Rapid Reaction: New Orleans Hornets 110, Denver Nuggets 86

This one was a loss from the start, as the Nuggets came out flat and never really recovered. Defense was nowhere to be found (especially from beyond the arc), offense was tough to come by and in the end the Hornets simply out-played the Nuggets in nearly every aspect of the game. Unfortunately for Denver, one game after losing to snap their franchise-record winning streak the Nuggets must go on the road to face one of the best teams in the league in San Antonio.

Denver Nuggets 86 Final

Recap | Box Score

110 New Orleans Hornets
Danilo Gallinari, SF 33 MIN | 5-12 FG | 10-10 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 24 PTS | -10

On a night when everybody was dead Gallo at least showed up offensively. He didn’t do much besides shoot, but take away even six of his 24 points and the Nuggets get blown out by 30.

Kenneth Faried, SF 25 MIN | 4-6 FG | 5-6 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 13 PTS | -14

Faried gets credit for at least playing with energy; however, this was not his night. There were countless defensive possessions where he gave up way too much room to his man, allowing him to hit an open three, and others where Faried simply lost whoever he was guarding. He also got bullied down low for most of the night — which isn’t anything new.

Kosta Koufos, C 20 MIN | 1-5 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 0 TO | 3 PTS | -6

I can’t even remember Koufos being in the game and he played 20 minutes. That’s not a good sign.

Andre Miller, PG 39 MIN | 3-5 FG | 3-4 FT | 4 REB | 6 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 9 PTS | -28

Oh boy. Here we go. Where do I start? Miller’s defense was a joke, as usual. (And before you get on me, or anybody else at RMC for playing favorites or holding a grudge against Miller, please go back and re-watch this game. Pay close attention to Miller on defense and tell us what you see.) His hands were down all night; he repeatedly lost his man and lollygagged down the court like he was taking a walk in the park. Matt said he counted at least four possessions where Miller lost his man (and looked like he didn’t care); I counted about the same amount where his man went to shoot and Miller just stared at the ball waiting to see if it dropped in rather than actually try and prevent it from going in. This loss can’t be squarely pinned on Miller, but it’s worth noting he didn’t do much to help the Nuggets win either. His minus 28 was the worst of any player on the team, while his counterpart, an undrafted rookie from Dayton finished with 18 assists and the exact opposite of Miller’s plus-minus with a game-high plus 28.

Andre Iguodala, SG 35 MIN | 2-5 FG | 2-4 FT | 1 REB | 4 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 6 PTS | -23

Igguodala spent more time trying to run the point this game than we’ve seen in the past. Judging by how bad Miller was playing and how good the Hornets’ point guard was playing, it would have been nice to see Iguodala run the point some more. Otherwise, he was pretty ineffective in all aspects of the game.

Jordan Hamilton, SF 11 MIN | 2-7 FG | 2-2 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 7 PTS | -9

Hamilton took some bad shots, but in this type of game it’s not like it really mattered. He also hit a few buckets and looked like he was trying to make something happen, unlike his teammates.

Corey Brewer, SF 27 MIN | 4-12 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 9 PTS | -26

Like Faried, Brewer gets points for hustling. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn but at least he was playing active defense and trying to force the Hornets into turning the ball over.

JaVale McGee, C 11 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -9

McGee’s night was pretty bland. He didn’t play enough to even get his engine turning, but he also didn’t do much in his small amount of time either.

Wilson Chandler, SG 30 MIN | 3-10 FG | 5-7 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 11 PTS | +1

Chandler was trying to play defense. He was also trying to drive to the bucket. Those are the two staples of success for the Nuggets since their streak began. His shot wasn’t falling either but at least he stuck to the gameplan that’s won the Nuggets 15 straight up to this point.

George Karl

This loss was more on the players than it was Karl. Nobody had energy. Nobody really seemed to care much. You could tell he gave somewhat of a rousing speech at halftime as his team played well out of the break, however that luster quickly faded. My biggest gripe with Karl this game was his instance on playing Miller more than anybody else on the roster. In a game when the Nuggets were being badly out-rebounded Miller saw more minutes than McGee and Koufos combined. In a game where they were being repeatedly torched on the pick-and-roll and from long range Miller is the last person you want in the game, yet Karl blindly stuck with him. Karl didn’t do much to make the Nuggets lose but he didn’t do too much to help them win either. Plus, who knows how the game might have unfolded if Miller’s minutes (and atrocious defense) were more limited.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Thuggets loss: It’s somewhat fitting that the Nuggets franchise record 15-game winning streak came to a halt on the road against a lottery-bound team starting three rookies (one undrafted; one from the second round) all while getting completely exposed from the 3-point line. The recent winning streak was more than any Nuggets fan could have asked for. I didn’t even think this team was capable of something like that. But in the end it just seems proper that the Nuggets beat themselves rather than actually losing to a better team, as that’s been a hallmark of Karl-coached teams in Denver since he arrived.
  2. Boards and threes: The reason the Nuggets lost this game is simple: They didn’t come to play; however if you had to put your finger on the specifics, you’d likely land on the glass and on the 3-point line. The Nuggets got out-rebounded all night long (45-33 in the end) and their perimeter defense was nonexistent. The Hornets rattled off 25 3-pointers, making 14 of them, and weren’t even challenged for most of the night.
  3. Road remaining: The Nuggets have 10 more games left this season. Outside of two against the Spurs, it seems as though every one is highly winnable. Even if the Nuggets go 5-5 down the stretch they’ll still tie their best team record for one season. Going 6-4 would set a new franchise record. Given how well the team has played lately, anything less than a new single-season franchise wins record would be extremely disappointing, as it would also likely mean they’d lose home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.
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  • Matt


    • http://espn herpderpnuggets

      Amen sister

  • http://espn herpderpnuggets

    Shouldnt even waste your time on this game….all you need to know is that gallo tried for a bit and we need lawson back BADLY!


