Daniel Y

      Not only that, but do you really think Minnesota would trade their cornerstone franchise guy to a division rival? No way Jose.

  • Fong

    Fournier is very important to this team this coming season. He can go fetch them towels, eat and work out to get bigger and wait until the following season when he gets a bit bigger to start playing. Birdman has to be let go though in all seriousness though, the guy is not being used period so why keep him around? I don’t care if the Nuggets get the very last pick of next year’s draft from trading him. Worse case, they bite the bullet on his contract and use their amnesty him. Set the bird free and let him fly off.

  • Mark from Charlotte


  • Call Me Miss Kim

    I wanted Fournier to join the team BUT I admit I’m extremely scared about what this means for Quincy Miller.

    I’m sure Ujiri will make a roster spot for him one way or another but if somehow he let’s Q Miller become a free agent I’ll be absolutely disgusted since this guy is a lottery pick talent.

    Ujiri is not stupid and we have seen he doesn’t like to let assets walk but still these are nervous days ahead for me as a Nuggets fan………

  • Call Me Miss Kim

    Fournier better be the best player available now since his value as a one year stash has gone.

    His career will now have to be judged not only on how good he becomes but also on how good guys like Perry Jones become.

    It’s not your fault Evan but pressure is on

    • Poz_303

      I have a feeling Fournier does not shirk away from pressure but thrives under it. just judging by his attitude.

      Cant wait to see him in the summer league.

      As for Q. Miller, I just cant imagine a scenario where Masai would opt to keep Birdman on the roster and let a 19 yr old player with huge upside walk away. Everything about Masai so far indicates that he values assets and if you compare Miller to Birdman, there is absolutely no question that Miller is by far the more valuable asset.

      I think the amnesty clause is a possibility for Birdman but Masai will wait till the last minute to use it. He is probably calling every team right now trying to see if he can get any assets in return (draft picks) for Birdman. If there were no legal issues I would imagine he would already have found a willing trade partner but with the legal issues still out there, Birdman is a very tough sell.

      • GK4Prez

        Trade the Birdman to PDX for a TE and get back one of those top 55 protected future 2nd round picks from them. They get a Center on a short deal to help develop their lottery pick and the Nuggets get something out of getting rid of him.

        I think a team would put a small bid in on him if he gets amnestied because several teams need a decent backup big man. This would take away from what the Nuggets owe him. It wouldn’t be much if anything, but maybe it would be enough to cover Miller’s contract.

      • Neal

        I think the legal issues are what is slowing down us getting rid of Bird, but for a slightly different reason. I’m sure Masai would love to trade bird, but you’re right, no team will touch him. I think the nugs may be waiting to see how the legal situation plays out before amnestying Bird, because depending on how it plays out, they could potentially get out of his contract under a ‘morals’ clause and not have to use the amnesty option at all. Bird will be gone, we’re just gonna have to wait a bit.

        • GK4Prez

          Good Point, the legality angle slipped my mind. There was an article in the DP today about the birdman case.

          In other news, the Dre deal is for a reported 14.8 million over 3 years.

    • GK4Prez

      I read a report where several scouts think that Perry Jones Knees will be shot in 3 or 4 years. Evan is only 19, so he will have plenty of time beyond this season to continue to develop his game. I am willing to be patient and let him develop before making a judgement on how good/bad of a pick he was. He obviously impressed the Nuggets enough in his predraft workout, and in the practices he has had up to this point for the Nuggets to buy him out of his contract and sign him to a rookie deal this year.

      What kind and color backpack should he get?

  • Aaron

    ik Q Miller Was The 36th Pick in The Draft But if He Wouldn’t Had Torn His ACL Or Wasn’t 19 Or Maybe Waited 1-2 More Years To Enter The Draft He Would Be A Top 5 Pick. Give Him a Few Years To Develope Sense Hes So Young And Raw. if Ujiri Lets Q Miller Walk Then That Will Be The First Time Ill Ever Be Truly Pissed Off At Ujiri. SIGN Q. MILLER ASAP Ujiri!!!

  • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade

    The only people Nuggs may amnesty are Bird and Big Al, because it only applies to contracts that pre-date the new CBA.
    Harrington is real contributor and an important veteran presence, Bird is washed up, much as I like him.
    In any case, it only makes sense to amnesty if you are heading for the luxury tax, because you still have to pay him. The only benefit is that it doesn’t count toward the salary cap.
    Much better to trade someone for a draft pick, or two players for one to open a place. In Masai we trust !

  • Aussie Nugs Fan

    Can a combination of AAA, Gallo, Wilson, Moz, Al Harrington, KK, (reluctantly) Faried, the nene trade exception and future picks net any of the following guys;

    Kevin Love
    Rudy Gay
    Andre Iguadala


    Could we get at least one if not two of those three? For the record I am a huge Afflalo, Gallo and Faried fan, but I really think that the only answer is upgrading the roster with a couple of 2 for 1 trades!

    • Zack

      Out of the three you mentioned (Love, Gay, Iggy), I think Love is virtually untouchable with our current roster. I think you MIGHT be able to talk to the Sixers (for Iggy) or the Grizzlies (for Gay). But it would take a whole lot for either of them (I’m talking Faried, Gallo/Chandler, K2/Moz, possibly AAA). I think that would be WAY too much for one of those guys.

      If the Nuggets FO can convince the Grizz to part with Iggy for a Chandler, Moz, Andre Miller deal I’m in.