      Gallo is Nuggets in 2 and 3 quarter , WITHOUT A.MILLER taht don’t pass him the ball is easy lose in 4°quarter .
      NOILA want TANK in 4°quarter .. but ANDRE MILLER is it .

      this is vvery riduculos beacause Karl sayd : NO STAR …
      but the Nuggets don’t pass the ball qhen thei 2° best offensive player is alone LOL

  • mcz84

    PLEASE GIVE A MILLER AND F- , he sucked tonight he was getting burned by the rookie all night long and when we had cut the lead to nine in the 3rd he gives up two wide open 3s, PLAY SOME GOD DAMN DEFENSE MILLER !!! And why did Karl take out Gallinari and Chandler when we almost tied it.Terrible, Terrible loss.Hope we get Ty back for SA, hes the one that makes this team go with his speed.Back to the 4th spot ughhh, but Gasol is out so maybe Grizzlies would be and easier opponent?

    • Tonia01

      You are so right. After the First half against the Hornets, Miller was +/- at -28, not joking. He finished thengame with the same +/-. I cannot stand anymore to watch him walking around the court like a retired hopless player. And as you said when Gallo was red hot (finally) he took him out of the game for too many minutes. You could expect a bad game afterbthe signals in the last two, but this was quite an horrible loss. We desperately need Ty back, and Miller playing not more than 15 minutes a game.

      • mcz84

        Yes I totally agree that Miller cant be playing more than 15 minutes.I also cant stand how he dribbles the ball so slow dwn the court.But its karls man crush on Miller thats gonna kill us come playoff time

  • Bobby

    So when is Ty coming back?

  • Ban Johnson

    The Nuggets miss Ty Lawson SOOOOOOO BADDDDDDD

    Faried and Miller were atrocious covering the 3-point line. It is a problem. It is not a new problem.

    Anway, Nuggets were kind of due for an emotionally flat performance. And have you been to New Orleans? It’s kind of an appropriate setting for that. It’s humid. It’s relatively poverty-stricken. And that arena was virtually empty. None of that helps.

  • Jose Garcia

    Wow… Wow…. this one is on the players but the streak was great. Shows just how much Ty lawson is important to this team. Andre Miller does not want to take the back seat but in the times he does start the team struggles so clearly he is no longer a starter capable player in this league. We just lack the energy from the get go, seemed like they thought this was gonna be an easy one. Oh well, hopefully they learn their lesson and thank you for the streak.

  • theo

    Debacle. Disgusted. We got thoroughly outcoached, outplayed, outeverythinged.

    Other than free throw shooting, any and all criticisms valid tonight though performance was so bad from top to bottom no point in even trying to break it down. Put it behind us and move on. I know the guys writing this have to give out grades–why not just save time and give ‘G’s’ (guess that’s the grade below F?) all the way around?

    Get 2 out of next 3 and reasonable goal is still 57 wins. W/out Ty, though, looks like 0-3 to me.

    After beating us twice it’s only fair Wizards gave us a little help….

    • googergieger

      Team and Karl need to hold onto this one. They should have held onto all the others ones like this before. Played with a chip. Played angry. Played like their learned their fucking lesson. They aren’t kids. They aren’t stupid. Man the fuck up already and do your job. It’s playing a game. Don’t disrespect the people that work hard so you can play it.

      • theo

        On the same page. Gave Karl benefit of doubt when he went big minutes with Miller v Philly since Ty’s missed so few games this year. Thought he adjusted reasonably well v Sacto by giving Stone significant minutes to create more tempo. No real explanation why Miller went 40 tonight and Stone didn’t get on the floor. Some here think Miller doesn’t try. I don’t agree. But try/don’t try is irrelevant in my mind. In spite of Kalen’s take that he ‘isn’t that old,’ he really is. How many 37 year old point guards in the league? How many playing 40 minutes a night? Young, super quick guards are going to blow by him whether he looks like he’s trying or not and he’s not going to run anybody off the arc. I don’t know many teams in the current NBA that will succeed with a 37 year old playing 40.

        • googergieger

          But what about the first twenty? Or ten? Or five? Jason Kidd is older and for the first twenty he plays he’ll try to run people of the three point line or at least stay with his man, or switch out aggressively, or try to do something. First quarter tonight, Miller constantly watched his man shoot, didn’t call out the switch, or didn’t do much of anything really.

          Stone got hurt so understandable there. Miller still shouldn’t have played as much as he did. Have plenty of players that can handle the ball and will actually defend.

          Dude averages twenty minutes a night. Not like his last five is all that different from his first five when it comes to defense. More often than not anyways.

          • theo

            I think you’re kidding yourself re Kidd. He’s a lousy defender at this point. But even if he was a mediocre defender, my point still stands. Any team playing a near 40 year old near 40 at the point isn’t going anywhere. Re Nash, yeah, we could use his shooting since nobody on this team can make a shot consistently beyond 15 feet but he doesn’t bring the ability to score in the paint that YMCA does, and that’s our style.

            JJ would help our terrible perimeter shooting but wouldn’t do much to solve the problem on D. I think we need a pretty athletic back up point that can stay with people on D, run folks off the arc, and can shoot reasonably well. Maybe Stone is that guy. In any case, I don’t think finding a player like that as a back up should be that hard.

            • googergieger

              Translation: I know you are right about his lack of effort for the first minutes he plays, so I’ll just keep saying when he plays forty minutes it is hard for him to try for forty minutes.

              • theo

                No. That’s not the translation. He isn’t a 23 year old in the first 5 minutes of the game, or the next 10 minutes, or the next 20 minutes. Again, I’m struggling to understand your point. Here’s my point. He’s a 37 year old back up point guard that was never very athletic to begin with. No chance he’s going to stay with younger players defensively for 5 minutes or 40 minutes. I think you and everybody here can understand that, so not sure where you’re going with this.

              • googergieger

                So he can’t make an effort therefore he doesn’t make an effort? Apparently he can’t stay next to spot up shooters or even attempt to run people off the line. Outside of his offensive production he can not do anything else therefore it is unfair to expect him to even attempt to run people off the three point line or put a hand up when guys are hoisting up a shot right in front of him?


                I mean literally no one is calling for his head because he can’t shut down Westbrook. More he can’t stay with Steve Novak because he’d rather pack in the paint to get the rebound, or let Novak get his shot up without so much a hand in the guys face.

  • rocco

    if andre miller plays anymore than fill in minutes in playoffs it’ll be one and done for the nuggets. n ocassional lob for a dunk does not mean he can effectively pace this offense. whats worse… he cannot play defense AT ALL.

  • googergieger

    Deserved this loss. Deserved two losses before this one as well. Said I wouldn’t bad mouth Karl so I won’t do it. He does need to call this team out but the Miller thing is going to hurt him there.

    Miller played the most minutes tonight. Even before he was understandably tired, wide open three after wide open three which were all on him. At one point the lead is down to nine and dude gives up two wide open three’s and there goes the game. Now and this isn’t a criticism. But if you let one guy get away with it, when you call or discipline others for it, might not carry as much weight as it should.

    Everyone deserves and F for that first half. Second half doesn’t matter. Game was lost in the first half. Just like our last two games that were recorded as wins but were really losses.

    Minnesota at home wasn’t enough? Two Washington games weren’t enough? Triple over time with Boston wasn’t enough? Brewer miracle wasn’t enough? Sacramento missing wide open shots wasn’t enough? Chicago controversy wasn’t enough? Young team and all but it isn’t like the youngest and most inexperienced are the only ones that aren’t showing up. Miller and Iggy? Gallo and Chandler have experience. Ty as well. Kosta. Brewer. Latter mostly young? Sure. Inexperienced? No. Have a new worst loss of the season. Had a chance at the second. Don’t have one now. Have to fight to keep the third seed now.

    Karl should throw everyone under the bus including Miller tonight. Too bad Denver press always just gives him softballs.

  • DaveCh999

    A loss like this is never one players fault. A combination of bad rebounding, bad shot defense (Leaving Ryan Anderson alone on the three point line for most of the game), and lack of energy. With all that said I can’t help but feel like if Ty would have been healthy the Nuggets would have had a much better chance of winning this game. Old man Miller did his best to kill the pace of the game and put his team in a position to fail.

  • Jerrod

    Dear Nuggets,

    In 1979, the NBA decided to get real crazy and draw a half circle on the floor about 20 feet from the hoop.

    Apparently, it was drawn so that you could bent over it by the New Orleans Hornets.

    Watch out for that,


    • Native Nugget

      : )

  • Ckwizard

    So the Nuggets lost and couldn’t win them all… I was wrong. However points made throughout this year on this site the Nuggets have shown growth in.

    1. This team only goes as far a Ty takes them, no Ty no chance, good Ty nuggets are truly contenders if point two can be understood and taken to heart

    2. Professionalism… This loss was not on Ty not being in the lineup but rather the players didn’t care or rather didn’t respect the game and don’t have the true perspective of self that is “The Guy standing across from me is and can be as good as me… The only difference is I will outwork him in all facets of what it takes to win, perpetration, practice, effort, focus and all that jazz that seperates talented people’s.

    3. Physical play is the Achilles heel of Nuggets teams… This Hornets team played physical and the Nuggets didn’t have the Mentality to win a physical game against a perceived inferior team.

    The growth is that the Nuggets have shown they can compete without Ty, Have shown they can have focus and effort against the elite OKC after a back to back, and have slugged it out against a physical team in Memphis. This game was a relapse of bad tendencies that past Nuggets teams have exhibited and the Nuggets veteran leadership failed them. Still think the Nuggets are better than people will say they are but to be great thy need Ty… Get Healthy and be special, Go Nuggets!

    • googergieger

      1. Nope. He helps, don’t get me wrong. But he isn’t the single most important player on this team. Ty is important to our offense and tempo, Iggy is important to our defense, and Gallo is important in making sure there is a great two way effort.

      2. Yup. Three horrible performances in a row. Disrespect the game. The teams. The fans. Everything. Deserve this loss. Hope Karl calls everyone out. Hope Ty comes back solely because otherwise Miller will play all minutes otherwise.

      3. Denver is one of the most physical teams in the league. Also not like the refs didn’t protect us from the physical play. We just played like we didn’t give a shit for a half, then when we turned it up in the second finally, Miller killed the momentum with two wide open three’s for the other team.

      Team needs to grow the fuck up. Point blank. Youth? Inexperience? Got my first job out of high school and I always worked my ass off. No idea how these kids can go into the NBA and give a shitload of half ass efforts like they have this season. No idea how the veterans have allowed it. Then again they may learn some things from Miller in that regard.

      • Ckwizard

        Googergieger you are right and wrong about Ty not being the single most important player on this team and I am not trying to bait you into a Karl criticism but here is my point.