      • ThomasDenverFan

        I would send gallo and mozzy and a second rounded for iggy i think that would get it done. or gallo and Aaron would do it as well if need be throw in mozzy in for a little bit extra

  • Cory

    How about a trade for K.Mart of Houston. We also pick up skilled defensive player Dalembart. No downsides to this trade other than giving up afflalo. We get rid of Birdman and Al and Mozgov but we get back Patrick Patterson and another big that we can opt to let go.

    Then we can use Patrick Patterson as trade bait along with Chandler in the future to get picks so we can get rid of some of this depth so players can get signed and play.

    • Zack

      Why would the Rockets give up Kevin Martin, Dalembert, and Patrick Patterson for AAA, Bird, Al and Moz. That would make NO sense for the Rockets to do that, especially since they’re still trying to keep cap space open (all those players they would get are signed for like 3+ more years).

    • YoungPep Dash

      The trade doesn’t work because Dalembert plays for Milwaukee

      Oh and remember both teams need to agree to a trade…(I’m gonna take a flyer and say you offer this and Houston hang up the phone)

      • Zack

        I agree 100% that Houston laughs at this offer. And thank you for the correction on Dalembert.

  • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade

    The move might be a 2 or 3 for 1 that brings an expiring contract and a hopefully lottery pick.

    I think a stretch 4 is the ticket, but then again we may have that a year (and 15 lbs) from now in Q Miller. We also need a perimeter scorer, but JHam may fit the bill.

    Of the guys you mention, Love is tempting, but it would take Chandler and AAA to work the salaries out for a sign and trade, plus a pick or third player to sweeten. Dunno.

    • Zack

      I really don’t see the Wolves taking a trade for Love where the headliners are AAA and Chandler. If we throw in Faried maybe they listen, but even then I’m not sure. And by that point would it be worth it to us?

  • Peter

    Everybody settle down, we are not going to lose Quincey Miller(unless we trade him). If we wanted to cut Stone to make room for him we would be fine as AAA can play backup point guard if there is an injury and Chandler/Brewer and maybe Hamilton can fill in at the 2 for him if that happens. However, I believe the Nuggets are still very high on stone and don’t want to let him walk. I see either and amnesty/buyout of Birdman or a trade coming to make room.

  • Aaron

    Watch Fournier play in the few vids i’ve seen, I’m wondering if they’re going to try him at point. He plays like a tall, weak Lawson and would make a lengthy combo guard to replace Andre in a couple years and still give GK his 2 point guards that he loves.

  • Finazz

    To me this smells exactly like what OKC have done. Gathering lots of young talent to grow together and once they are all in there prime will be set for a real title push.

    For a couple of years now we have ALL loved how Masai has gone about business. I’m still expecting all these left field picks, signing and maybe waivers/amnesty are working towards a plan for our team. Every day I go online hoping to see a big move that might explain these movers to us all. But I have to be honest every day there isn’t a moves doubt creeps in a little bit more.

    We all just need to have a little faith.

    On a final note anyone putting together trade scenarios for K love are stupid and are wasting there time and the time of fellow RMC bloggers. I love a good trade scenario as much as the next person but let’s keep it realistic for both sides

    • Call Me Miss Kim

      Scary thing is OKC aren’t in their prime yet…

    • Ryan

      Problem is, we don’t have 3 top-5 picks like OKC got. I still think we need to make a trade to upgrade our roster. I think Iguodala would be a good fit in Denver and improve our perimeter defense. Using Gallo/Chandler as the key piece would probably get it done, as Philly badly needs people who can, well, shoot the basketball…

  • John

    Amnesty Bird to make room for Brand… offer max MLE to win the bidding war… or… S&T for Humphreys and use the Nene TPE.

    Either would allow Al and AAA to be available for a Tyreke trade.(Ty-rade!?!) Which would then allow us to sign Q Miller.

    Done and Done.

    • Finazz

      We can’t bid on any amnesty players. You need to be under the cap to bid. And with our cap hold we are over

  • John

    Actually I think the thing slowing down the Amnesty of Bird, is the re-singing of McGee… I think they are using the payroll to keep his contract under the cap… once he is done… then Bird is gone and other scenarios *can/may* happen.

  • Call Me Miss Kim



  • Call Me Miss Kim

    Some else already said it but apparently the Andre Miller deal is 3yrs $14.6 million. Which is disappointing

  • Mike

    What’s so bad about the team we had this year? Afflalo is up and coming so why you people would even consider the thought of trading him is oblivious to me.
    Next Big 3: Lawson
    Triple A

    • Call Me Miss Kim

      I agree . The only way is up for this team. Faired, mcgee, Lawson, Hamilton, quincy, Fournier, affalo etc can only get better.

      Give them at least a year for executing a big trade which is inevitable because he have too many players

  • MileHigh

    Can any of my fellow Nuggets fans point me in the right direction. So I have NBA.TV app on my phone an recently downloaded the summer league app. Last season I bought the Nuggets team pass for like $200 NZD and I’m keen to just pay a one off payment for summer league. I have no idea what the difference is between and nba league pass and I don’t want to subscribe and have to pay a monthly fee. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Much love

    • Ryan

      You can actually buy a summer league pass on for $15 USD. That way you don’t have to pay for the regular season if you don’t want to.

      • Ryan

        I meant $5 USD, sorry, for a streaming pass at