        Karl is a part of this team and for this coach Ty is the single most important piece for the success of Karl’s team. Others argue that his team wouldn’t be as good with a different coach but like you I don’t accept that because a different coach would get different performances out of different players and for a different coach and system Ty may not be the single most important piece. Igoudala makes everyone better on defense yes, and Gallo is missed when not in the line up. But without Ty pushing the pace and stressing the other teams defense the Nuggets don’t have a strength to pit against another teams strength. Ty is the leverage that Karl needs to make his team run effectively and because positionally PG is the one position where the starter is vastly better than the Backup ie Ty is so much better than Miller over the course of a game that losing Ty hurts more than any other position. From my perspective it is more about Karl’s system making Ty important and then Karl’s choice to trust a veteran like Miller who can’t do what is asked of Ty on offense or defense to spark the team over a player like stone or Fournier who can more effectively back up Ty given Karl’s chosen style of play.

        • googergieger

          Iggy can play point. Gallo can even play point. Again Fourns and Stone. Miller is a great back up. When he plays to his strengths and is making an effort on defense he is great. Again won’t criticize Karl. If you are saying Ty is the most important because without him, Miller will play the entire game, then okay.

          • heykyleinsf






            GOD I”M SICK OF IT!!!

            110 POINTS!! TO NEW ORLEANS!!!!


            • googergieger

              I didn’t say that.

              Iguodala is supposed to guard literally everyone on the floor?

              If he stole your girlfriend or banged your mom or something, I don’t really care. He brings more to the table than Tyson Chandler and I doubt you think Tyson Chandler is overpaid. So enough already.

              • heykyleinsf

                I’m just tired of sheep that see all these elusive intangible things he does.. it’s bullshit.. but I could leave it alone.. but when you say he’s the most important player on the team.. I WANT TO VOMIT.

              • googergieger

                I didn’t say he was the most important player on the team. I said the team itself is more important than any one player. Iggy is our defensive anchor and again he brings more to the table in that department than Tyson Chandler and even Joakim Noah. He played bad last night as did everyone else. Ty being out shouldn’t be an excuse for three games with no fucking effort. Even if Miller plays slow the rest of the team should kick it into high gear. Miller can still give the go away pass. I know you hate the guy because, “he no score for his money” but I’d rather have him than Melo. Who for some reason you probably don’t think is overpaid.

              • mike

                I don’t know what you are implying by “anchor” but if you think iguodala is as valuable let alone MORE valuable than Tyson Chandler you’re crazy. Dominant defensive bigs are ALWAYS more valuable than Dominant defensive wings. Because they protect and affect the most valuable place in the game (shots within 5 feet of the basket, which are the most efficient AND create FT opportunities). Every good offense tries to get shots at the rim and get FTs. There are many teams where Iguodala’s defense is diminished in value if the opponents best player is NOT an isolation wing or a scoring type Pick and Role guy (Im thinking of Memphis).

              • heykyleinsf

                On top of that I just don’t buy it..
                $15 million.. for WHAT???

                110 points by one of the worst
                teams in the NBA..


                Threes have been raining all season.

                Iggy has a steal here, an assist there
                and an occasional good night on the

                I do not see a shut down defender.

                It’s a mirage.. a delusion and a fantasy.

      • Ackdog

        1. Every team has it’s most important player. It’s painfully obvious that Ty is ours. The last three games drive this point home. TY’s speed is the whole key to Denver’s Offense. Not Iggy, not Gallo(Mr Inconsistent)not anyone else!!
        2.Professionalism. As I am a fan of Miller’s I hate to say that this guys attitude is a cancer. From walking off the floor before the end of games, The Boston Game!!(nuff said) this young team does not respond well to being led by him! He needs to be the first to go next year
        3. One of the Nuggs biggest strengths is the physical play. Our record agaisnt one of the most physical teams in Mem goes to this point. We also matchup well against the bullies of OKC Perkins, Ibaka and Co. Ty is actually one of the most physical point guards in the game. Why isn’t he a defesive liability even with his size?? Because dude is a brick wall that’s why. I agree to disagree the Nuggets when in the half court set can be a very physical team we just don’t see it because they are always running up and down the floor.

        The above are only my opinions of course!!

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    I’ll say this for googer since i know he’s thinking it.

    Myself & him have been most harsh on GK & Miller throughout the entire year & criticized for doing so because they were winning & we were seen as “idiots” & “haters”..

    Obviously Miller is a good player. NOT A STARTING PG FOR US & DEFINITELY NOT WORTHY OF 30+ MINUTES…

    GK should realize that & obviously with Stone getting hurt it ties his hands a little but, last I checked, Iggy is a phenomenal playmaker for us…Why cant he run point? What would’ve been wrong with Iggy, Brewer, Gallo, Chandler, Koufos?

    Winning solves everything, but you can’t win forever & what’s left is the true worth of your squad. Hopefully everyone sees the damage that Miller can do at time & look past the box score.

    That being said. 15-1 last 16, #3 in the West not too shabby, but be warned, if things dont change this team will be LUCKY to get out of the 1st.

    • mcz84

      I agree with you but id wouldve rather seen Iggy,Chandler,Gallinari,Faried and Koufos.C Brewer was way too wild tonight also, and were the 4th seed not 3rd

    • googergieger

      Fourth seed now.

  • Gaga

    I always wondered WHY we gave up Chauncey Billups and then signed Andre Miller who whines if he doesn’t play maximum minutes but NEVEr gives maximum effort

    • Mark

      New York demanded Billups to balance out the Melo trade (we still came out ahead, by the way). Of course I would take Billups over Miller in a second, but the Clippers wouldn’t do it. Miller is here to stay because no one in the league could like him as much as Karl does. I can’t imagine anyone in the league would give us more than a handful of magic beans for him.

      • googergieger

        He’d be great on the right team, but he does seem out of place on this one. Mostly when we need to ratchet up the defense intensity or move the ball around. He’d be great for a Mavs team. Utah would probably love him if nothing is in the draft. Heck he’d make OKC scary good because he could run their bench and play with Westbrook and the starting line up. But well won’t criticize Karl. Just ideally the hot hand and the effective players should be played more.

  • Fraser

    Ah man.. Andre Miller what do we do with you!

    Against OKC you saved our butts and won the game- but against a terrible team who we should have blown out, you never got past a walk on defense! Allowing open 3 after open 3 and continuing to make your teammates look bad when they have to cover your rotations! I’m still stuck as to whether his offense is better than his defense is bad. Tough one!

    On a good note, I enjoyed the fact that Karl started Ill Will in the second half. I love faried as much as the next guy, but tonight wasn’t his night. Will was playing well and GK obviously needed to mix it up with us being down 23! So tip of the hat to George for that.

    Also a damn shame Julyan Stone left the game early. Looked like a leg injury of some description- hopefully not that troublesome hip of his!

  • CJP32

    Can I just say, when the starting SG on your team who gets paid 15 million, puts up 6 points on 2/5 FGs in 35 minutes – you won’t win many games. This was a game that Iggy should of done much better in with both Hornets starting guards out for the game. Instead, Brian Roberts had 18 asts, Darius Miller hit 4/5 threes, and Roger Mason hit 4/5 threes.

    CBrew wasn’t that great either – 27 mins for 9 points on 4/12

    WC looked gassed and not ready yet

    Gallo was great – hopefully the slump is done.

    KK – where was her?

    Andre Miller – horrible

    Bench – horrible.

  • Robert

    Andre Miller F+ His favorite movie must be “dead man walking”. After he let NO get another wide open 3, I thought one of the Nuggets would call their own time out and go punch him in the face.

    Gallo A He was a bright spot tonight and should have played more.

    Wilson Chandler C+ His shots were not falling but his defense was at least average.

    IGGY C He was very average tonight.

    Brew C+ He was also very average but he was still hustling late in the game so he gets a +

    Javale C+ I think that he should have played more. Lopez was way too big for Faried and just moved him out of the way. This is when playing Koufos and Javale might have been good.

    Kosta C nothing good nothing bad. we need more from him.

    Faried C He was a Manimal tonight but it was half man half minimal

    Hamilton F+ only because he hit his first 3. After that it was brick city, air ball state, and no defense country.

    Stone C+ but he looked nervous. However, a nervous guy that cares and hustles is better than the Miller we saw tonight any day of the week

    Ty A+ because he is almost ready to come back and that alone was better to see than the game

    Karl F+ he did nothing to motivate, create better rotations, and prepare. The fact that he left Miller in the game for so long when he obviously did not care was a major coaching flaw.

    • mcz84

      agree with your grades except coreys he was brick city also and he gambles to much tryin to go for steals

      • Robert

        I agree with your comments on Brew. However, there is something about a guy that hustles until the clock is done and he at least does that even when his shooting sucks. It might look even better when compared next to Miller.

    • emie

      More minutes for McGee? Maybe when he learns to play some, ANY defense, but not until then.

  • Domino

    All things come to an end. It is nothing to get too worried about, today.

  • Aaron

    off the ledge people. . .we just had 16 in a row, we didnt’ have Ty. . and we don’t matchup well with NO even on a good day. They’re a tough team for us.

    Did you guys think we were going 25-0 into the playoffs? Off the ledge folks. . . .

    • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

      You need to realize how frustrating people like you are to people who actually watch the games & can grasp concepts past the final score & “matchups”.

      It’s the WAY they lost this game that has everyone angry. You think that the way they lost this game wasn’t troubling at all?

      Seriously, “fans” like you are getting a little hard to bear.

      • aaron

        you’re right. . . .matchups don’t matter. .that’s why the Lakers always beat Charlotte . . .oh wait. And might I add that fans like you make it impossible to be a fan when we have to go 82-0 to avoid criticism. name the NBA teams that don’t have bad nights. . .we haven’t had one in six weeks. We were due

        • Chris

          We’ve had three bad games in a row, actually. Escaping against two lottery-bound teams and getting blown out by a third isn’t quite coasting.

  • Aaron

    I will say. . I wish. . really, truly wish that Karl would go big just once in a while. K2 and Mozzy or Javale. . why not? When we’re getting hammered, it won’t hurt.

    Maybe Karl has a method to the madness of making our guys sit in their own crap for a bit. Just make them feel this loss, so we come out on Wednesday ready to roll.

    • Ackdog

      Good point Aaron. This WILL turn out to be a good loss. Young teams have a tendency to get ahead of themselves. Karl is a teacher of basketball. In my opinion he saw they way the team was playing and didn’t want to bail them out. Let them play through it stick to his normal rotations as much as possible. This kind of loss to that kind of team will stick in the Nuggs throats for quite some time.

  • Tonia01

    I found e fantastic remark in another blog: “Danilo Gallinari had 24 points. Was 10 of 10 from the foul line and was taken out of the game with 3 minutes left in the third quarter and the Nuggets down 12. He didn’t come back into the game until 8 minutes left in the 4th. He was driving the lane aggressively, getting to the foul line, and single handedly kept the Nuggets within striking distance in the third. Why he sat so long is beyond me. Why he only got one shot in the 4th quarter is simple. Andre Miller.”. Could not agree more.

    While obviously a loss is never the fault of one player (most of the team played horribly tonight) it was very though to watch dead man walking Miller playing tonight. Desperately need Ty back and a better rotation (we have been outrebounded the whole match, why Randolph did not play ?, Brewer has been a disater why he played 27 minutes and Gallo only 33 ? ) …

    • Ackdog

      That’s Gallo’s normal rotation. While Brewer doesn’t have the same skill set as Gallo he is the best mover without the basketball that Den has. That’s why he gets so many shots. While Gallo had a good offensive game he had two rebounds and one personal foul. That goes to his aggresiveness on the defensive end or lack thereof. Could be why or could be that Karl wanted to let his team roll around in their own shit for awhile

  • Zorba

    This was a mental loss… Nobody had their head in the game. It had to happen sooner or later and it’s better it happened now. Let’s not panic…

  • Tonia01

    We have been out-rebounded 45-32. KK played 20 minutes and +/- he was -6 (the best among Nuggets players with some minutes played) Javale played 11 minutes and Faried 25. Can somebody see a correlation here ? This love for small ball of GK drives me crazy.

  • googergieger

    Oh we also finally lost the battle in the paint I think. So that streak is done too.

    • Matt

      your right, we lost the paint 44-38.

  • KW

    JStone will struggle in this league until is ability to move out of the triple threat position without becoming injured.

    JHam to GK, ‘Coach? Bro? If you put me in the game I’ll wash your Subaru’.

  • GB

    Against New Orleans’ twin towers, on a night we got absolutely hammered inside in every facet of the game, GK decided to play McGee and Koufos fewer minutes COMBINED than Andre Miller. This loss is on Karl for bad lineups: he has 2 excellent big men, an above average one, and a decent one. Their combined minutes should have been at least 48+, not 8 fewer than the backup point guard.
    Faried should never have been playing C in this game.

    Anybody remember McGee go toe to toe and occasionally abuse Bynum in the Lakers series? If Karl let him play his way into the game more, showed some confidence in him, he is clearly capable of rising to the occasion, and we would have a devastating twin towers lineup with Koufos thrown in. Or keep playing him 11 minutes a game, but at least give Koufos 35+, he is so solid night in and night out, he has earned far more minutes.

    • LBJ

      Our bigs were freaking horrible tonight. KK couldn’t make a shot or hang onto the ball. McGee was just a goofy idiot out there – totally lost on defense and let his man rebound until he scored. If Karl would have played him 30 minutes, we would have lost by 50.

  • mcz84

    absolutely agree with your grading of Miller and Karl, its hard to watch Miller run this team, he cant be playin more than 15 minutes a game

  • http://superfurryanthony.blogspot.com Stunt

    After that horrible start, I was so excited to see Stone enter the game. Then that hyperextension happened, and it was patently obvious that the barrel was empty. With 15 games in a row that contained their share of lucky breaks, we were due.

    That being said, Andre Miller’s defense is abysmal, and his +/- rating has been brutal for a while now. Something has to happen, even it’s Iggy playing more point.

  • steven

    Well….This is the true Andre Miller for all you fans…..As I said…this is the EXACT player some of you have been saying is so great…..

    He will kill this team more than help them….When you do not RUN or play D, this is what happens.

    Look at Steve Nash….same age, same no D but at least he can shoot.

    Would be nice to see if we could get JJ Berea from Minnesota as a back up.

  • John

    Why doesn’t Mcgee get more time with the starters? Koufos is fucking horrible… He can’t make a shot to save his life on offense. He has better rotations then Mcgee so put him in with brew and miller where those rotations will be more valuable.

    • DG15

      Before tonight Koufos was second in the league in FG%. I’d say that’s pretty solid shooting, but that’s my opinion. McGee can throw down dunks and block, but his rebounding is below average, his defensive rotations are extremely mediocre at best. And his shot selection isn’t all that great.

      • ryanvdonk

        considering that 98% of koufas’ shots are on put backs, breaks and open looks off drive and dumps he should be shooting a high percentage. his hook shot is honestly better than his jumper or even layup. the main problem i see from him is he dunks less than ty. you’re a 7 footer, dunk the freaking ball! he gets blocked within 3 feet of the rim regularly, and misses layups almost nightly. if he went up strong all the time these missed opportunities would be reduced greatly.

        • Greco21

          Exactly. Finish strong man. Earn the foul at least…

          I hate it in some games he plays in an attitude lets start calm and soft and pick it up later….

          NO. Intensity 100% from the first second you are on the floor.

          • ny nugs fan

            or, in the words of the great bill walton “throw it down, big man, throw it down”!

    • emie

      You can’t play Faried and McGee at the same time. One of them has to come off the bench, at least until one of them can learn to play defense.

      Last night, they were both defensive disasters and huge liabilities.

  • http://twitter.com/xantoniooo808x D3Ntilthe3ND

    The way they lost this game is TROUBLING. It HAS BEEN all year. People like myself & googer have been saying a game like this was bound to happen since before the Boston 3OT game.

    There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Miller to play defense like that..

    It’s not a matter of “oh well, 15’s a lot, we’ll get em next time!”

    If they continue down this road a game like this is, mark my words, BOUND TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Most likely in the playoffs.

    So, if nothing changes, & we get bounced in the 1st/2nd round due to lazy D & poor lineups don’t be surprised, nor should you say stuff like “calm down” “you can’t win every game”

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Rule #1 Faried should never, ever,ever ,ever play less minutes than ANDRE MILLER…. He plays with heart, but only 25 minutes… Miller is a cancer on this team.. He is a punk that cares about his minutes more than wins.. The dude actually thinks he should be starting in the NBA.. Karl is a bigger idiot for actually thinking that MILLER is the MVP of this team…. Miller plays big minutes and we lose big… HELLO??? I hope MASAI has a set, and MANS up and fixes this crap before next season… NO MORE OLD VETS……. OK…. Make sure your backup point guard is tall and plays good defense cause you know KARL will play his small ball crap till the end of time… No EVAN, Randolph, or MOZZY… When your team decides not to show up you play the scrubs… If I recall randolph helped win a game the other day you freakin idiot… All we need for KARL is 1 center, no PF’S and the rest SF’s and PG’s… Karl’s dream lineup always consists of SF,SF,SF, PG, and PG.. And then after the game he will whine about rebounding and defense.. The PUNK KARL “preaches” defense while rolling out Andre MILLER…. All you KARL half full fans I hope you enjoy another early playoff exit, while you say it’s the players fault for not hitting free throws… Remember I am the one who says this small crap never, ever, ever wins consistently on the road…… JHAM stopping forcing the game and let it come to you my brother… KARL has really messed JHAM’s head up…. And his rotation B/S is starting to mess with FARIEDs game as well…… Wilson is not a PF OK??????????????????????????????????????? I AM SO SICK OF THIS

    • theo

      Hard to follow. Less beverage better take.

  • al68

    The problem with Miller is not just the defense, is the attitude that spreads to the rest of the team. He does not defend, does not help in the 2×1, it slows down the game, he is a good substitute to play 15 minutes.
    Faried is a young player and impulsive and I think that sometimes, like today, is spread on the attitude that has the veteran Miller.
    Why sit on the bench when Gallo is on fire?.
    Mcgee is worth going down the court jumping without knowing where he is.
    Faried Mcgee + Miller + = worst defense in the league.
    Good thing Memphis has lost and maintain homecourt for PO, and Lawson continues to recover.
    It’s a shame to end this winning streak taking this picture, but it was to be after the previous two games.
    We can still make the best RS NBA history, but not sickly Lawson and the attraction of GK by Miller, will not win many games.

  • al68

    Miller becomes all star rivals, even as bad as Roberts.

  • Giovanni

    I can’t believe what i read…
    Seems that we become the fan of the lakers…

    One loss after 15 won and the world is over…

    If we don’t have a plan,a run play,a defensive strategy,a plan b…
    We don’t pass the first round…

    Karls is the same of the last 8 years…
    Same good some bad

  • Cephus

    I blame the West to East gametime shift and the lack of healthy point guards. Andre Miller has no business playing three 40 minute games in a row. Twenty five minutes is his ceiling. It was a fun ride but you could see the end coming with all the narrow escapes. Memphis lost tonight , so that’s some consolation.

    The Nuggets are no.2 on ESPN’s power ranking and got love on Bill Simmon’s podcast . This loss will damp things down a bit, oh well. San Antonio is daunting but has been vulnerable in playoffs. Oklahoma can’t play the Harden card. If the Nuggets can get healthy, we’re in the mix as much as anybody for conference finals. Can’t Wait !

  • ny nugs fan

    more than the loss, it was good to see chandler back on the court

    in a way i’m glad the streak is over and hopefully the nugs can get back to playing *their* brand of basketball, which is not only fun to watch, but seems much more enjoyable to play and makes the game easier… the streak of late seemed to have the nuggets pressing, instead of doing what they do best (playing smart, trapping defense, finding the open man, setting picks, using our defense to create offense, getting up and down)

    last night the nugs were standing around waiting on calls… exhibit a was last night of why we need home court for 2 series (no love from the refs)

  • Mark

    I seem to recall that whenever an impressive win streak happens in the NBA, it typically ends badly, on the road. The guys were tired, and didn’t have their point guard. This team is good, but it’s not exactly the Miami Heat. I agree that games like last night’s are hard to watch, but we’ll be fine. Every team has bad losses, and the Nuggets were overdue. What do you think people in Memphis are saying right now? They had a chance to slide into 3rd place, but they lost by 13 points to the Wizards last night.

    Be happy with the streak, and hope they can somehow squeeze back into the 3rd seed. Let’s face it – at least three of those 15 wins were flukes (Chicago, Philadelphia to name a couple recent ones).

  • Ernie

    I think rather than the streak ending it’s the disappointment of how well they played at OKC with all the pieces followed by 3 less than steller efforts against bad NBA teams. The OKC game felt like an arrival, they beat a top conteding opponent on the road on a back to back. As a fan this made me believe this team had a chance this year. So to see those next three games with the level of execution so much less has been tough to take.

    I understand Ty has been out, I understand they were probably looking past Charlotte to San Antonio. I’m not panicking. I just hope they can regain that level of play when Ty comes back. Because the last few years it seems like some injury (AAA, Gallo) has always slowed them down in the playoffs and I don’t want to see that again.

  • http://espn gary g

    The streak was awesome and it had to end someday/somewhere. And these types of streaks generally end with a thud at the least expected point. All that said, the most demoralizing, disturbing bit was that it was resufacing of the typical “karl & miller” syndrome. This reason more than any makes me tempet my play-off expectations. Against better oppositions, on the road, in tough circumstances, Karl will return to being himself and let Miller stay there for ungodly minutes. And Miller will reward him by being himself by just destroying the pace, playing no D and shooting clunkers all night long. That Karl will get outcioached by guys like Pop goes without saying.
    Anyway time to move on and hopefully recover your mojo against the Spurs…tall order I know. Stone’s injury is a bummer cos it just gives Miller that complete autonomy at guard for now. Need Ty bac bad, although not sure how effective he’s gonna be first couple games back.
    Bigge thing now is to hold on to home-court and preferebly the 3 spot. If we end up being 5th eventually. this whole streak was for naught….regrettably.

  • fluffhead

    will Masai grow a pair of Testicles this offseason and drop, trade, release MILLER and force George’s hand. I can’t imagine that he watches these games and thinks “wow, that Andre Miller, we gotta keep this fcking geriatric retard”

    Trade him, sweep his leg, trade him to the YMCA…buh bye.

    • dynamo.joe

      Did you just go the full Kobra Kai on me?

  • Rxmart2

    So Miller sucks and is a cancer to the team, yet he has a MUCH better +- than Ty Lawson? smh. He shouldn’t be playing that many minutes, but it’s not like Karl had a choice. People need to calm the eff down and realize how great of a position the Nugs are in right now.

    • emie

      Yes, ranting about Karl playing Miller too much is humorous. Over the course of the year, he’s Miller’s play has pulled the team out of many a tough spot and helped them win a number of games that they wouldn’t have won without him.

      Last night he was definitely playing too much, but Karl didn’t really have much choice after Stone went down.

      Scapegoats (on this board, Karl and Miller) are convenient to blame. Let’s all analyze a little before we start relying on our biases to make judgments for us.

  • Mitch

    This was an ugly loss but you could see it coming after the previous sloppy wins. While Andre Miller is a problem my real issue is with George Karl. He had a chance to throw all his reserves into the fray and get them so valuable experience but instead stuck with a guy who can’t be expected to maintain a high intensity for long periods.

    McGee is regressing and could have used the playing time. Randolph, Fournier, Hamilton and Mozgov are rusting away on the bench. Popovich seems to understand that you can use these situations to strengthen your bench.

  • AaronCAPS

    Yeah I agree with Andre Miller, He is clearly so much better then Lawson, He should always start!!! Gtfo out Lawson! We have Miller to win us games now!

    Psh……Wow, does ANYONE??? Know why Andre Miller thinks hes better then Lawson!?!?!?!?

  • Joshua

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen more discussion this year about McGee. Other than a couple good games in the playoffs last year and a couple Sports Center worthy dunks this year what has this guy done to earn his 10 million? The guy is a physical specimin, but will he ever develop mentally? I mean, he’s completely lost out on the court. Kind of wish we still had Nene (even if more expensive) cause IMO Mcgee has been the biggest disappointment on the Nuggets this year.

    • Joshua

      Also I think one of the RMC writers should do a piece on McGee. It would be interesting to get their take on why he is struggling so mightily, and why he can’t live up to his contract worth. Will he ever be the player we traded for and signed such a significant contract for?

  • park hill

    It’s the end of the year, Miller is near 40, his minutes haven’t been managed all year, he had a expected game.

    Why throw Fournier out there early in the year to banish him when needed? I think Stone is better, but when he went out with the knee– still no Fournier to help spell Miller or Igoudala at point.

    As great as the year has been, the same problems remain. GK has a lineup that he will run into the ground setting up a first round defeat. This home court advantage ish is secondary to developing a 10-11 man rotation ready to contribute to the run and gun. We did go from the usual 8 to a 9 man rotation this year, but I see us leaning towards 8 as opposed to 10.

    Luckily Chandler and Brewer’s play has helped to keep Gallo fresh, but the two Andre’s need better time management.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Calm down Nugget fans we were do for a bad game. GK needs to understand JStone should get more playing time. The team will need him in the playoffs because of his defense. No comment on AMiller.

  • Keith

    What has been obvious is that Gallo is overrated and is the odd man out at the small forward position next season. Since Ty and Chandler has been out Gallo should be the guy to step up but these last games has exposed his lack of creativity with the ball. As RMC mentioned weeks ago, he is only effective if Ty or Iggy gets him the ball but he’s a sorry overpaid, clumsy small forward that isn’t effective if he’s not surrounded by talent. He should be on part of a trade to land a backup point guard this summer. You can’t count on him against the best or worst teams and Chandler needs to get 35 minutes a game moving forward. Chandler’s numbers would double Gallo if both got the same minutes per game.

  • Fed up Nug

    Add Monty Williams to the list of coaches better than Karl, he will fit in nicely between Mike Brown and whoever it is coaching the wizards right now.

    As for Andre Miller, he might as well retire at this point. I don’t care how many oops or YMCA lay ups he pulls off, his defense is an absolute embarrassment. He made Brian Roberts (who?) look like Magic Johnson last night. His lack of effort defending the three is offensive, if he can’t play half of the game he needs to hang it up.

    I hope Masai sees the writing on the wall and trades Dre for a pick in the offseason. I have NO interest in watching 2 more seasons of Karl squeezing out every last drop of Dre’s ever diminishing usefulness.

  • A.D.

    HEAR ME OUT!! Don’t get me wrong, I like GK. And though his hands-off approach warrants most of the praise it gets, that cant be the whole of his philosophy. Why is it that commentators can only speak of our success as a result of depth and athleticism (and altitude)?

    We don’t have any identity. Just “good”. And when things click, “great”. I myself can’t add much more to our profile than the fact that we work well in the paint offensively. Clearly adding one concept (“Run it through Ty”) has already given us more shape and definition.

    Which brings me to my conclusion. Take it from a fellow fan…WE NEED A STAR. One that knows what ball movement looks like. Good on both sides of the ball and good under pressure.

    With a stocked back-court, our best option is to woo (or trade for) a headlining big-man. A-la one Al Jefferson(?) who is in his contract year, without an extension. He can stretch the defense with a potent mid-range game. He runs the floor and more than stout on defense.

    Sound like the perfect skill-set of a PF/C to fill in the gap, allowing either Faried or McGee to go on with identities intact

  • Denver4ever

    [sigh] Seriously Kalen!?!?!?!? I understand your hate on Miller’s god-awful defense, but haven’t you realized that Miller was the only true point guard left in the Nuggets that game after Julyan Stone got injured? That’s the reason why Karl played him 39 freaking minutes!!!! If Stone did return, the game would have been different. This game really proved that Miller is not a point guard of starter’s quality anymore.

    It would be great to see Iguodala get a substantial amount of minutes at the point but the dude can’t throw a pea into the ocean – he can’t always capitalize and win a mismatch.

    We all hate Miller’s “I don’t care” defense, but Stone could have made up for it with his great defense if only he did not get injured.

    Overall, I did not get worried because the Nuggets lost to this inferior opponent (but remember! The Pelicans beat the Grizzlies some days ago), but I’m worried how will the Nuggets fare up in their remaining games with Lawson having his Achilles not well again.